Hotel King Ep 13 ~Jae Wan:” She… doesn’t trust me anymore.”

Mo Ne is in her office. She thinks of Jae Wan. He pushed her away when they met. She thinks that she was released from prison because Jae Wan asked a favor from Lee Joong Goo.

The executives are angry. The sales didn’t increase the way Mo Ne promised. She apologizes to the executives for signing a bad contract and asks Lee Joong Goo what was in his mind when she planed that sport event.

Le Joong Goo blames the sport evens on Mo Ne’s father and he says that from now on he will act the way Mo Ne asked him to, like a tree. Sure! Always it’s the fault of the dead!

But manager Baek step in Mo Ne’s favor.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Why didn’t you listen to her earlier, Mr. Vice-Chairman? When there’s an important decision to be made…do executives go to the Chairman’s office first?”

Manager Baek says that to blame for what happened this time are all the executive, including herself and also Jae Wan. From now on she will train Mo Ne.

In their break, the hotel employees are talking about Mo Ne and Jae Wan’s relationship. They when missing the same time and they returned in the same time. Jang Ho Il is spreading the rumor that Mo Ne and Jae Wan are dating between the employees.

The only one that knows that something is wrong is Sun Woo Hyun. After all Jae Wan asked him to protect Mo Ne from now on.

On the hallway, Mo Ne and manager Baek meet Jae Wan and Lee Joong Goo. Mo Ne wants to talk with Jae Wan in private. He refuses. When manager Baek asked him what can be more important that the chairman, Lee Joong Goo lets him talk with Mo Ne.

In Mo Ne’s office, Jae Wan is cold and asks Mo Ne to apologize to Lee Joong Goo and also to thank Lee Joong Goo for taking her out of prison.

From outside Mo Ne’s office, Chae Kyung heard everything. She wants to help Jae Wan, but He doesn’t let her.

Chae Kyung:” You’re not holding the sword right Cha Jae Wan. The blade of the sword is on your side.”

When he got home, Lee Joong Goo is looking for his daughter. He enters the living room and finds Da Bae with Jae Wan.

Looking at Da Bae and Jae Wan having fun and smiling at each other, Lee Joong Goo is getting mad. He can’t let his son and daughter fall in love with each other.

Lee Joong Goo calls Jae Wan in his office. He tells Jae Wan his plans for when he will become chairman of Ciel Hotel. Lee Joong Goo will turn Hotel Ciel in a casino.

At dinner, Da Bae and her mother are really happy to have Jae Wan. They invite him to come often to their house.

Leaving Lee Joong Goo’s house, Jae Wan has his stomach turned inside out and vomits everything he ate.

Jae Wan is planning to get close to Lee Joong Goo to destroy him.

Jae Wan:” I’ll bring him down to the bottom and then I’ll go back to you…Mo Ne!”

In the night, Mo Ne and Jae Wan are thinking about each other. Mo Ne is looking at Charlie Chaplin’s movies that Jae Wan likes and Jae Wan is eating cakes and watching animation movies that Mo Ne likes.

They both lie down on their floors and dream about being with each other…

Jae Wan is making some changes at the hotel. Mo Ne doesn’t agree with him and Jae Wan ends up humiliated her I front of her employees.

Sun Woo Hyun followed Mo Ne out to comfort her.

Suddenly Mo Ne stops. Her face changes when she saw Jae Wan. He was happy and talking with Yoon Joon Sung and Hong Joon and Park Do Jin.

When Jae Wan saw Mo Ne, he left. Yoon Joon Sung, Hong Joon and Park Do Jin are worried about Jae Wan.

Mo Ne hears some people calling her name. She goes there. The moment she says that her name is” Ah Mo Ne “those people start throwing eggs and flour at her.

Cha Soo Ahn and Sun Woo Hyun went to Mo Ne and protected her.

Jae Wan also came. But he couldn’t interfere. He wanted to help Mo Ne, but when he wanted to go to Mo Ne, Jae Wan saw Lee Joong Goo. He needs Lee Joong Goo to trust him so he left asking Hong Joon, Yoo Joong Sung and Park Do Jin to take care of this mater.

Cha Soo Ahn found out who is the person that made all those people blame Mo Ne. She tells Mo Ne that it was an order from Lee Joong Goo, but the one that did it was Cha Jae Wan.

Chae Kyung came to Jae Wan’s house. She knows he needs comfort. They start cooking and Jae Wan cut his finger.

Later Mo Ne wants to send a text message to Jae Wan. She hears the door bell. Nervous that is might be Jae Wan, Mo Ne hurries to open. It was Sun Woo Hyun. He came to tell Mo Ne about his suspicions about the painting and the boat.

Hearing Woo Hyun’s suspicions and looking at the ribbon, Mo Ne is sure that her father left her something on that boat. They go there and search again the boat. Mo Ne found something that Woo Hyun missed. Mo Ne knows that her father put something for her in that container.

Seeing that container, Woo Hyun remembers that the first person who searched the boat was Jae Wan. He must have taken what was in that container.

Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan. She wants to know if he took whatever was in that container. When she arrived at Jae Wan’s house, she saw him having dinner with Chae Kyung.

Chae Kyung wants to leave, but Jae Wan stops her. He doesn’t want to be left alone with Mo Ne. Maybe he isn’t sure that he can control his feeling if he is left alone with Mo Ne.

At Mo Ne’s request, Chae Kyung leaves them alone. Mo Ne asks Jae Wan is he took something from the boat. He says that he didn’t take anything.

Jae Wan:” This trust…you made it up alone…regardless of my feelings.”

At her house, Mo Ne remembers what Lay Kim told her about Jae Wan. Also she remembers about Jae Wan’s scars and the fact that the sponsor that supported him in school was Lee Joong Goo.

Mo Ne calls Jae Wan and then she waits beside her door counting to see how fast he gets there.

From outside, Jae Wan hears her counting but he doesn’t go in.

Mo Ne:” You…are there right? But… I can’t open the door because I’m scared…that you may not be there. I’m scared…that you won’t really come.”

Jae Wan:” She… doesn’t trust me anymore.”

During the past days, Jae Wan called and emailed someone. Now that person came. He name is Roman Lee. Jae Wan went to meet that person at the airport. He is surprised that Roman Lee came in person. Even if he is one of the major shareholders, Roman Lee never came to Ciel Hotel when Chairman Ah was alive.

Roman Lee:” Back then…I trusted the former chairman Ah. But this time…I wanted to come in person.”

Roman asks Jae Wan to take him to the place he likes the most at Ciel. Jae Wan took him at a wasteland.

Roman Lee:” The Vice-Chairman doesn’t know…that you want to have a word with me in private…does he?”

Roman didn’t decide what to do yet. He can choose Lee Joong Goo or Jae Wan or even stop his investment.

Jae Wan:” Eventually…you’ll choose me…because I put my life on it.”

Manager Baek enters Mo Ne’s office. She tells Mo Ne about what Lee Joong Goo plans to do with Ciel Hotel.

Furious, Mo Ne stops the presentation. The meeting will be rescheduled. Roman asked it after Mo Ne left the meeting room.

Manager Baek is playing the piano. Someone enters. It’s Roman Lee. He is Baek Mi Nyeo’s son…

Lee Joong Goo is suspecting Jae Wan. He thinks that because of Jae Wan, Mo Ne found out about their meeting.

Mo Ne waits for them. She is holding a trash can. She wants to dump it on Lee Joong Goo, but she ends up dumping on Jae Wan.

Mo Ne:” How could you…? Why are you…?”

Jae Wan:” So…you shouldn’t have trusted me in first place. Don’t trust me…ever!”

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