Hotel King Ep 15 ~Jae Wan:” If I put it in like this would it kill him?”

After the party, Jae Wan brought Mo Ne to his house. Angry, Mo Ne starts searching and breaking everything. While searching, Mo Ne found Jae Wan’s gun.

He covers her eyes, but is too late. She saw the pistol.

Mo Ne:” You…who are you?”

Jae Wan tries to get close to her, but she is scared and runs away.

In front of Jae Wan’s house, Lee Joong Goo was waiting for them.

Mo Ne:” Murderer!”

Mo Ne called Lee Joong Goo “murderer” when he thanked her about the picture of the three of them, Lee Joong Goo, Mo Ne’s father and Dr. Yoon. Then she took from her purse the recorder that manager Beak gave her and played it.

Scared, Jae Wan breaks the recorder. Then Lee Joong puts the blame of Mo Ne’s father dead on him. And Jae Wan agrees with him, so that Lee Joong Goo will trust him and not hurt Mo Ne.

Lee Joong Goo close to Mo Ne. He tries to wipe her tears, but Mo Ne spits on his face. Furious, Lee Joong Goo hits Jae Wan with his cane. Mo Ne puts herself between Lee Joong Goo and Jae Won to protect him.

Jae Wan goes inside. Mo Ne follows him. She knows that Jae Wan pushed her away because of Lee Joong Goo. She asks Jae Wan why he did not tell her the truth.

Jae Wan:” If so…could you forgive me?”

From Jae Wan, Mo Ne found that night that everything Lee Joong Goo said was true. That it is true that he was the one that approached her father, who gave chairman Ah those pills and he was the one who hide Dr. Yoon.

Disappointed, Mo Ne goes home. She breaks the doll that Jae Wan gave her.

Home Jae Wan remembers the day that he went with Lee Joong Goo. That day Lee Joong Goo threatened him with revealing everyone that he killed the gang member that used to beat him and Ju Wan. Also, that day, Jae Wan wanted to take Ju Wan with him. But Lee Joong Goo closed the car’s door and told him that Ju Wan knows that he is dead and Ju Wan was adopted by a good family.

Cha Su Ahn is telling Mo Ne that chairman Sun from Woo Jin farm has decided to sign a contract with Lee Joong Goo. He is selling the land that Mo Ne wants to Lee Joong Goo.

Su Ahn told Mo Ne about it because Jae Wan asked her too. He is helping Mo Ne.

So, Mo Ne went to Woo Jin farm. She met chairman Sun, but he rejected her. Mo Ne is not the type of person that gives up so she started working at the farm until chairman Sun will sell the land to her. To get rid of Mo Ne, chairman Sun called Woo Hyun.

Sun Woo Hyun came. But he is not taking Mo Ne away, he is helping her.

Later, Jae Wan and Lee Joong Goo arrived. Mo Ne and Woo Hyun blocked their way and wanted to send them back. Chairman Sun appeared and wanted to drag Mo Ne away, but Woo Hyun told him discreetly that if he will drag Mo Ne out he will lose his son for good.

Chairman Sun, Lee Joong Goo, Jae Wan and Mo Ne are discussing about the land. They each make their offer.

At the hotel, the employees are getting ready for an event. Manager Jang Ho Il will be the host of the show. Everyone will have costume. No Ah will be dressed as girl and will participate at the event with the girls. Jin Jung Hyun is looking differently at Yoon Da Jung. in his eyes she should look more beautiful now, than her usual self. Also Jang Ho Il can’t take his eyes off So Moon Jung.

In the night, upset, Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan. She brought him the broken toy that he gave her. Then, Mo Ne slaps him twice. The tired time, Jae Wan stops her. They fight, and Mo Ne thanked him for giving her a reason to attack him.

Back to his house, Jae Wan called someone and made preparation for tomorrow. He repaired the broken toy.

Mo Ne is running alone. Chae Kyung approach her and tells Mo Ne that she will not let Mo Ne steal Jae Wan from her the second time. She also told Mo Ne that she is the only woman that makes Jae Wan wants to risk his life for. And that Jae Wan loves Mo Ne.

Close to her house, Mo Ne saw Jae Wan with Lee Joong Goo.

She wants to go her way, but someone called her. It was Roman Lee. She needs Roman now. He has the money that she needs for chairman Sun’s land.

For the event, a magician came. Lee Joong Goo and Jae Wan went to see him. For his number Lee Joong Goo will help him. Lee Joong Goo will stay in a box while the magician will stick swords in it.

For the practice, the magician asked Jae Wan if he wants to try. He took the sword. And he asked the magician what will happen if he will change the direction when he will stick the sword in.

Jae Wan:” If I put it in like this would it kill him?”

Jae Wan is in his office. Cha Su Ahn came in. She told Jae Wan that Mo Ne and Roman are having breakfast and that their meeting was arranged personally by them.

Jae Wan runs to the restaurant. Seeing him, Chae Kyung realized that he came because Mo Ne was with Roman. So that Jae Wan won’t be put in a difficult position, Chae Kyung lied for him. She said that Jae Wan came to see her. They seated at the table that was next to the one the Mo Ne and Roman were at. Jae Wan heard their conversation.

After breakfast, Roman goes to see someone. Suddenly he stops. He noticed that someone was following him. Jae Wan was following him.

Roman told Jae Wan that if he will follow him again or put someone follow him, he won’t do any business with Jae Won anymore.

To stop them from talking, manager Baek came. Roman was coming to see her, but nobody has to know that Roman is her son. She is using Roman to get Mo Ne’s shares from Ciel.

The event started. First the employees are dancing. They are wear costumes. Then is Lee Joong Goo’s time with the magician. The children love Lee Joong Goo. During the first part he gave them toys and candies.

Lee Joong Goo is having a break. He is with Jae Wan, resting. Jae Wan ask him if he loves children.

Jae Wan:” I thought you loved children.”

Lee Joong Goo:” They’re the ones who beg you to love them. They’re impolite and dirty. Darn it. I’m sick of them. They’re just like beggars. They’re only thinking about how to get the money out of my pockets.”

Everything that Lee Joong Goo told Jae Wan was heard by the people who came to the event. Lee Joong Goo had a microphone on him. Hearing him say all those words, everyone is shocked. The children start crying and saying that they are not beggars. Even Da Bae and her mother are disgusted by Lee Joong Goo’s words.

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