“Border” ep 8 ~Ishikawa:”Come out Araki. Come out and tell me who killed you.”

A hurt man is walking on the street. Suddenly he stops and looks behind him. He sees someone holding a gun. The man with the gun shots and kills the hurt man.

The dead man:” My name is Hideo Araki. Someone killed me to keep me quiet.”

The killer shot Araki in the head and took the bullet with him.

On their way to the crime scene, Ishikawa falls asleep. He dreams about being shot in the head and wakes up scared. Tachibana is next to him in the car. Seeing that he has those dreams of being shot, Tachibana advices Ishikawa to do the surgery and remove the bullet from his head. After all life is longer then we thing.

Ishikawa:”You’re actually a really nice guy.”

Araki was a former police officer. He injured his knee and had to give up his job.

Mika is at the crime scene too. She is checking the body. After she finishes, Mika tells Ishikawa, Tachibana and Ichikura the cause of dead. Araki died because of the gun shot.

Suddenly she looks and the three officers and asks them if they don’t think is similar. Araki was shot and killed that same way Ishikawa was shot.

Ichikura and Tachibana leave. Ishikawa tells Mika that he wants to talk about this case more with her later then he follows his coworkers. On his way to reach Tachibana and Ichikura, Ishikawa saw Araki. He wants to go to Araki and ask him what happened, but he realizes that Mika is looking at him.

At the morgue, Mika is checking the body again. Suddenly Ishikawa sees Araki’s spirit. Looking at Ishikawa, Mika sees him looking behind her. But it was nothing there.

Later in her office, Mika and Ishikawa talk about the coincidences about Araki’s death and the officer that died the night Ishikawa was shot. They suspect that it was the same killer. But their only evidence is the bullet from Ishikawa’s head.

Tachibana and Ishikawa talked with Araki’s wife. After that they go to investigate more. Araki appears and Ishikawa wants to talk with him. Ishikawa told Tachibana to go ahead because he needs to use the bathroom. But Ishikawa can’t get rid of Tachibana. He goes to the toilet too.

Leaving the station someone calls Tachibana. That is Ishikawa’s moment. He looks for Araki, but Araki didn’t come to him.

Ishikawa:”Come out Araki. Come out and tell me who killed you.”

Ishikawa need more information. The only way he can get the answers he wants is to see Akai. He goes to Akai and discovered that the officer that was killed the night he got shot and Araki were both part of the same team. The two of them and three others worked on a case ten years ago. Akai told Ishikawa the name of the third police officer from the team from ten years ago.

Ishikawa goes to see Sakai. Ishikawa asks Sakai how shot him. But he had to give up for that night. During Ishikawa and Sakai’s fight two young people appeared.

After Ishikawa left, Sakai was killed. When he was called at the crime scene and saw Sakai, Ishikawa was flustered. He was just with Sakai. Also the young boy and girl that saw him fighting Sakai are talking with the police officers.

From the crime scene, Ishikawa went to see the hackers. They keep tracks of the newspaper articles that don’t appear in the newspaper. When he saw something on the records, Ishikawa is shocked.

Then Ishikawa goes to his boss, Ichikura. He asks Ichikura were did he worked before transferring to the division his working now. Ishikawa said he wants to know because he is curious. He wants to know more about Ichikura now that he decided to get the surgery done.

Ishikawa meets Suzuki and asks him to find a place where nobody will hear what is happening inside. Then Ishikawa goes to Tachibana and asks him if he trust him.

Ishikawa:”Do you trust me?”

Then Ishikawa goes to tell the police director that in 4 days he will do the surgery and get the bullet out.

That night Ishikawa goes somewhere. Ichikura and the director followed him. Both, Ichikura and the director, where in the same team with Ueda, Akai and Sakai ten years ago.

Ishikawa:”Why did you follow me here? To kill me?”

While Ishikawa was asking Ichikura and the director why are they there, Sakai appeared.

Ishikawa:”And you finally come out now…Who shot me?”

Sakai told Ishikawa that the one that shot him the night that Ueda died was the director. Ishikawa, angry takes the director’s gun and threatens him with killing if he does not confess.

The director confessed it all.

The director thought that even if he confessed, Ishikawa can’t do anything to him, since he doesn’t have any evidence. But Ishikawa doesn’t need evidence. While the director was confessing to Ishikawa what he did, Tachibana was recording everything.

When Ishikawa put the director in the police car, Tachibana asked Ichikura if he also heard Ishikawa talking to someone inside.

Tachibana:”Before he was talking about someone “finally coming out” or something. It was weird. Did you hear it? He’s done it a few times up until now. You don’t think that the bullet in his head might be affecting him?”

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