“Border” ep 7 ~”Live enough for the both of us.”

Tsutomu Yokomori is walking home. He worked late and lost the last train so he decided to walk. He talked on the phone with his mother. At the pedestrian crossing, a red car runs over him. Tsutomu Yokomori died. The driver runs away.

A man who was walking his dog stopped. He saw the accident and came to see if Tsutomu was allright.

Tsutomu Yokomori :” I’m fine…It doesn’t hurt at all.”

The police arrived. Mika is checking the body. Ishikawa, Tachibana and Ichikura are looking through Tsutomu’s things.

Suddenly the dog of the man who called the police started to bark. Ishikawa turned around. The dog was barking because Tsutomu’s spirit appeared.

Ishikawa went to him. Pretending that he is looking around and talking with the dog, Ishikawa asked Tsutomu’s spirit why was he walking home, why was he so far from his house, if he saw who hit him, the car’s number, anything that will help the police.

Tsutomu saw that it was a red and expensive car, but he doesn’t know the plate number. Even if he doesn’t know the number, Tsutomu saw the driver. It was the son of a politician.

Ishikawa and Tachibana went to the restaurant that is close to the accident. At that restaurant Tsutomu was working. They’ve told the person in charge of the restaurant that Tsutomu was involved in a hit and run accident and that he is dead now. They asked a few questions about Tsutomu.

Suddenly Ishikawa asked the person from the restaurant if they have any regular customer that drives a red foreign car. Now Ishikawa knows who the killer is. He is the son of the Minister for Foreign Affairs.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs is covering up the accident. Ishikawa’s superiors put the accident on hold. Tachibana and Ishikawa went to talk to the man that witnessed the accident.

The witness was threatened by the Minister. Ishikawa saw the Minister leaving.

They talk with the witness, but he is changing his statement. He said that he was wrong, the driver wasn’t a man and the plate number that he saw where wrong too.

Ishikawa:” Looks like Yokomori-kun picked the wrong person to trust with his dying words.”

Tsutomu’s mother came to identify the body. When she saw her son dead, she fell.

Tsutomu’s mother:” Please catch the killer.”

Later, Tachibana got a phone call. Tsutomu’s boss called because he wants to change his testimony too.

Ishikawa went and met Tsutomu’s boss. He hit him and then he asked him one last question. He asked him who was the girl that was in the car the night of the hit and run accident.

Ishikawa went to see the girl. He showed her a picture of Tsutomu. They were studying at the same university. Ishikawa asked her where she was the night of the accident. Then she talked about Tsutomu. He was playing with her mind so that she will talk. And she was about to. But the killed appeared and took her from there.

The killers father arranged the things in a way that it will look like his son’s car was stolen a day before the hit and run accident.

Ishikawa ended up in a dead end. The only thing he can do now is to see Akai. He went to him. From Akai, Ishikawa found that there is someone that helps high up people to clean their mess. Akai told Ishikawa to stop looking for the car. At this point the car is long gone.

Also Akai said that if he wants to corner the Minister’s son he can…drugs, assaults, rapes. Tsutomu’s killer was involved in all off this.

Ishikawa send Suzuki to press a bit the killer’s girlfriend. Meanwhile Ishikawa was with the hackers. But all the data from the night of the accident was gone.

When Suzuki left the girl’s building he met the same man that threatened the witness.

Returned to the police station, Ishikawa discovered that Tsutomu’s case will be transferred to another team.

The girl is dead. Supposedly she hanged herself. Suzuki tells Ishikawa about the man he met when he was leaving. Ishikawa realizes that it is the same man that he saw when he went to see the witness.

On an alley, Ishikawa sees the suspicious man again. He killed the girl. He is threatening Ishikawa to stop investigating.

While they were fighting a police appeared. Ishikawa asked him to give the handcuffs. Ishikawa put the handcuffs on the killer’s hands. Then he realizes that the patrol office got there fast.

At the station Ishikawa found that the man that was cleaning the high up people’s mess let himself arrested so that the Minister’s son got away. The Minister’s son left the country.

On the street Tsutomu appeared. He wanted to say “goodbye” and “thank you” to Ishikawa. Even if he couldn’t catch his killer, Ishikawa worked as hurt as he could.

Tsutomu has one last message for his mother and asks Ishikawa to send it.

Tsutomu:” Take care of yourself and live enough for the both of us.”

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3 Responses to “Border” ep 7 ~”Live enough for the both of us.”

  1. Only says:

    Reading your recaps convinced me to start watching this show. Thanks!

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