“Wonderful Days” ep 24 ~Dong Won:” Is he playing favorites?”

Dong Hui’s grandfather asks Hae Won to visit him, but the family doesn’t agree. Defending Hae Won, Dong Seok gets into a fight with Dong Tak.

Seung Hun is admitted to a mental hospital. Dong Hui and Dong Seok went to save Seung Hun , but Dong Seok gets stabbed.

Episode 24

Dong Seok send Hae Won home. Arrived in front of his house, Dong Seok sees Dong Hui leaving in a hurry. He stops Dong Hui and asks him where is he going.

Dong Hui turned around and told Dong Soek that Seung Hun was send to a mental hospital.

After knowing from Dong Hui that his father killed Hae Won’s father, Seung Hun went and confronted his father. During the argument, Seung Hun told his father that he will go to the prosecutor to turn himself in and to tell the prosecutor that he did all the things for what Hae Won is investigated. He did all that things at his father’s order. To stop Seung Hun, Oh Chi Su admitted him in a mental hospital.

Dong Hui and Dong Seok managed to get Seung Hun out. Until Dong Seok find’s a safer place for Seung Hun to stay, Dong Hui will stay next to Seung Hun.

Dong Ok called Hae Won. The grandfather wants to see Hae Won. She went to see the grandfather, but nobody welcomed her, except Dong Ok and the grandfather. They welcomed Hae Won because they don’t know about the article.

Ssang Shik, Ssang Ho and Dong Tak are sending Hae Won home. But Dong Seok arrived and he is defending Hae Won.

Suddenly the grandfather calls Dong Seok, Hae Won and So Shim to his room. He heard noise. Because So Shim is opposing again to Dong Seok and Hae Won’s marriage, the grandfather asks Dong Seok who will he choose if he had to choose between his family and Hae Won.

Dong Seok:” I can’t let Hae Won go, grandfather.”

Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju are having breakfast. Dong Ju gets a message. She looks at her phone, reads the message, smiles, but she doesn’t reply.

Dong Won and Mul think that she has a boyfriend and take her phone to see who send her a message. While reading all those messages from Dong Ju’s phone, the boys realize that those messages are from Dong Hui. He sends texts to his daughter all day long.

Dong Ju:” It’s so annoying! He texts me all day long!”

But Dong Won is a little upset. Dong Hui didn’t send him any messages. Suddenly Dong Won gets a text. Thinking that is from Dong Hui, Dong Won reads the text happily. But it wasn’t from Dong Hui. It was from his girlfriend. Dong Won’s girlfriend broke up with him.

Dong Won:” Why won’t he text me? Is he playing favorites?”

Dong Hui and Dong Seok are moving Seung Hun to a safer place. But…Oh Chi Su already knows where they hide Seung Hun and he send some gangsters to get Seung Hun.

Dong Seok and Dong Hui are fighting with the gangsters.

Dong Seok managed to get Seung Hun. He runs with Seung Hun to his car. One of the gangsters followed them. The gangster stabbed Dong Seok.

Woo Jin is meeting Ma Ri. She put all the patches on her. Ma Ri is in the neighborhood to go see Dong Ok.

She asks Woo Jin to go with her. Then she changes her mind. She is scared that if Dong Hui is home, he will beat up Woo Jin again.

She leaves Woo Jin in the coffee shop and goes to see Dong Ok.

In front of the coffee shop, Ma Ri sees Dong Won and Dong Ju. They were talking about a streetlamp that was broken. Dong Won thinks that Dong Hui broke it because he is a gangster. On the other hand Dong Ju is defending Dong Hui. In Dong Ju’s eyes, Dong Hui is not a gangster, he is a bodyguard.

Ma Ri hears Dong Won and Dong Ju saying that Dong Hui hit her the other day and she intervenes. Kim Ma Ri told Dong Won and Dong Ju that Dong Hui didn’t hit her. That he was teaching her self defense moves, she lost balance and felt.

Then Ma Ri is asking them if Dong Hui is home. When Dong Won told her that he isn’t home, she seemed a little disappointed.

Ma Ri arrived at Dong Ok’s house. Dong Ok made a dress for her to apologize because Dong Hui hit her.

Seeing the dress, Ma Ri remembers that a friend of her plans to open a shop and she is looking for a designer.

Ma Ri will look into it and she will recommend Dong Ok for the job.

Dong Tak and Hae Ju are having lunch together. Dong Tak tells her that he wants to break up.

That night that Hae Won went to visit Dong Seok’s grandfather and his family wanted to throw her out, Dong Tak grabbed Dong Seok by his collar. Now Dong Tak feels bad about it and he feels that he can’t say his family that he is marrying Hae Ju.

Upset about the break up, Hae Ju goes to the park. There she meets Mul.

Mul asked Hae Ju to post some bad comments about his mother on the internet.

Dong Hui comes home. He goes to Dong Won and Dong Ju’s room. Dong Ju was studying and Dong Won was listening to a sad song because his girlfriend broke up with him.

Dong Hui enters saying that he had a bad day and that he didn’t get to sleep at all the night before. He lies down and puts his head on Dong Ju’s knee. Then Dong Hui asks for a hug from Dong Won and Dong Ju. He gets up hugs hard Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Ma Ri has been wearing the dress that Dong Ok made for her for a week. She is out with Woo Jin. When she tells Woo Jin that Dong Ok is coming too, he got up and left.

In front of the coffee shop, Woo Jin met Dong Ok. At first he lied to her and said that something urgent come up and he as to leave. He felt sorry lying to Dong Ok so Woo Jin went back to Dong Ok and told her the truth.

Woo Jin:” I liked you from the moment we first met, and I still like you! But I’m not sure if I can keep liking you.”

Seung Hun confessed to the prosecutor that the things for what Hae Won is investigated where made by him. After his confession Hae Won’s name was cleared.

Then Seung Hun asked to see Dong Seok. He will help Dong Seok with whatever he can to stop his father, Oh Chi Su.

Later Dong Seok met Hae Won. He brought a wedding ring. Since everything was cleared even his family accepts Hae Won now. But Hae Won doesn’t accept Dong Seok’s proposal.

She knows now that Dong Ok and grandfather’s conditions are caused by her father and she doesn’t want to get married with Dong Seok .

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