Hotel King Ep 16 ~Jae Wan:”I do know it well…father.”

Jae Wan asked the magician to put a microphone on Lee Joong Goo. So everything that Lee Joong Goo said about the children that came at the charity event it was heard. The children started to cry. Da Bae and her mother can’t recognize Lee Joong Goo. They are disappointed.

After the event, Mo Ne went to Lee Joong Goo. She is provoking him to hit her so that everything about him will be exposed.

Meanwhile, Jae Wan met Chae Kyung. He asked her to talk with the reporters. She used to be and announcer so she knows how reporters thing and what king of news are more scandalous. Jae Wan wanted Chae Kyung to tell the reporters a scandalous news. Then Jae Wan went to see Lee Joong Goo.

Lee Joong Goo is furious. He lost everything. In front of the public and in front of his wife and daughter his image was completely different. Only Jae Wan and Mo Ne know Lee Joong Goo’s true character.

Lee Joong Goo:” It’s because…I know you much better than you think.”

Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan in front of his house. At the event she saw Jae Wan smiling and before the event Cha Su Ahn told her that Jae Wan prepared a lot about this event. She believes that what happened at the event was Jae Wan’s doing.

When he got home she asked him. He denied everything and wants to enter. Mo Ne told him that Lee Joong Goo will continue to fight so he has to decide whose side he is.

Mo Ne:” You’ll have to fight…either with Lee Joong Goo or me.”

Lee Joong Goo is having breakfast with Da Bae and his wife. The two of them are still upset. They don’t know how to handle everything that happened at the party.

The assistant enters. He brought the newspaper. On the first page was the news about what happened at the charity party. Also with the newspaper, Lee Joong Goo received a letter. Again was a letter from Baek Mi Yeon. He went to the address from the paper.

That address was the address of the house Baek Mi Yeon was living. When he got there, Lee Joong Goo remembered the past. He went there before. Then he met young Baek Mi Yeon. She was singing to a baby boy.

Suddenly a woman appears. She is the owner of the house. Her name is Baek Mi Yeon, too.

Lee Joong Goo goes back to the hotel. In front of the hotel, Jae Wan was waiting for him.

Seeing Jae Wan, Lee Joong Goo remembers that Baek Mi Nyeo asked him that morning if he found the person who is responsible for what happened at the hotel. Lee Joong Goo suspects Jae Wan.

Jae Wan:”Have you ever trusted me?”

Mo Ne is showing Roman around. They went cycling. On the road there are only the two of them and three others. Roman and Mo Ne went eating.

When they were eating, Roman sees the three men in that restaurant too. They seem suspicious.

Jae Wan is looking through Woo Hyun’s resume. He suspects that Sun Woo Hyun is chairman Sun’s son. Jae Wan calls Woo Hyun and asks him.

Lee Joong Goo asked Jae Wan to fire Woo Hyun. But he doesn’t want to fire him. So Jae Wan asks Woo Hyun to tell everyone who his father is.

In return Woo Hyun tells Jae Wan that both him and Mo Ne know that Jae Wan found something on the bout and hit it.

Woo Hyun:” Will you be back?”

Jae Wan:”If…I’m lucky.”

Woo Hyun goes back to his working place. Hong Joon and Park Do Jin came to scold him. Wanting to protect Woo Hyun, Jang Ho Il is inventing a story about Woo Hyun being the head of a poor family. Go San also joins the story.

Hearing the story Hong Joon and Park Do Jin stop scolding him and asks him to tell them if he needs anything.

But them Lee Joong Goo joins them. He shakes Woo Hyun’s hand and tells him that he is proud of him. Lee Joong Goo tells Woo Hyun that he should be an example for all the employees because he is the son of chairman Sun and he does a difficult job like that.

Mo Ne and Roman are talking about the investment that she wants from him. She explains him what she will do with that money. Then Roman see the same three men that followed them the whole day. Earlier Jae Wan called Roman and told him that Lee Joong Goo asked someone to follow him and Mo Ne.

Roman sends Mo Ne to buy something to eat. Then he goes to those three men and beats them up. Jae Wan saw everything.

After Roman beat the three men, he answered at one of those men phone. It was Lee Joong Goo. He called to tell the followers that they shouldn’t hurt Roman Lee.

Later, Roman arrived at the hotel. In front of his hotel room, Jae Wan was waiting for him. They both enter Roman’s room, they drink and they talk about what happened in the afternoon.

Roman said that he is dealing with a lot of money so he needs to protect himself and that is why he knows how to fight so well. Jae Wan on the other hand doesn’t believe him. Jae Wan said to Roman that when he was fighting he had the look of a murder in his eyes.

Mo Ne received a message from Jae Wan. In that message Jae Wan was telling her to meet him somewhere. Mo Ne went there. Because Jae Wan was late, she sends him a message saying that she will wait for him there. But the message that Mo Ne received is wasn’t from Jae Wan, it was from Lee Joong Goo.

Lee Joong Goo locked Mo Ne inside a room fool of birds.

When Jae Wan received Mo Ne’s message, he run to Mo Ne. They both are locked inside that room.

In that room fool of birds, Jae Wan helped Mo Ne to overcome her fear of birds. Then they got away.

Meanwhile, Roman signed a contract with Lee Joong Goo like Jae Wan asked him to.

Later, Lee Joong Goo goes to where he locked Mo Ne. When he sees that she is gone, he gets furious.

Suddenly, the police arrived and arrested Lee Joong Goo.

Lee Joong Goo asked the police officers to let him tell something to Jae Wan. He told Jae Wan that he will go first and wait for him in jail. Jae Wan answered him that the two of them being in the same place is not a nice picture because they are father and son.

Lee Joong Goo:” Do you know…how much I love you? You can’t even imagine it.”

Jae Wan:”I do know it well…father.”

Hearing the Jae Wan is his son, Lee Joong Goo is shocked and refuses to believe it. Is he just denying or he really believed that Jae Wan is chairman Ah son? In Lee Joong Goo’s memory with Baek Mi Yeon, she told Lee Joong Goo that the child is not his son.

Baek Mi Nyeo wants Jae Wan and Mo Ne destroyed too. Roman asks her is they can’t leave Jae Wan alone. Roman, deep inside must know that Cha Jae Wan is Jaden.

Then Baek Mi Nyeo went to the same house Lee Joong Goo went. To the house that used to be Baek Mi Yeon’s. On her way there Baek Mi Nyeo remembers that both Lee Joong Goo and Ah Seung Won betrayed Baek Mi Yeon.

Arrived at the house, Baek Mi Nyeo remembers Baek Mi Yeon giving a necklace to her son and also someone telling Baek Mi Yeon that her son is dead. It’s clear now! Baek Mi Nyeo is Baek Mi Yeon and she is Cha Jae Wan’s mother!

In the morning Jae Wan comes to the hotel. He sees Roman entering in the part of the hotel where only staff members are aloud. He follows Roman.

Jae Wan enters in the room where Roman was. There he found Roman with Baek Mi Nyeo and Mo Ne. Baek Mi Nyeo introduces Roman to Mo Ne and Jae Wan.

Baek Mi Nyeo:”This is my son!”

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