“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 4 ~Tian Xing:” Didn’t I once say that I would protect you?”

The commercial with Mrs. Jing and her family was well received.

Leo, Jia Gai Xian, Miao Miao, Tao Zi and Xiao Lu are looking at the commercial. They feel proud of what they made. Suddenly the phones ring. Leo, Miao Miao, Jia Gai Xian and Tao Zi are shocked. Four others company, including Samsung and Gigabyte, want Oz Advertising to do their commercials.

Tao Zi and Xiao Lu meet. They will visit Mrs. Jing. On the road they feed each other with strawberries.

At the night, they came back to Oz. Tao Zi wanted to put a picture with Mrs. Jing and her family, Xiao Lu and her there so that her brother will see what she did.

All of a sudden Tao Zi remembers Tian Xing. She sends him a message.

Tian Xing is watching Oz Advertising commercial with butler Fu, who is crying from emotions. He keeps looking at Tao Zi’s message. Lu Tian Xing can’t stop looking and that message and smile. He is just like and in loved boyfriend who received a message from his girlfriend.

Tao Zi is going to work. She realizes that her shoelaces are loosened. She sits on a bench to tie them. Someone stops in front of her and asks her what she is doing. Tao Zi looks up. It was Tian Xing. He came to praise her and to mock her.

When he left, Tian Xing raised his hand and waved. It was his way to show Tao Zi that he still has her watch.

Lance is mad that Oz made an advertising for one of his clients. He calls Oz saying that he will go there. Miao Miao answered the phone. She told everyone that Lance is coming.

Xiao Lu heard her and runs out. He calls butler Fu. They know Lance very well. Lance seems to suspect that Tian Xing gave Oz that client. When Tian Xing and butler Fu were in the car thinking what should they do, Lance called Tian Xing.

Answering the phone, Tian Xing pretended to be asleep. He said that he will call Lance later and hung up.

Lance arrived at Oz. For years Lance tried to steal Leo away, but Leo refused him. He asked Leo and Tao Zi who came up with the idea for this commercial. They said it was Xiao Lu.

Lance:” Xiao Lu? Which one is Xiao Lu? I want to meet him.”

Until now things were going the way Tian Xing thought they will go. Xiao Lu appeared in front of Lance. Seeing Xiao Lu, Lance knows that in front of him is Lu Tian Xing. They grew up together so he can’t be fooled.

Lance:” Lu Tian Xing, what trick are you pulling?”

Suddenly, Lance received a phone call. It was Lu Tian Xing. How can that be? How can Lu Tian Xing call him when he is in front of him? Lance must have thought that. He answers the phone and it was Lu Tian Xing’s voice.

Lu Tian Xing:” I’ll meet you in the company in half an hour.”

Back in the car, Tian Xing recorded his voice on the phone and let butler Fu to call Lance.

At Oz, everyone is getting ready for their next commercial. Someone has to go to the warehouse to get something they need. The only scared one is Jia Gai Xian. He is afraid to go to that warehouse and starts scaring everyone with a story he heard.

That night, at home, Tian Xing is looking at some image with Tao Zi that he filmed as Xiao Lu.

Tian Xing’s phone rings. It was Tao Zi. She needs to meet him the next day to repay him some of the money she owns for the watch she broke.

After the phone call, butler Fu brings Tian Xing the watch he took from Tao Zi. He looks at it closely and sees the symbol that was on the back of the watch. Tian Xing realizes why that watch was so important for Tao Zi. That watch was Tao Zi’s brother’s watch.

The next day Tao Zi is waiting for Tian Xing to come. She doesn’t notice him so Tian Xing scares her when he arrived. She throws the envelope with the money at him. When Tian Xing asks her why is she so mean, Tao Zi answered that he learned it from him.

Tian Xing:” Learned it from me? How? I’m a gently youth with a good temperament.”

When Tao Zi left, she forgot her phone in the park. Tian Xing took it.

She looks for it, calls her number, but nobody answered.

Going to look for her phone, Jia Gai Xian stopped her. He lied that he has a problem and can’t go to the warehouse. So Tao Zi offered to go herself.

Tian Xing receives a phone call and Xiao Lu’s phone. Jia Gai Xian had to tell Tao Zi something, but because she didn’t answer he called Xiao Lu. Jia Gai Xian thought that Tao Zi asked Xiao Lu to go with her at the warehouse.

Tao Zi went alone at the warehouse. Worried about her, Tian Xing went to find her at the warehouse with the excuse that he came to return her phone.

By mistake, the man that takes care of the warehouse thought that Tao Zi left, he doesn’t see Tian Xing enter so he locks them in.

Tao Zi is scared. All she thinks about is Jia Gai Xian’s story. Walking backwards she touched Tian Xing and starts screaming scared.

Tao Zi:” How did you know that I’m in here?”

Tian Xing:”Stop talking about useless things. Did you find the prop? If you found it, then leave, or else, if it gets late, you’ll be locked in here. I won’t be saving you.”

They go to the door, but it’s locked. So they went to the office to try and find some contact numbers. Tian Xing found the contact numbers, but his phone and Tao Zi’s phone don’t have service in there. And the indoor phone was taken for repairs. They are locked inside until the next morning.

Tian Xing advises Tao Zi to stay put because if she moves too much she will cause problems.

Tian Xing:” But it’s okay if you’re scared. Brother will protect you.”

Walking around to find service for her phone, Tao Zi gets scared. She screams and bumps into a shelf. Something is about to fall and hit her. Tian Xing runs over and protects her. The thing that fell hit him.

Tao Zi:” Why did you run over to save me? What if you get hit in the head?”

Tian Xing:” Didn’t I once say that I would protect you?”

Later, Tian Xing found a blanket. He put it on Tao Zi. Then Tian Xing goes to see in there is anything to eat around there. There was nothing to eat in the warehouse.

Tian Xing sits on the couch, next to Tao Zi. They start arguing because Tao Zi doesn’t want to share the blanket with him.

Suddenly she hears some mice. Scared she jumps into Tian Xing’s arms.

Tian Xing:” Good thing I’m here to protect you, or else you’d be sleeping with the mischief of mice tonight.”

They fall asleep. In the middle of the night, Tian Xing wakes up and sees Tao Zi sleeping on his shoulder. He puts his arm around her and tucks her up so she will sleep comfortable.

In the morning Tian Xing wakes up first. Seeing Tao Zi into his arms makes him happy. He takes his phone out and makes a picture with the two of them.

The click from his phone wakes Tao Zi. He closes his eyes and pretends to sleep.

Tao Zi covers Tian Xing’s forehead with her hand.

Tai Zi:” Xiao Lu’s bangs are still better looking.”

Tian Xing:” Is that so?”

Since Tao Zi slept so well on his shoulder, now Tian Xing wants a massage.

The man that takes care of the warehouse came. Tao Zi and Tian Xing can go home now.

Using the watch as threaten again, Tian Xing makes Tao Zi have breakfast with him.

The first thing Tao Zi did when she arrived at the restaurant was to call her family.

After the phone call, Tao Zi went to Tian Xing. He ordered a lot of food. Threatening Tao Zi with the watch, Tian Xing didn’t let her go until she finished all the food.

Breakfast is finished. They go their separate ways. Looking at Tao Zi leaving, Tian Xing sees that her shoelaces are undone. He goes to her, he gets down and tie her shoelaces.

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