Hotel King Ep 18 ~Jae Wan:”Would you like me just to call you father?”

On the beach, Jae Wan is thinking at all the thinks Mo Ne said to him. He remembers her telling him “ I love you”, “marry me”, “ I’ll protect you”, “I trust you” and “ I’m not going anywhere”. But today, after she found out that Lee Joong Goo is Jae Wan’s father, Mo Ne said that she doesn’t want to see him again.

Mo Ne:” Let’s not see each other again.”

Returned home, Jae Wan is sick. He has a high fever. In front of his house, Chae Kyung was waiting for him. She came to see if he is okay after hearing that Jae Wan was fired.

Chae Kyung follows Jae Wan inside. She wants to take him to a hospital, but Jae Wan refuses.

Angry, Chae Kyung goes to Mo Ne’s house. She asked Mo Ne to take care of Jae Wan. After all is Mo Ne’s fault that Jae Wan’s is sick. But Mo Ne doesn’t want to. Mo Ne told Chae Kyung that if she is so worried about Jae Wan , then she should take care of him.

Chae Kyung goes back to Jae Wan’s house and she takes care of him the whole night.

The next day, at the hotel, Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon and Park Do Jin stop Mo Ne on Ciel hallway. They want Mo Ne to reconsider her decision of firing Jae Wan. They need Jae Wan and Ciel Hotel needs Jae Wan. But Mo Ne doesn’t want to change her decision. So she asks the three team leaders and also Cha Su Ahn to decide if they still want to work for Ciel without Jae Wan or not.

The singer who is holding a concert at Ciel has arrived. Mo Ne is waiting for him in front of the hotel. As soon as he arrives the singer asks for Jae Wan. He heard from his stuff that the General Manager from Ciel gave them a hard time. So the singer is interested in meeting the perfectionist Cha Jae Wan.

When Mo Ne was with the singer, Cha Su Ahn saw a reporter taking pictures of them. She stops him. But the reporter didn’t come to Ciel to look for the singer. He came to see Cha Jae Wan.

Cha Su Ahn is taking the reporter to Jae Wan’s office. The reporter came to make a deal with Jae Wan. For now Jae Wan brought a video from that reporter. It’s a video about the night that Mo Ne’s father died. That night someone was with Chairman Ah in his office.

At night, Mo Ne arrives home. At her house, Jae Wan was waiting for her. He grabs her hand and puts Chairman Ah’s watch of Mo Ne’s wrist. Then Jae Wan gave her few advices about what she should do to revenge her father.

The singer is holding the last rehearsal before the concert. Jae Wan and Mo Ne are supervising the rehearsal. Suddenly something goes wrong. There is a problem with the electric system. The whole equipment is ruined. The moment Jae Wan looks around, he saw Baek Mi Nyeo. She is the one that ruined the concert.

Later, Jae Wan goes to apologize to the singer. Sun Woo Hyun came too. Mo Ne enters the singer room and kneels down. She wants to apologize to the singer and his fans for the problems.

Leaving the singer’s room, Sun Woo Hyun follows Mo Ne. He’s trying to comfort her.

Remembering that he saw Baek Mi Nyeo at the concert hall, Jae Wan goes to her office. Looking around, he found Baek Mi Nyeo secret room. Suddenly he received a text. It was from Baek Mi Nyeo. She saw him looking around her office and secret room and texted him to put everyting in order.

Baek Mi Nyeo is with Roman. Seeing who his mother is treating Jae Won, Roman is curious. Nobody is so rude with Baek Mi Nyeo as Jae Wan is and she is letting him be.

Maybe she feels, deep inside, that Jae Wan is her son. The son that she things is dead.

Jae Wan is getting ready to go to work. Yoo Joon Sung calls him. They found the problem from the electric system.

Because he doesn’t want Mo Ne to go to the hotel, Jae Wan calls Cha Su Ahn and asks her to don’t let Mo Ne come near the hotel. After being driven all over the town, Mo Ne asks Cha Su Ahn if it was Jae Wan the one that told her to do that.

Receiving a phone call from Baek Mi Nyeo, Mo Ne found out what is going on at the hotel. She enters furious into Jae Wan’s office.

Mo Ne thinks that it was Lee Joong Goo the one that played with the electric system. But Jae Wan tells her the truth. It was Baek Mi Nyeo.

Go San, Jang Ho Il , Sun Woo Hyun, Jin Jung Hyun and Yoon Da Jung are reading the news about the incident with the concert. There are too many scandals around Ciel Hotel now.

All of a sudden, Da Jung is calling Woo Hyun “oppa”. She sees Woo Hyun with better eyes since she found out that he is rich.

Hearing Da Jung calling Woo Hyun “oppa”, Jin Jung Hyun gets jealous and starts making fun of her.

Jae Wan goes to see Lee Joong Goo. He asks Lee Joong Goo if Baek Mi Nyeo had something to do with his release. Jae Wan is threatening Lee Joong Goo with telling Da Bae and her mother that he is Lee Joong Goo’s son if he will join hands with Baek Mi Nyeo. But Lee Joong Goo is a little upset when Jae Wan calls him by his name.

Jae Wan:” Since you resigned as vice chairman…I don’t know what else to call you. Or…would you like me just to call you father?”

Going home, Jae Wan received a phone call. It was the man who Jae Wan paid to restore the video from the night chairman Ah died.

Jae Wan hurries there and found the there was a woman with chairman Ah the night he died. The image is not clear, but Jae Wan remembers seeing the necklace that the woman in the video is wearing. It the same necklace Jae Wan saw in Baek Mi Nyeo secret room.

Knowing all the things that Baek Mi Nyeo did, Jae Wan goes to her. He drags Baek Mi Nyeo to his car and drives away. Roman saw Jae Wan leaving with his mother and followed them.

Jae Wan and Roman are racing on the highway. Baek Mi Nyeo starts to feel sick. Something must have happened to her and now she is scared to be in a car that is racing.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Stop toying with me. Stop the car.”

Jae Wan:” You seem to be human too…since there’s something you’re scared of.”

Seeing Baek Mi Nyeo having a crisis, Jae Wan stops the car. Roman arrived too.

Roman and Jae Wan are fighting.

Roman:” If you harass…my mother one more time…I’ll kill you.”

Jae Wan:” Too bad…I’m planning on finding out the truth about you two.”

Baek Mi Nyeo called an executives meeting. Mo Ne wasn’t informed.

Jae Wan found out about the meeting and takes Mo Ne there. The two of them rushed into the meeting room.

When she saw Mo Ne and Jae Wan, Baek Mi Nyeo looked into Mo Ne’s eyes and said that she accepts the dismissal of chairwoman Ah Mo Ne.

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