“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 7 ~Tian Xing:” I was wondering how I can…make you fall in love with me.”

Tao Zi has to do the presentation for Samsung. But the directors are only interested in Leo. They keep asking her about Leo, because he is the only one they are interested in.

Tian Xing entered. He looks through Tao Zi’s script and then he starts the presentation. Actually he pretends to look through the script.

Tian Xing:” Only your heartbeat will never lie.”

After the presentation is over, Tao Zi asks Tian Xing how did he know her script and Jia Gai Xian and Miao Miao want to know how did he know where they are. Tian Xing tells them that he is at the level where just by reading the beginning he can know all the script and that it wasn’t a coincidence that he is there. He said that he came to see a “ crybaby embarrassing herself.”

When Leo arrived, he asked where is Xiao Lu so Tian Xing run away and change into Xiao Lu.

At Oz, Xiao Lu is having a conversation with his better self, Lu Tian Xing. Since Tao Zi has to fall in love with Lu Tian Xing and not with Xiao Lu, Tian Xing tells Xiao Lu to not accept her confession.

Tian Xing disappears and Tao Zi appears. For Tao Zi to open her heart towards Tian Xing, Xiao Lu must leave. So Xiao Lu tells Tao Zi that he needs to help a friend with a project so he won’t be able to help Oz for a while.

Next morning, Tao Zi receives a phone from Samsung. They want Lu Tian Xing to represent them in Oz and be a consultant for their project. So Lu Tian Xing appeared at Oz Advertising.

Tian Xing looks at his picture from Oz. He asks who hated him so much. Seems like the person who hated him that much is Tao Zi.

Tian Xing:” You said that you hate me, but you end up looking at my picture every day. Aren’t you embarrassed?”

Lu Tian Xing looks through what Leo, Tao Zi, Jia Gai Xian and Miao Miao did for this project. And he doesn’t like that. He made Leo , Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian to remake all the project until midnight and send it to his mail.

Because he’s hungry, Tian Xing took Tao Zi out to eat together.

At the restaurant, Tian Xing keeps staring at Tao Zi. She finds it uncomfortable so she asks him to stop it.

Tian Xing:” I was wondering how I can…make you fall in love with me.”

Tao Zi stops eating. She says that even if he looks like Xiao Lu, she will not fall in love ever with him. She gets up and wants to leave.

Tian Xing stops her. He takes her hand into his and put his phone in her hand. Lu Tian Xing wants to try the application they are working on to show Tao Zi that she likes him. But unfortunately, Tao Zi’s heartbeat showed that she doesn’t like Tian Xing.

On her way back to Oz, Tao Zi buys the red bean cakes that Xiao Lu likes and sends him a text to come to Oz to pick them up.

The next morning, Tao Zi, Leo,Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian are going to look for the place where they will film their next commercial. Without being announced Tian Xing came. He takes Tao Zi with him in his car and they follow the car in which the other 3 rides.

On the way, Tao Zi keeps insisting that she wants Tian Xing to stop the car because she wants to ride with Leo.

Tian Xing:”Stop making a fuss. Otherwise, I’ll kidnap you.”

The cars stop at a railroad crossing. Suddenly Tian Xing starts acting strange. Tao Zi looks at him. She sees that something is wrong.

After the train passed, Tian Xing couldn’t drive. The other drivers are rushing him. Tian Xing starts the car and turn around.

He stops the car. He is not himself. Tao Zi went to buy him a bottle of water. Tian Xing can’t breathe properly and he chokes with water.

Worried Tao Zi wants to go back to the car and call the other to cancel the trip. Tian Xing hugs her and asks her to stay put one minute.

Tian Xing:”Don’t move!”

Soon he feels better. Tian Xing gives his keys to Tao Zi. He can’t drive in that state.

Tian Xing :” Now you know why I wanted to drive with you, right?”

When they arrived, Tian Xing didn’t want to tell the others about his condition so he said that they turn around the car because they found another place and they went to see it. Also he said that Tao Zi was driving his car because she saw that he is tired.

All team walks around, taking pictures. Tian Xing and Leo fight for Tao Zi’s attentions. They fight over who takes the green onion from Tao Zi’s plate, who should help Tao Zi, who should appear in a picture with her and who should take the leafs from her hair. They act like little boys.

Later, being alone, Leo asks Tian Xing to not use work to get close to Tao Zi. He doesn’t know what intensions Tian Xing has with Tao Zi, but for that day Leo will let it go.

Tian Xing:”Leo, what you’ve just said sounds like a warning to your rival in love. Do you plan to officially become my rival in love and confess your true feelings to Tao Le Si? I like Tao Le Si,and…I like her a lot. Do you have confidence that you can beat me?”

Leo:”The rules of the game should be to compete fairly and with that we can decide who wins or loses. I haven’t entered the competition yet, but I’ll warn you to never use you love to harm Tao Zi.”

Tao Zi decided to go back with Tian Xing. She remembered that he was sick and she is worried about how will he get back in town.

When they arrived, Tian Xing thanked Tao Zi for letting him hug her when he was sick. Also he said that if she feels tired during the commercial filming, she can lean on his shoulder.

After Tian Xing left, Tao Zi send a text to Xiao Lu to come pick the red bean cakes that she brought for him.

Tao Zi waited for a long time for Xiao Lu. But he never came. The one that come t was Leo.

Leo asked Tao Zi why she likes Xiao Lu so much. Tao Zi said that when she is with Xiao Lu she feels save and she has the feeling that her long lost friend has returned to her side.

The day when they have to film the commercial has come. Xiao Lu came to see them and to help them if they need anything. But lately Xiao Lu acts strangely towards Tao Zi.

Tao Zi:” Why does it feel like there’s a distance between Xiao Lu and I…”

Xiao Lu has to go. He starts changing his clothes on the street. He drops his shirt. When he was naked in his car, a lady came to his window. She brought his shirt.

From that car Tian Xing gets out.

At the filming site, Lance came too. He and his assistants walk in with Tian Xing,

During the filming, Tian Xing doesn’t like something and stops the filming. He takes Leo to a corner and tells Leo what changes he wants.

The filming went great. Everyone goes home.

Tian Xing is bored at home. He calls Tao Zi and tells her to bring him the rough cut of the commercial they filmed.

When she arrived he told her that she has to look at the rough cut of the commercial with him. She goes in to finish it fast. But Tian Xing has other plans. He sits on his sofa and says that he can’t work when he is hungry. Tao Zi sits next to him and waits for Tian Xing to finish eating. Tian Xing looks at Tao Zi and asks her to prepare the food.

Tian Xing:” You’re not going to make it?”

Fortunately for Tao Zi she had a bag of ramen in her purse. Tian Xing didn’t expect that, but since Tao Zi made it he will eat it.

Tian Xing:” Do you want me to me exhibited with the mummies in the museum?”

Then Tian Xing gives Tao Zi the two points to become the head of Oz Advertising. The way he sees things, Leo is the one that the clients want. So Tao Zi has to become a great producer.

Tian Xing:”First point, you have to have an original idea. Even if you are lying, you have to let the person believe you. They have to completely believe in your judgment and decision. But looking at you, you’re naturally unable to hide your true emotions.”

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