“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 5 ~Tao Zi:” Because you’re important to me .”

Tian Xing starts growing on Tao Zi. After spending the night with him at the warehouse, then having breakfast with him and at the end he tied her shoelaces, Tao Zi doesn’t thing that Tian Xing is that bad. But all of a sudden she remembers Xiao Lu.

Arrived at Oz, Tao Zi calls Xiao Lu. He said that he is sick and can’t come to work until the next day.

Xiao Lu can’t come to work because Tian Xing is hurt. Seems like when he protected Tao Zi in the warehouse he really got hurt badly.

In the night, Tian Xing calls Tao Zi. When she answers he doesn’t say anything. They and up arguing why aren’t they talking.

Tian Xing :” Why aren’t you talking?”

Tao Zi:” It’s you who called.”

Tian Xing:” But it’s you who picked it up.”

Since Tao Zi is asking what does he want, Tian Xing just say that he wants her to return his money, forgetting that she just paid the first installment.

After the conversation, Tian Xing looks at the picture that he took with Tao Zi when she was sleeping.

Tian Xing:” Good night!”

Tian Xing just called Tao Zi that night to say “good night”, but he didn’t have courage to say it.

The next day, Xiao Lu arrives at Oz. Tao Zi asks him his address. She is worried that next time that he will be sick will be nobody there to take care of him. Xiao Lu tries to escape from this, but Miao Miao proposes that they should have dinner at Xiao Lu’s house, since the next day it will be Tao Zi’s birthday.

Xiao Lu calls butler Fu and tells him to find a house next to Oz.

In the afternoon, everyone is going to Xiao Lu’s house. Because butler Fu didn’t finish arranging the house, Xiao Lu is stalling. But that isn’t the only problem Xiao Lu has. He doesn’t even know which way he has to go to his house, and also he doesn’t have the key.

After stalling a lot, they arrive at Xiao Lu’s house. Butler Fu opens the door and hides in the bathroom. Jia Gai Xian has to go to the bathroom. He does his business and when he was washing his hands, butler Fu flushed because he couldn’t handle the smell. Jia Gai Xian , scared, goes back to the living room.

Tao Zi wants to put some ice in the fridge and she sees that Xiao Lu doesn’t have anything in there. He’s fridge is empty. She is worried. Tao Zi things that he doesn’t have enough money to buy food and everything he needs. Also she is sad because she doesn’t see any picture with Xiao Lu and his family.

After dinner, Tao Zi, Miao Miao,Jia Gai Xian and Leo went to see a movie. Tian Xing and butler Fu are happy that the day is finished and they weren’t caught.

Suddenly someone is at the door. Butler Fu hides in the bedroom. Xiao Lu went to open the door. It was … Tao Zi. She didn’t go with the others to the movie, she went to buy some things for Xiao Lu and came back.

Tao Zi puts in the fridge what she bought. Then she and Xiao Lu get ready to make cupcakes. While making cupcakes they have fun, they are fighting with the four, they are happy…

When she leaves, Tao Zi trips again and falls into Xiao Lu’s arms. Tao Zi must be the sloppiest girl in the whole world…

Tao Zi left a present for Xiao Lu, a pair of slippers. She leaves happy. Butler Fu, who waited outside, calls Tian Xing to go home. But Tian Xing decided to stay at the apartment for a while.

Xiao Lu sees a notebook. He opens it. It was Tao Zi’s. She wrote about how happy she was when her brother took her ride the carousel when he was alive.

Next morning, Xiao Lu goes to Oz. The only one who was there was Tao Zi. Because was payday everyone has a day off.

Xiao Lu asks Tao Zi to go with him somewhere. They when to the amusement park and tried all the things there.

One of the stands at the amusement park celebrates their 35th year. For that they have prepared a free game. The only rule is to take three sand bags and hit the bottles. If all the bottles are knocked down, you win. If not, you lose and you have to accept the punishment, get splashed with water.

Xiao Lu participates to win a doll for Tao Zi. He failed twice, but the third time he won. Xiao Lu won a doll for Tao Zi, but he was all wet.

Later, Xiao Lu takes Tao Zi to another place. He asks her to close her eyes, make a wish and count to 7. After she made her wish, the lights were on. In front of her was a carousel, just like the one where her brother used to take her.

For her birthday, Xiao Lu made that at the carousel be fireworks and confetti.

Happy, Tao Zi hugs Xiao Lu. Can’t wait for the moment when Tao Zi will find out that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing.

It’s Tao Zi’s birthday. Everyone at Oz is getting ready for a picnic. But Xiao Lu didn’t show up. Tao Zi calls him, but he doesn’t answer.

Worried that he might have got a cold the day before , Tao Zi goes to his house. On the way she buys flu medicine.

Tao Zi arrived at Xiao Lu;s house. Xiao Lu opens the door. Suddenly he faints. Tao Zi checks to see if he has fever. A normal person would have used her hand to see if he has fever, but she used her forehead. Xiao Lu has a high fever.

Tao Zi sends Xiao Lu to bed and then she makes him something to eat. Even after the meal and the nap, Xiao Lu’s fever didn’t decreased. Tao Zi is worried. She insists to go to the hospital.

Xiao Lu:” Why are you so worried about me?”

Tao Zi:” Because… you are very nice to me. Because you’re important to me .”

They finally went to see a doctor. Now Xiao Lu’s fever is gone.

Xiao Lu insists to send her home, since it’s late. But Tao Zi said that she will be worried that something happened to him on his way back, so she wants to send him home.

Xiao Lu:” You’re really good at worrying about other people.”

Tao Zi:” You’re not << other people>>.”

So they went together to Xiao Lu’s house.

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