“Wonderful Days” ep 26~Dong Hui’s father returnes!

Woo Jin meets Dong Hui and tells him that he is in love with Dong Ok. Woo Jin asks Dong Hui’s permission to meet Dong Ok.

Hae Won helps a stranger escape from money lenders. Later the man that Hae Won helped appears at Kang family’s restaurant. When Young Chun sees the stranger she is about to faint.

Dong Tak recognizes the man. It’s his father!

Episode 26

Dong Hui is taking Young Chun luggage and wants to go outside. Dong Tak stops him saying that he can’t do that to his birth mother.

Dong Tak:” Young Chun is your birth mother.”

Socked Dong Hui can’t believe it. He asks his mother to scold Dong Tak for lying him. So Shim tell Dong Hui that what Dong Tak said is true.

Angry, Dong Hui leaves. Dong Tak follows him, but Dong Hui rejects him. Dong Hui can’t forgive his family for lying to him.

Dong Seok saw Dong Hui and Dong Tak arguing. He doesn’t know what is going on. After Dong Hui left, Dong Seok asks Dong Tak what happened. When Dong Tak told him that Dong Hui is angry because he just found out that Young Chun is his birth mother, Dong Seok went after Dong Hui.

Both Dong Seok and Dong Hui end up drinking. Dong Hui is drinking because he doesn’t know how to react at the news that he just found out, and Dong Seok is drinking because of all the problems he and Hae Won have.

Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik went to Dong Ju and Dong Won’s room. They are trying to explain to them what is happening to Dong Hui.

But Dong Ju and Dong Won are still mad because Dong Hui lied to them. They can’t understand that for Dong Hui was easier to tell them that their mother died then telling them that their mother abandoned them.

Dong Tak and Hae Ju are in the park on a date. Because of Hae Won, Hae Ju didn’t get to sleep to much the night before so she sleeps now on Dong Tak’s leg. Suddenly Hae Ju receives a message. It was “the rude little boy”.

Being jealous that Hae Ju is telling everything to the boy , Dong Tak is replying to the boy’s message. Without knowing that the rude boy is Mul, Dong Tak tells the boy to stop talking with Hae Ju and study more. The messages Dong Tak send were send from Hae Ju’s phone so Mul things that he is talking with Hae Ju.

Dong Ju and Dong Won are sick. Mul came to see them. The twins are in the school’s medical cabinet. They are not feeling good because of all the thing that they are finding out about them and Dong Hui.

Mul speaks on Dong Hui’s behalf and asks Dong Won and Dong Ju to forgive Dong Hui, especially now when Dong Hui needs them.

From outside, Ma Ri heard Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju talking. She knows that Dong Hui is feeling down after finding out that Young Chun is his birth mother. She wants to send him a message. But suddenly, Ma Ri hears Dong Hui’s voice from behind her. Dong Hui came to bring medicine for Dong Ju and vitamin for Dong Won. He is sure that Dong Won is faking being sick just so he won’t have to go to class.

After giving Ma Ri the medicine for Dong Wan and Dong Ju, Dong Hui leaves. But Ma Ri stops him. She wants to make Dong Hui to feel better. Ma Ri takes Dong Hui to her office and give him chocolate.

Arriving home, Dong Hui sees Woo Jin in front of his house. Woo Jin is scared to go in. When he sees Dong Hui, Woo Jin starts defending himself saying that he came to check on grandfather, not to see Dong Ok. They went inside, and Dong Hui is showing Woo Jin were Dong Ok’s room is.

After checking on grandfather, Woo Jin went to see Dong Ok.

Hae Won helped an older man get away from some money lenders. She took the man with her. In the night Hae Won took the man shopping, because the man couldn’t go home empty handed. Hae Won paid for everything that man wanted to buy and then she send him home.

Home, Dong Hui hears Dong Won and Dong Ju asking Young Chun about their mother. He intervenes and tells the twins that their mother was a great woman, the she didn’t abandon them. Dong Hui told Dong Won and Dong Ju that he did something wrong and that is why their mother left.

Dong Hui is dragging Young Chun out. He wants to kick her out of the house. Suddenly a man asks them if they know where the Kang twins restaurant is. It’s the same man that Hae Won helped.

When she sees that man, Young Chun grabs Dong Hui’s hand. She is about to faint.

Dong Seok arrived too. The man asks him the same question. Before Dong Seok got the chance to answer that man’s question, Dong Tak arrived. The moment he saw the man, Dong Tak recognized him. The old man that Hae Won helped is Dong Tak’s, Dong Ok’s, Dong Seok’s and Dong Hui’s father.

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