“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 6 ~Tao Zi:” Why did you kiss me?”


Xiao Lu and Tao Zi went back to Xiao Lu’s house.

Xiao Lu asks Tao Zi to close her eyes. When she closed her eyes, Xiao Lu went to the kitchen and returned with the cake that he made for Tao Zi.

Tao Zi:” Thank you! I spent my two birthdays with you this year.”

Xiao Lu:”It won’t be for just this year.”

In the morning, Xiao Lu wakes up. He sees butler Fu preparing his breakfast. Xiao Lu tries to scare butler Fu for fun, but it’s not as easy as it is with Tao Zi. Butler Fu developed his concentration.

Xiao Lu sits at the table and eats. Butler Fu sits next to him and tells Xiao Lu that he should make Tao Zi fell in love with the person she hates, Lu Tian Xing, not just with Xiao Lu.

Hearing butler Fu saying that, Tian Xing realizes that Tao Zi likes Xiao Lu, but she hates Lu Tian Xing.

Xiao Lu:” Which version of me do you see? Which version of me do you fall in love with?”

Xiao Lu brought Tao Zi some vitamins and he is forcing her to take them. Leo is a little jealous of how close Tao Zi and Xiao Lu are. But Jia Gai Xian and Miao Miao are happy for the new office couple.

In the night Tao Zi and Xiao Lu are eating together and feeding each other.

The next morning, Tao Zi in getting ready to go to work, but she found Miao Miao crying. The night before Miao confessed her feelings for Leo, but he just said that he has a lot of work and has to go home. Miao is feeling rejected. While Tao Zi was comforting Miao, she got a message.

Looking at her phone, Tao Zi sees that the message was from Tian Xing. He called her at their usual meeting place.

Tian Xing:”Will she come? Will she not come? Did she get the text?”

Tao Zi goes outside her house and she calls Tian Xing. She called to say that she has a lot of work to do and she can’t go to meet him.

Because Tian Xing company, Tian Ji Advertising lost a lot of clients to Oz Advertising, Lance invited Leo for negotiations at Tian Ji Advertising. Lance wants to bring Leo to his company so that Oz will fail. Leo accepted to go to Tian Ji for negotiations, but he is bringing Tao Zi with him.

During the meeting, all the Tian Xing did was to look at Tao Zi. He only took his eyes of her when Lance said that he wants to collaborate as partners with Oz. Tian Xing, knowing Lance he must know what Lance was doing.

When Leo and Tao Zi wanted to leave, Tian Xing stopped them. He said that he needs to discuss something with Tao Zi.

Being alone Tian Xing is asking Tao Zi why did she rejected him, for the first time, the day before.

Thinking that Tian Xing might have feelings for her, Tao Zi said that she rejected him because she has someone that she likes.

Tao Zi:” I like Xiao Lu!”

Later, Tian Xing is thinking about Tao Zi’s words. He can’t forget that Tao Zi said that she likes Xiao Lu.

Someone is at the door. Xiao Lu opens. It’s Tao Zi. She came with coffee and cakes.

When Xiao Lu asks her if anything happened with Tian Xing, she says that she is a little upset because she told Tian Xing her secret. Maybe she started to see Tian Xing as a friend. Or maybe as something more, but she doesn’t realizes it yet.

Xiao Lu:” Has Lu Tian Xing ever done anything to harm Oz?”

The only bad thing that Tian Xing did in Tao Zi’s eyes it that he tried to buy the remaining shares of Oz.

Xiao Lu starts speaking up for Lu Tian Xing.

Tao Zi invited Xiao Lu to dinner. She wants to confess her feeling so she made reservations to a restaurant. But Xiao Lu didn’t come. The one that came was Lu Tian Xing. He sits at her table and sends her a message from Xiao Lu’s phone saying that he can’t come.

Tao Zi wants to leave. Tian Xing stops her and asks her to have dinner with him that night. But Tao Zi leaves… Tian Xing follows her…

Tian Xing:” You said that you like Xiao Lu. But I think you don’t even know him.”

Tao Zi:”I don’t even know myself.”

Tian Xing:” I think that you don’t actually hate me that much.”

Tian Xing asks Tao Zi the same question that Xao Lu asked her. He asked Tao Zi is he ever did anything to harm Oz.

Tao Zi wants to leave againg. But Tian Xing stops her.

Tian Xing:” Do you know that I like you?”

Tao Zi:” I don’t want to know.”

Then she pushes Tian Xing away and leaves. But Tian Xing grabs her and pulls her back. Then Tian Xing kisses Tao Zi for the first time.

Tao Zi slaps him and leaves.

Both of them went to their houses. Tao Zi closed herself into the bathroom and thinks about what happened with Tian Xing. Did she feel anything?

Tian Xing is also home and thinking about his kiss with Tao Zi.

Tao Zi:” Why did you kiss me?”

It’s not easy when you fight with other for the love of the person you like, but how can you fight with yourself…

It the day Oz has to make a presentation for Samsung. Leo will make the presentation. But on his way Leo witnessed an accident and he’s late. Tao Zi calls Leo before the presentation, and Leo tells her that he can’t come so she should let Xiao Lu make the presentation.

Xiao Lu:” Xiao Lu is really kind of lame. It seems like it’s necessary for Lu Tian Xing to come out.”

Because Xiao Lu disappeared Tao Zi has to make the presentation. The people from Samsung aren’t interested in Tao Zi. They want Leo.

Suddenly the savior has come. Lu Tian Xing has come to make the presentation for Oz Advertising…

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