“Wonderful Days” ep 25 ~Dong Tak:”Young Chun is your birth mother.”

Dong Hui discovers that Young Chun is his real mother. Young Chun makes a mistake and tells Dong Won and Dong Ju that their mother is alive and that she abandoned them.

Woo Jin asks permission from Dong Hui to date Dong Ok.

Dong Seok gets hospitalized and Hae Won takes care of him.

Episode 25

Dong Seok asked Hae Won to marry him, but she refused. Hae Won can’t marry Dong Seok knowing that her father is responsible for Dong Ok’s condition and the grandfather’s invalidity.

Home, everyone is trying to reach Hae Won and Dong Seok. But Hae Won isn’t picking up. When they were about to call Dong Seok, he enters the house smiling.

Mul is punishing Dong Won. Because everyone was saying bad things about Mul’s mother on the internet, Dong Won said that his mother is better because she is dead and nobody can talk bad about her. Dong Won just said that because he thought that Mul was feeling bad, but Mul understood that Dong Won said that it will be better if Mul’s mother will die.

To help Dong Won, Dong Ju apologized in her twin’s behalf and she said that from now she will call Mull “oppa”. She can’t accept Dong Hui as her father, but she can accept Mul as her older cousin.

After Mul left, Dong Ju looked at Dong Won and asked him when will he grow up.

Dong Ju:”When will you grow up?”

Dong Won:” When dad grows up.”

Dong Hui is getting ready to leave. He hears Dong Tak screaming at Young Chun.

Young Chun arranged a blind date for Dong Tak with Hae Ju’s friends. Dong Tak is dating Hae Ju so when he found out what Young Chun did he got mad.

Hearing all of that, Dong Hui felt bad for Young Chun and defended her for the first time.

Dong Tak:” Are you saying this because you know?”

Dong Tak meant that Dong Hui knows that Young Chun is his birth mother. But Dong Hui said that he feels bad seeing that Young Chun is mistreated in his house because his birth mother is like Young Chun, a mistress.

Dong Tak is getting a facial treatment. Suddenly his manager, Jo Won gets a phone call. Then Dong Tak finds that Hae Ju is filming, as an extra, in a drama with his ex wife, Jo Su Ji.

During filming Jo Su Ji kept harassing and humiliating Hae Ju. And then she told the director that she can’t work with that kind of a extra and that she wants another one.

When Hae Ju was crying, Dong Tak came. He defended her in front of Jo Su Ji.

Woo Jin asked Ma Ri to come to the hospital. He needs her to give him Dong Hui’s phone number.

Ma Ri and Woo Jin met Dong Hui. Woo Jin wanted to meet Dong Hui to get permission from him to date Dong Ok. But Dong Hui only said that he is crazy and left. Ma Ri followed Dong Hui out and told him to trust in Dong Ok if he doesn’t trust in Woo Jin. Even if Dong Ok is not like other women, she still is an adult woman.

While she was talking with Dong Hui, Ma Ri fell down. Dong Hui asked her if she always fells so easily, then he gave her another pain patch.

Woo Jin is calling Dong Ok. But she doesn’t answer. She doesn’t know how to be around Woo Jin after He told her that he likes her.

Arriving home, Dong Hui enters Dong Ok’s room to talk with her. Dong Hui answers Dong Ok’s phone. Woo Jin told Dong Hui that he is close to their house and want to see Dong Ok.

Remembering Ma Ri’s words, Dong Hui is dragging Dong Ok out. The moment Dong Ok saw Woo Jin she hid herself after Dong Hui and then she entered the house scared.

Not knowing what is going on Dong Hui is asking Woo Jin what did he do to his sister. Woo Jin tells Dong Hui that he didn’t do anything to Dong Ok. He just told her that he likes her.

Dong Seok got hospitalized. He passed out at his office. Hae Won went to see him.

When Dong Seok woke up, Hae Won asked him what kind of man passes out after being rejected.

Dong Seok:” I must have loved you more.”

Then Dong Soek told Hae Won that if she really wanted to break up then she shouldn’t have come see him. If she was so worried about him that she came to see him at the hospital that means that she loves him and doesn’t want to break up with him.

Before entering the house, Dong Hui stops by the store next door. The lady there asks him if he is the son of the mistress.

Seeing Dong Hui with her, Dong Tak come to get him home. In the house Dong Hui asks Young Chun if she ever had a son because the lady from the store said that she had one.

Young Chun denied having a son and Dong Hui went to have some drinks in his room with Dong Tak.

The children are in the room. Mul is talking with his mother on the phone.

Jealous on Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju want to talk with their mother on the phone too.

Young Chun comes with sneaks for the children. She hears Dong Won talking with his mother on the phone and rushes is. She takes Dong Won’s phone and scream at the person from the other part of the phone. Young Chun , holding the phone, said to the other person how can she call after breaking Dong Hui’s heart and abandoning her children. Then Young Chun realized that at the other side it was nobody.

Because of the mistake that Young Chun made, Dong Hui got her bags ready and he kicks her out. Dong Tak stops him saying that he can’t kick his own mother out.

Dong Tak:”Young Chun is your birth mother.”

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