“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 3 ~Tian Xing:” I will wait for you.”

Xiao Lu managed to escape Tao Zi’s mother’s massage. Dinner is ready. They all eat now.

They have for dinner stir-fried rice noodles with omelet that has green onion in it. The only person, beside Tao Zi’s parents who knows that she doesn’t like green onion is Tian Xing. So Xiao Lu take the green onion from Tao Zi’s bowl without anyone notice it.

Tao Zi:” How does he know that I don’t like green onions?”

During dinner, Xiao Lu eats quietly, while the others curse on Tian Xing for messing with Tao Zi and Oz Advertising.

Next day, Tao Zi sits in front of her laptop waiting for Mrs. Jing daughter-in-law to reply to her message. Xiao Lu, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian are trying to make her eat. But she doesn’t

Tao Zi didn’t eat anything the whole day.

In the night when everyone wanted to go home, Tao Zi remembered what Xiao Lu taught her. Tao Zi closes her eyes, makes a wish that Mrs Jing’s daughter-in-law to send her a message and count to seven. While she was counting, Tao Zi received a mail from Jessica Lee, Mrs. Jing daughter-in-law.

So excited, Tao Zi wants to go to Mrs. Jing in the middle of the night. Xiao Lu stops her. Mrs. Jing probably was sleeping. Tao Zi and Xiao Lu will go together to Mrs. Jing tomorrow.

In the morning, Tian Xing in getting ready .He changed his clothes and become Xiao Lu. But when he was about to leave the enemy came to the door. He goes out on the back door so that Huan Huan won’t see him.

After Xiao Lu left, butler Fu opens the door. He manages to send Huan Huan away. But Huan Huan had the key from Tian Xing’s house. Butler Fu asks for the 2 keys. The problem is that butler Fu doesn’t know about the third key…

Xiao Lu and Tao Zi went to Mrs. Jing. They call her daughter-in-law and Mrs. Jing was able to speak with her daughter-in-law and her grandchild. Even after the conversation, Mrs. Jing refuses to film. She hasn’t film a commercial for a while and she is afraid that she will disappoint.

Hearing that Tao Zi came to look for her because of her brother, Mrs.Jing realizes that Tao Zi’s brother was Tao Le Yuan. Remembering Le Yuan and how he was working, Mrs. Jing accepts to film Tao Zi’s commercial.

When they leave Mrs. Jing House, Tao Zi makes a wish again. She wishes that Mrs. Jing will reunite with her son. Xiao Lu makes a wish too. That he can be with Tao Zi.

Xiao Lu:” I will also be by your side and keep pressing onward.”

Tao Zi and Xiao Lu went to buy something to drink. But leaving in a hurry his house because of Huan Huan, Xiao Lu grabbed the wrong wallet. He didn’t take Xiao Lu’s wallet, he took Tian Xing’s wallet. Xiao Lu closes fast the wallet.

Seeing Xiao Lu hiding his wallet, made Tao Zi think that he is a lot poorer then her.

Tao Zi:” It’s hard to think that Xiao Lu is even poorer than me.”

Leo, Jia Gai Xian, Miao Miao, Xiao Lu and Tao Zi are working. Because she thinks that Xiao Lu doesn’t have money, Tao Zi asked her mother to prepare breakfast for Xiao Lu every morning.

Arriving at their work place, Tao Zi is really clumsy. She thinks that she forgot something then she realizes that she brought it. She stumbles and fells.

The day before, Tao Zi told Xiao Lu that the meaner Tian Xing is with her the stronger she is. She feels that every time Tian Xing is mean to her, he challenges her.

So looking at how clumsy she is that morning, Xiao Lu goes to the bathroom, takes out Tian Xing’s phone and calls her. After the call Tao Zi went to meet Tian Xing.

She went to him. But when Tao Zi looks at his hand, she sees that Tian Xing isn’t wearing her watch. To annoy her, Tian Xing said that he sold the watch. He also calls Tao Zi a crybaby and a clumsy person. Which means she is kind useless.

She is annoyed and orders Tian Xing to get her watch back and she will have his money.

Tian Xing:” I will wait for you.”

Furious Tao Zi returns to her coworkers. But she is a different Tao Zi. She doesn’t stumble and she isn’t clumsy anymore. Tao Zi is strong, puts everything in order. Tian Xing’s plan worked.

Later, Xiao Lu is helping Tao Zi move some boxes. She stumbles and Xiao Lu catches her.

Tao Zi invites Xiao Lu to her house to eat.

Meantime, Huan Huan went to Tian Xing’s house. She heard butler Fu talking on the phone with Tian Xing. Huan Huan followed butler Fu .

Xiao Lu, Leo and Tao Zi are going to Tao Zi’s home. Huan Huan sees them and jumps on Xiao Lu. Leo and Tao Zi are trying to explain to Huan Huan that Xiao Lu isn’t Tian Xing, but she doesn’t believe them.

Butler Fu approaches them and says that Tian Xing went to buy bread and that she should come with him to where Tian Xing is.

Xiao Lu tells Leo and Tao Zi that he will go buy some herbal tea and runs to his car to change into Tian Xing.

After talking with Huan Huan, Tian Xing thinks that he got rid of Huan Huan. But Huan Huan went back to Leo and Tao Zi.

Arrived home, Tao Zi receives a message from Xiao Lu saying that he had to go home because something happened.

Everything is ready. They start filming. But is something wrong with Mrs. Jing. She can’t concentrate. They take a small break and start again.

When they start filming, Mrs Jing faints. Tao Zi and Xiao Lu rushed her to the hospital.

Mrs. Jing is lonely and stressed. She was a single mother and had to work a lot to give her son a better life. But, by working so much she forgot that her son needed a mother too.

When her IV finished, Xiao Lu and Tao Zo take Mrs. Jing back to film the commercial.

They start filming again. Everything is going well. Suddenly someone is at the door. Mrs. Jing son, daughter-in-law and grandchild came. Seeing that emotional moment Leo puts Xiao Lu to film it.

Leo asks Mrs. Jing’s son and daughter-in-law if they accept being filmed. Leo wants to use their true story for the commercial. But this is the reason they came. Xiao Lu already convinced them to come film that commercial.

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