“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 9 ~Tian Xing:”You like Xiao Lu and you won’t even give me a chance. “

It’s morning at Oz Advertising. Everyone is ready to begin a new day. Tao Zi is back to normal. She doesn’t want to cry for Xiao Lu anymore. She thinks that if Xiao Lu will come back to her, he has to see her happy.

But…Tian Xing came to Oz that morning. He brought breakfast for everyone and also he invited everyone in Oz to dinner. He intends to make Oz partner with Tian Ji Advertising. To make Tao Zi fall in love with him, Tian Xing needs to be close to her.

Everyone is at the restaurant. The moment Tao Zi entered the room, Tian Xing grabbed her hand and sited her next to him. The whole night Tian Xiang paid attention just to Tao Zi. He just looked at her, gave her food, like there were just the two of them in the room, on a date.

When time to gom home came, Tian Xing took Tao Zi by her hand and put her in his car. He will take her home, even if she doesn’t like it.

In the car, Tao Zi kept saying that she wants to get down. That she wants to go home. And that she wants Tian Xing to stop making decisions for her.

Tian Xing:” You’ll definitely like this decision I made for you.”

They have arrived. The place where Tao Zi can get some rest, the place Tian Xing took her was her house. He wants to go in with her. Even if Tao Zi’s mother will cut him in half, Tian Xing wants Tao Zi’s family to know that he sincerely likes her. But Tao Zi insisted that he will not enter because she can’t return his feelings.

After Tao Zi entered the house, her mother appeared. She took Tian Xing with her to have a conversation.

Tao Zi’s mother asked Tian Xing to talk with her because she thinks that Tian Xing is messing with Tao Zi because he wants to take over Oz. Tian Xing takes advantage of this meeting and tells Tao Zi’s mother that he likes her daughter.

Tian Xing:”I like her.”

Tao Zi’s mother can’t believe what she is hearing so she asks Tian Xing what does he likes about Tao Zi. And she is satisfied by the answer that Tian Xing gives her. But Tao Zi like Xiao Lu and Tao Zi’s family likes Xiao Lu too.

Tian Xing:” So can I go to your home to see her next time?”

Tao Zi’s mother:” No way! Because she likes Xiao Lu! We like Xiao Lu a lot as well.”

Before leaving Tao Zi’s mother tells Tian Xing that if he wants Tao Zi to like him back he first needs to start from the heart.

Back home, Tao Zi’s mother goes into Tao Zi’s room to talk to her.

Tao Zi’s mother:”Do you like Lu Tian Xing?”

Tao Zi:” The one I like is Xiao Lu.”

From Miao Miao, Tao Zi’s mother found out that Tian Xing is treating Tao Zi really well. So she told Tao Zi that she will accept whoever her daughter like.

Could it be that Tao Zi like’s Tian Xing,too? When her mother asked her if she likes Tian Xing she didn’t denied. She just said that she likes Xiao Lu.

The next morning, Tian Xing came again to Oz. This time he brought coffee for everyone. After giving everyone their coffee Tian Xing follows around Tao Zi. If she is working at her desk he comes and reads what she is doing. If she is working on the balcony, Tian Xing sits next to her. If she has lunch, Tian Xing eats her green onions.

Even if Tao Zi likes Xiao Lu so much, she doesn’t seem to dislike that much Tian Xing being around her all day.

At night, Tao Zi remembered Xiao Lu and started to cry. Tian Xing came next to her. He told her that Lance asked him if he likes Oz because of Tao Zi. And that his answer was that he likes both Oz and Tao Zi.

Since Tao Zi can’t stop crying, Tao Zi and Tian Xing start arguing.

Tian Xing is jealous of his other self, Xiao Lu.

Because Tian Xing doesn’t answer her calls, Huan Huan came to Oz to wait for him. Also Wang Ting Wei came to Oz to participate at the filming.

When Tian Xing came to Oz and saw Huan Huan he got really mad. He took Tao Zi out and they started to argue.

Tao Zi:”She really likes you. Even if you don’t like her, you can’t be like this.”

Tian Xing:”You like Xiao Lu and you won’t even give me a chance. Do you think I’m not upset?”

Remembering Xiao Lu, Tao Zi runs away from Tian Xing. It started to rain and Tian Xing is trying to get her pout of rain. But Tao Zi refuses and runs away. After crossing the street Tao Zi fainted. Tian Xing runs to her.

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