Hotel King Ep 17 ~Mo Ne:”He’s your father.”

Jae Wan received a phone call from the police station. He went to see Lee Joong Goo. None of his allies answer his phone now so the only person Lee Joong Goo has is Jae Wan.

Jae Wan brought with him the paternity test that shows that he and Lee Joong Goo are father and son. Lee Joong Goo raped Baek Mi Yeon and Jae Wan was the result of it. So, out of anger, Baek Mi Yeon denied always that Jae Wan is Lee Joong Goo’s son.

Lee Joong Goo needs Jae Wan now, but Jae Wan won’t help him. Jae Wan only wants to know since when did Lee Joong Goo knew and why did he treated him like that all this years.

Now that Lee Joong Goo is gone the one that is messing with Ciel Hotel is Baek Mi Nyeo. She is using Lee Joong Goo’s arrest to cancel a concert that was supposed to be at Ciel.

Jae Wan is preparing countermeasures with the team leaders. But Mo Ne wants to help. She goes to Song Chae Kyung. The father of the singer who was supposed to have a concert at Ciel is working for Chae Kyung. Mo Ne needs Chae Kyung to get her a meeting with that person.

Back to her office, Mo Ne received a note from Lee Joong Goo. In that note Lee Joong Goo was saying to Mo Ne that he wants to confess everything, but he is worried about Jae Wan because Jae Wan is the one that did all the dirty work for him. Also Lee Joong Goo said that he needs to tell her something so she needs to visit him that day.

Mo Ne and Baek Mi Nyeo are following the singer around Ciel. They need to convince him to hold the concert. Manager Baek and Mo Ne went to the golf course after him and then to the restaurant he was eating. At the restaurant, manager Baek asked Mo Ne to leave for a moment, then he kneeled, she took out a newspaper and threatened the singer. Threatened, the singer accepted to hold the concert at Ciel.

Later the police called Mo Ne. Lee Joong Goo insist to talk with her. So Mo Ne went to see Lee Joong Goo.

He told Mo Ne that Jae Wan is his son. Lee Joong Goo even showed Mo Ne the paternity test that shows that Lee Joong Goo and Cha Jae Wan are father and son. Then, Lee Joong Goo took a USB and told Mo Ne that the USB he is holding was found by Jae Wan in the boat from Mo Ne’s garden. Lee Joong Goo told Mo Ne that the USB was left in the boat by her father, and when Jae Wan found it took it and hide it from her.

Le Joong Goo told all of that to Mo Ne so that she will get him out of prison. If she will not get him out, he will make sure that Jae Wan will be arrested too.

Jae Wan is having a meeting with Cha Su Ahn, Hong Joon, Park Do Jin and Yoo Joon Sung. They need to prepare the hotel for the concert.

Mo Ne enters the meeting room. She knows what fans like so she tells the team leaders to prepare gifts for the fans. The fans rooms will be filled with pictures and cushion of their favorite singer.

Mo Ne’s idea was good, but she is acting strange. Mo Ne is cold towards Jae Wan.

The singer’s staff in installing their equipment at Ciel for the concert . Someone found a microphone and gave it to Jae Wan. He now knows that manager Baek installed microphones all over Ciel. Jae Wan goes to his office and search. He found several microphones in his office too.

He goes to manager Baek’s office, but she wasn’t there. At her office, Jae Wan met Roman Lee.

After the meeting with Roman, Jae Wan goes back to his office. While holding the microphone, he calls someone and tells that person to meet him at 7 o’clock because Roman Lee is disturbing him. Hearing that Jae Wan will meet someone to discuss how to get rid of Roman Lee, Baek Mi Nyeo get up and goes to the place where Jae Wan will meet the person from the phone.

Lee Joong Goo is free. He calls Jae Wan to tell him that he got released. Jae Wan is shocked. He can’t understand how this happened.

Roman Lee was the one that released Lee Joong Goo. Roman takes Lee Joong Goo to meet someone. They go on an empty field.

Roman Lee:” I brought him with me mother.”

After knowing the Baek Mi Nyeo is Roman Lee’s mother, Lee Joong Goo gets on his knees and asks her to save him.

Knowing that Lee Joong Goo is out, Jae Wan goes furious to ask Mo Ne why did she help releasing Lee Joong Goo.

Jae Wan and Mo Ne went to talk to a quiet place. They went to the beach.

Jae Wan:”You forgot what kind of a person Lee Joong Goo is!”

Mo Ne:”He’s your father.”

Mo Ne fired Jae Wan and left back to the hotel.

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