“Wonderful Days” ep 23 ~Dong Hui:”Let’s go. Come and hang out with me at home.”


Dong Seok and Hae Won are having dinner with Dong Seok’s family. The police came to Dong Seok’s house to arrest Hae Won. Both Hae Won and Dong Seok are investigated by the police.

Dong Hui sends Dong Won and Dong Ju to school and meets Kim Ma Ri. Dong Hui apologizes to Ma Ri for hitting her.

Episode 23

In his room, Dong Hui is practicing how to act in front of Dong Won and Dong Ju, who are upset with him.

Dong Hui:” I’ll no longer be your dad. Let’s be friends. I don’t need kids like you, either! You’re mean.”

Dong Hui’s friend, Gook Soo, doesn’t believe that this is the best way to treat Dong Won and Dong Ju. They will probably say “ okay, let’s be friends, Kang Dong Hui.”

Suddenly Dong Hui receives a phone call. It was Dong Seok. He called to ask Dong Hui to take Hae Won somewhere and to not let her use her phone or internet.

Dong Hui search on the internet and he is surprised about what he found. There where news saying that prosecutor Kang Dong Seok is involved in a relationship with a suspect.

The same time, Mul calls Hae Won. So Shim put Mul to call Hae Won to ask her if she still likes the food that she used to like when she was little.

Meantime, Dong Seok is in his boss office. He will be investigated.

Leaving the office, Dong Seok noticed that someone called his boss. It was Oh Chi Su. Now Dong Seok knows that all the proves against Hae Won and the news about him and Hae Won are fabricated by Oh Chi Su.

On the hallway, Dong Seok hears a coworker talking on the phone. Police officers were at Hae Won’s house. They have an arrest warrant.

Dong Seok told the other prosecutor that he will bring Hae Won in for investigation, but he has a condition for that. Dong Seok wants his co worker to do his job right and not be influenced by a certain person from outside.

At the Kang family’s house everyone is getting ready for dinner. Hae Won is in grandfather’s room with So Shim. At the door Mul, Dong Ju and Dong Won were listening to what the adults were saying. The children love Hae Won. The grandfather asked Hae Won to sing a song for him.

The other members of the family, Young Chun, Dong Tak, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik are waiting by the dinner table. Every time Young Chun says that she doesn’t agree with Hae Won and Dong Seok’s wedding, Dong Tak calls Dong Hui. Dong Tak knows that Young Chun is Dong Hui’s biological mother. So because she doesn’t want Dong Tak to tell the truth to Dong Hui, Young Chun does everything Dong Tak wants.

But Dong Hui is worried. He is the only one in the family that knows what is going on. He waits for Dong Seok in front of the house and asks him to break up with Hae Won.

The same time his family and Hae Won were having a happy dinner at home, Dong Hui went to see Seung Hun. He asks Seung Hun why he blamed Hae Won for all the things he did. Also Dong Hui asks Seung Hun to go to the prosecutors and tell them that Hae Won didn’t do anything.

Dong Hui:” You can’t have her, so you ruin her life and frame her for all your misdeeds? That’s your definition of love? Go and tell them it wasn’t Hae Won. Do it before I get more disappointed in you!”

Seung Hun tries to excuse himself saying that Hae Won deserved it because she fooled him. She is the one that played with him and then abandoned him.

Dong Hui turns around and asks Seung Hun what is the punishment for murder if this is Hae Won’s punishment.

Dong Hui:” What does Mr. Oh deserve for killing Hae Won’s father?”

Home, everyone is having dinner happily. Suddenly Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik’s phones ring. Someone told them to watch the news and the internet. Both uncles and Dong Tak read the news about Dong Seok and Hae Won. They’ve stopped Young Chun and Hae Won from seeing the news.

When Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and Dong Tak start asking questions, Dong Seok takes Hae Won out. She is mad. It was an important day for her and she feels like Dong Seok ruined it. Hae Won is arguing with Dong Seok and leaves.

But she can’t go far. The other prosecutor followed Dong Seok home. He didn’t believe that Dong Seok will bring Hae Won so he followed Dong Seok and he is arresting Hae Won for all the things that Seung Hun did.

Now Hae Won understands what Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik were riding and why Dong Seok took her out of his house like that.

Hae Ju went to meet Dong Tak. While she was waiting, Hae Ju is reading the comments about Hae Won. She is upset and wants to answer, but someone posted a comment defending Hae Won. It was Mul. Hae Ju calls Mul and she thanks him for cheering her up. Mul doesn’t understand what Hae Ju is saying.

Just love Mul and Hae Ju relationship even if they don’t know their true identity.

Dong Hui is trying to convince Dong Ju and Dong Won to go to school. But Dong Won and Dong Ju locked themselves in the room and they refuse to go to school. Dong Ju refuses to go because she is embarrassed to go to school after bragging so much about Dong Seok and also because the other day Dong Hui hit her teacher. Dong Won on the other hand just doesn’t want to go to school and he is just taking advantage of the situation.

Young Chun brings Dong Hui the key from the room.

Kim Ma Ri is calling attendance. Suddenly someone is at the door. Ma Ri opens the classroom door. It was Dong Hui. He carried Dong Won and Dong Ju to school. But still Dong Won and Dong Ju refuses to sit on their desks.

Dong Hui:” In that case…let’s go home. Say goodbye to your classmates for good. Say “You all study hard and become successful. We’re quitting school to waste time at home, like our dad.” Let’s go. Come and hang out with me at home.”

Dong Won wanted to go with Dong Hui, but Dong Ju pulled him back. Dong Hui’s strategy worked and Dong Won and Dong Ju stayed in school.

Before leaving, Dong Hui asked Ma Ri to come talk with him. He apologized for hurting her the other day and he gave her same patches for pain relief.

Dong Ok went to the hospital to apologize to Woo Jin because Dong Hui hit him the other day. But since that day Woo Jin is avoiding Dong Ok. And all because Dong Hui told Woo Jin to marry Dong Ok if he really likes her.

After reading Dong Ok’s note, Woo Jin goes out after her. He sees Dong Ok with 2 lady’s. Those two lady’s were talking bad about Dong Seok in front of Dong Ok and they were also insulting her.

Woo Jin got mad and defended Dong Ok in front of that two women.

Dong Seok is investigated by his superiors. He told them that he will resign but first he wants to finish the three cases his working on. He has a suspect for them.

Leaving the prosecutor office, Dong Seok meets Hae Won. They leave together.

Dong Seok stops to buy something. His phone is ringing. Seeing that the person that is calling is Oh Chi Su, Hae Won answered. From Oh Chi Su , Hae Won find out that her father was the one that caused the accident in which Dong Ok became retarded.

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