“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 8 ~Tao Zi:” Xiao Lu…I like you!”

Tian Xing is teaching Tao Zi how to become a great producer. He tells her the two points of becoming a great producer. The first point is to make everyone believe what she is saying, even if it is a lie. But since Tao Zi isn’t naturally born to be a liar, they skip over it.

The second point of becoming a great producer is to have vision. And that one can be trained.

Tian Xing takes Tao Zi to a dress store. He asks her to choose the dress in which she can visualize that she will look great. Tao Zi chooses the dresses that she likes, but Tian Xing doesn’t like them.

Lu Tian Xing chooses a dress for Tao Zi and gives her a present, a necklace. Then he takes Tao Zi to a party where the best advertisers and clients are. When Tian Xing and Tao Zi come in, the reporters jump on them.

Asked a few questions, Tao Zi freaks out, excuses herself and leaves. She hides in the bathroom. There Tao Zi hears some women talking bad about her. Back to the party, Wang Ting Wei comes to Tao Zi and humiliates her. Ting Wei implies that Tao Zi must have some sort of a relationship with Tian Xing that for the first time he broke his own rules and helped her by using his name.

Tao Zi wants to leave, but when she turns around she fells over the table with drinks. Seeing that, Tian Xing rushes over and hits Ting Wei.

Tao Zi runs away. Tian Xing follows her. She says that she will not give him the pleasure of seeing her crying. She isn’t crying for thinks like this. Tian Xing hugs her and tells Tao Zi that in moments like that she should cry.

Tian Xing:” Dummy, it should be at times like this that you should cry. Otherwise, how can I comfort you?”

Tao Zi can’t go home with her dress wet so Tian Xing takes her to his house.

At his house, Tian Xing prepares the bath for Tao Zi. While she was waiting, Tao Zi was about to see her brother’s ball. She takes a bath while crying for all the things that the people from the party said about her. When she finished, Tao Zi found Tian Xing sleeping on the sofa. She covers him with his jacket. Then she leaves.

Next day Xiao Lu comes to Oz. He spends the day at Oz, helping everyone. At one moment, when they were alone, Leo told Xiao Lu that when Tao Zi likes someone she goes to the end and she ends up hurt.

At night, Xiao Lu finished work late. Tao Zi waited for him and they went home together. On the way home, with the pretext that she wants to make a wish, Tao Zi confesses her feelings to Xiao Lu.

Xiao Lu wanted to kiss her, but he took advantage of the fact that Tao Zi was with her eyes close and left. He knows that if Xiao Lu keeps appearing in front of Tao Zi she will end up more hurt.

Tao Zi opens her eyes. She sees that Xiao Lu is gone. She starts crying and calling his name.

Tao Zi:” Xiao Lu…I like you!”

Xiao Lu was close. He was hiding and crying too.

Xiao Lu:” I’m sorry! I like you, too!”

On her way home, crying, Tao Zi remembers how Xiao Lu acted lately. He was strange, pushing away from her, like he was saying goodbye.

Xiao Lu follows Tao Zi home to be sure that she is fine. Seeing her hurt and crying, he wants to go to her, but he stops.

Xiao Lu:” Lu Tian Xing! If you let Tao Zi see Xiao Lu again, you will only make her hurt even more.”

Arrived home, Tao Zi ‘s mother is asking her why did she cry, who was the one that hurt her. Tao Zi said that she saw a sentimental movie. Her mother didn’t believe her and wanted to go hit Lu Tian Xing for making her daughter cry. Seeing Tao Zi so hurt, Miao Miao realized that it must be something about Xiao Lu and stopped Tao Zi’s mother from going after Lu Tian Xing.

Later, Tao Zi is in her room, crying. She sends a message to Xiao Lu. He was home, crying. He read the message, but couldn’t answer Tao Zi.

Tian Xing:” The one she likes is Xiao Lu, not me, Lu Tian Xing.”

In the morning, Xiao Lu came to Oz. His eyes are avoiding Tao Zi. Xiao Lu came only to hand over the work he was doing, because he will not come to Oz anymore.

Xiao Lu handed over his work to Miao Miao, Leo and Jia Gai Xian and also a hard drive to Tao Zi. Then he left.

Tao Zi runs after him. Why does he have to leave.

Tao Zi:” I thought that we mutually like each other.”

Xiao Lu:”We like each other as…good friends.”

Cold, Xiao Lu tells Tao Zi that he like her, the way he likes Oz, but nothing more. Then Xiao Lu leaves without looking back.

Tian Xing:” Sorry, Tao Le Si. Only by making Xiao Lu disappear will I be able to truly love you.”

That day Xiao Lu hurt Tao Zi. But the one that came running to comfort her was Lu Tian Xing.

Tian Xing:” Do you still remember…you once lent me your shoulder for a minute?”

Tao Zi always says that she hates Lu Tian Xing, but every time she has a problem she ends up crying in Tian Xing’s arms. She says she hates Tian Xing, but she always tells him what on her heart. Without realizing, Tao Zi fell in love with Tian Xing…

Tian Xing took Tao Zi to eat. During dinner he asks her why she returned the necklace that he gave her. Knowing that Tian Xing likes her, Tao Zi didn’t accept the necklace so that Tian Xing won’t misunderstand.

Tao Zi:” Don’t worry about me.”

Tian Xing:”I want to.”…” But you must know that my liking you is decided by myself, not you.”

They go to the park. They talk about why Tao Zi likes Xiao Lu so much and also about Tao Zi’s mother that always thinks that the one that makes Tao Zi cry in Lu Tian Xing. She must feel something…

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2 Responses to “Fall in Love With Me ” ep 8 ~Tao Zi:” Xiao Lu…I like you!”

  1. curlynoona says:

    It’s too early for all this crying…I need cute very soon

    • lemonmirae says:

      I think that the next episodes will be funnier. The crying was for Xiao Lu’s departure, but Lu Tian Xing is more childish ,like when he asked Tao Zi to cook for him or when he went with all the people from Oz scouting and he and Leo were fighting for Tao Zi:))

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