Hotel King Ep 14 ~Jae Wan:”I just lost…a person to go back.”

Mo Ne can’t believe that Jae Wan went to Lee Joong Goo’s side because he wanted to. She can’t accept that Jae Wan will help Lee Joong Goo to build a casino at Ciel Hotel and ruin her father’s dream.

Cold, as he was with her lately, Jae Wan says that it isn’t Lee Joong Goo that is ruining Ciel, it’s her father’s dream. Jae Wan tells her that they need a casino so they would get more tourists, more money.

Mo Ne:” We promised to do it together…in Ciel…we promised to build…my father’s dream together.”

Jae Wan:” I…didn’t make that promise to you.”

Mo Ne:” Will you come back to me!”

Jae Wan:” I never went to you in the first place.”

The employees aren’t happy about the new system that Jae Wan will implement. They tell their opinion to Mo Ne. She agrees with them and she says that she will talk it over with Jae Wan.

Jae Wan heard them. He reminds them that he is the boss and they need to do what he tells. And if they don’t want to accept his decision, they are free to leave.

Mo Ne steps in for her employees, but she can’t beat Jae Wan.

Jae Wan:”I’m sorry but…you don’t have authority over me.”

Jae Wan leaves. Mo Ne follows him. She will not let him hurt her employees. But can she fight with Jae Wan?

Mo Ne:” Don’t touch my staff.”

In the parking lot, Da Bae stops Jae Wan. She wants him to give her a ride home. On their way Da Bae is happy. She talks to Jae Wan about her plans for her father’s birthday party. But the only thinks that is on Jae Wan’s mind is that she is his real sister.

Jae Wan:” She is my real sister…who shares the same blood with me…Lee Joong Goo’s blood.”

Arrived home, Jae Wan sees Lee Joong Goo on the window. He gives something to Da Bae and then he gets close to her, as he would kiss her. But all he was doing was taking a leaf from her hair. Jae Wan tells Da Bae that is better to not tell her father about him bringing her home.

Entering in the house, Da Bae does what Jae Wan asked. She tells her father that she was with her friend, Yun Ji.

In the morning, Roman remembers the talk he had with his mother, Baek Mi Nyeo. Manager Baek wants something. To help her get what she wants her son came. They will start with Mo Ne.

Upset and hurt about Jae Wan’s words, Mo Ne went climbing. She thinks about Jae Wan’s words. Roman came to. He goes next to her. When Mo Ne saw Roman she remembered seeing him next to Lee Joong Goo. That memory makes Mo Ne lose her balance. Mo Ne falls. Roman gets down and goes to her.

But somehow, Roman seems more interested in Cha Jae Wan.

Jae Wan is at the hotel. He sees Mo Ne and Roman coming together from climbing on their bikes.

Jae Wan went to Roman’s room. He searched for information about Roman, but all that he found was related to education and career. Roman has searched Jae Wan too, and he found the same thing. Both their lives are full of secrets. Could it be that Jae Wan and Roman are related in same way? Could it be that Roman is Ju Wan, the boy that was beaten in the first episode?

From what Jae Wan is saying and from his eyes, Roman realizes that the reason for Jae Wan to start a war in which he put his life on stake was Mo Ne.

Mo Ne wants to stop Lee Joong Goo from building that casino. For that she needs tree people, investor Roman Lee, Chairman Sun Myeong Jae of Woo Jin farm and Cha Jae Wan.

Mo Ne waits for Sun Woo Hyun. She needs to go somewhere and she needs him to go with her. When they arrived, Woo Hyun started to act strangely. Mo Ne brought him to Woo Jin farm. The owner of Woo Jin farm, Chairman Sun Myeong Jae is Sun Woo Hyun’s father. They had some argument, when something happened to Woo Hyun’s sister and he left home.

Mo Ne meets Chairman Sun. She offers to buy his land. Chairman Sun is the owner of the land next to Ciel Hotel, where Lee Joong Goo wants to build a casino. Chairman Sun refuses because Lee Joong Goo said that he will pay Chairman Sun double of what Mo Ne offers him.

Mo Ne and especially Woo Hyun leaves disappointed.

The second person Mo Ne will approach is Roman Lee. She looks through the file with information about him. Mo Ne gets a phone call. She will meet Roman Lee and others investors.

Mo Ne and Roman, together with others investors walk through Ciel. They arrive somewhere and Mo Ne stops. She saw Lee Joong Goo and Jae Wan. Lee Joong Goo was feeding pigeons. She remembers a day from her childhood. That day Lee Joong Goo did something to Mo Ne and since then she is afraid of birds.

Mo Ne falls down. Jae Wan wants to go to her, but he can’t. Roman is surprised. He doesn’t know what is going on.

In the night, Jae Wan arrives home. In front of his house, Mo Ne was waiting for him. She follows him inside and hugs him. Jae Wan pushes her away. She hugs hum again and Jae Wan pushes her again.

She need someone to hugs her and protect her and she needs that person to be Jae Wan. But he can’t. He kicks Mo Ne out.

Jae Wan:” If I hug you now…my father will…kill you.”

Baek Mi Nyeo enters Mo Ne’s office. She tells Mo Ne to go to Lee Joong Goo’s birthday party. Manager even brought Mo Ne the present that she will have to give to Lee Joong Goo.

Mo Ne opens that present. Inside it was a recorder. She listens to it. On that recorder it was a conversation between Lee Joong Goo and Jae Wan. That conversation was registered the day Jae Wan found from Dr. Yoon that Lee Joong Goo made him give pills to Chairman Ah. And that led to Chairman Ah’s dead.

Mo Ne came to Lee Joong Goo’s birthday party. She brought a photo with Lee Joong Goo, her father and Dr. Yoon and a bottle with win. Her present’s where meant to provoke Lee Joong Goo. In her purse Mo Ne has the recorder from manager Baek too.

But before showing to everyone the recorder she needs more prove. She goes to Lee Joong Goo’s office and search around. Mo Ne sees on the desk a picture with her father and Lee Joong Goo. She throws the picture and breaks the frame. Jae Wan heard noise and came in. He saw Mo Ne.

Lee Joong Goo saw light in his office and wants to come in. Jae Wan hides Mo Ne on the balcony and tells Lee Joong Goo that he broke the frame. Lee Joong Goo must have suspected something.

Lee Joong Goo says that he will go to bed and leaves his office. Jae Wan goes to the balcony and takes Mo Ne away. Lee Joong Goo saw them and he called someone.

Roman is taking a shower. He turns around. On his back there is a tattoo. Roman’s tattoo is almost identical with Jae Wan’s. They both have wings on their backs. It’s clear now! Roman Lee is the boy that grew up with Jae Wan. The boy for whom Jae Wan killed someone….

But Roman’s tattoo is a little different. In Jae Wan’s tattoo his wings are tied, but Roman’s wings are untied. Does that mean that Jae Wan is tied to something and he can’t fly and Roman is free to fly anywhere he wants?

Jae Wan brought Mo Ne to his house. She asks him if he knew Lee Joong Goo killed her father and if he knew that. Jae Wan says “no” to both questions.

Mo Ne:” He’s lying…he’s lying to me.”

Angry, Mo Ne starts throwing everything.

She opens Jae Wan’s safe. Inside she saw a pistol. Jae Wan tries to cover her eyes, but it’s too late she already saw the gun.

Mo Ne:” Who are you?”

Jae Wan:”I just lost…a person to go back.”

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