“Border” ep 9 ~” Welcome to the other side.” Final episode!

Hiroshi Amakawa is shopping with his mother. He sees a toy that he wants, but his mother doesn’t want to buy it for him.

Hiroshi goes to the bathroom. There Hiroshi meets a man that has the toy that he wants. The man said to Hiroshi that he has toys like that in his car and if Hiroshi wants one he should follow him to his car. Without thinking, Hiroshi follows that man to his car. When he gets to the car the man takes Hiroshi into his car and puts a mask on Hiroshi and anaesthetized Hiroshi.

Hiroshi’s mother realizes that the boy in missing and asks help from the mall’s patrol officer. But it is too late. The man took Hiroshi away.

The next day, Hiroshi’s body was found in a park, about 40 kilometers away from the place he was kidnapped.

Mika checked the body. Hiroshi was choked. The only mark found on Hiroshi’s body was a small point on his throat. The man who kidnapped Hiroshi must have rested a stick or his thumb on the boy’s throat and applied pressure to break the bone.

When Ishikawa was leaving, Hiroshi appeared to him. But since Mika was next to him, Ishikawa couldn’t talk to the boy.

Ishikawa, Tachibana and the rest of their team went to check around the mall were Hiroshi was kidnapped. In the parking lot, Ishikawa sees Hiroshi and goes to him.

Hiroshi told Ishikawa that the man who killed him is a man from the toy store. That man told Hiroshi to follow him so Hiroshi did follow him even if his mother told him to never follow strangers. Also Hiroshi told Ishikawa that the man that killed him looked like a good person and smiled at him.

Mika and the other coroners checked the body at the morgue. Hiroshi had an “A” on his chest.

She told the officers that the killer drew the letter “A” with his own saliva. Even if the killer used his own saliva, the coroners can’t check the DNA or check the blood type.

When someone caries a body, the DNA of the killer gets stuck on the victim, but on Hiroshi’s body, Mika didn’t find any of the killers DNA.

For more information, Ishikawa went to the two hackers. They told Ishikawa that there are two toy store in that mall, but only one of them sell toys that Hiroshi likes and also that store received a command to deliver some toys an hour before Hiroshi’s disappearance.

Before leaving, Ishikawa wants to pay the hackers, but they don’t want money this time.

Hackers:” We don’t need it this time. Just make sure that you catch the killer.”

Ishikawa:” I’ll definitely catch him.”

Ishikawa went to the toy store company. The delivery was made by one of their employees. But the employee resigned without notice. Looking around, Ishikawa found that employee’s cup. He took it and gave it to Mika.

The DNA from that cup was from a non-secretor blood type person, just like Hiroshi’s killer.

Ishikawa wants to leave. Mika stops him. She asks Ishikawa if he sees things, if he sees dead people. And if he is, than the bullet from his head is to blame and he could he emotionally damaged by that.

Ishikawa said that he just wants to focus on this case. When this case is finished then he will tell Mika.

Later, Ishikawa went to talk with the ex employee of the toy store. When that man left, Hiroshi appeared. The moment that man passed besides Hiroshi, the boy got scared. Seeing Hiroshi scared, Ishikawa is sure. He found the killer. But he need proves.

Ishikawa went to Hiroshi’s home. From the boy’s room, Ishikawa took some hair left on Hiroshi’s blanket. Then Ishikawa called Suzuki. He needs Suzuki to place Hiroshi’s hair into the killer’s house. When Ishikawa wanted to pay Suzuki, that one said the same thing the hackers said.

Suzuki:” I don’t need it this time. I wok in the underworld, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know a good cause when I see one.”

Suzuki did his job. But he didn’t know that the killer put scotch tape on his door. When the killer arrived home, he realized that someone was in his house.

The next morning, Ishikawa was waiting for the killer. Ishikawa grabbed the killer by his collar. Then Ishikawa hurt his head by hitting himself to the wall. He needed a reason to arrest the killer.

Ishikawa:” I’m arresting you for obstructing of an officer.”

A search warrant is out. Ishikura and Tachibana searched the killer’s house, but they couldn’t find anything. After he saw that the scotch tape was missing, the killer must have cleaned his house.

Upset, Ishikawa goes to the killer.

Ishikawa:”You’re the killer, aren’t you?”

The killer confessed that he killed Hiroshi. Also he said that Ishikawa can’t arrest him because there is no evidence.

The killer believes that he taught a lesson to the parents of Japan who leaves their children alone in the stores.

The killer:” There wouldn’t be light without darkness.”

The letter “A” from Hiroshi’s body was the killer’s mark. The letter is from his name, Ando. And he plans on using it as his mark for the next crimes.

Needing help to catch the killer, Ishikawa went to Akai.

Ishikawa:” Do you think that “perfect evil” exists?”

Akai answers to Ishikawa that it should exist “ perfect evil”. And that the only way to defeat the “perfect evil” Ishikawa has to use the “perfect justice”.

To catch Hiroshi’s killer, Ishikawa doesn’t have to get anxious. He has to wait patiently for his opponent to make a mistake. Meantime Ishikawa will have to find other resourceful ideas.

After talking to Akai, Ishikawa realizes that the fact that he was shot and he resurrected was his fate and he needs to obey it.

Tachibana can’t find Ishikawa so he calls Mika. She knows where she could find Ishikawa. He went to Hiroshi’s funeral.

At the funeral, Hiroshi appeared and talked to Ishikawa.

Hiroshi:” Thank you!”

Suddenly Ishikawa runs away.

Ishikawa runs to Ando’s house. He drags Ando to the edge of the roof. Then Ishikawa tells Ando to confess that he killed Hiroshi if he doesn’t want to die. In return Ando said that the difference between them is that he can kill in the evil’s name, but Ishikawa can’t kill in the name of justice.

Ishikawa couldn’t control himself and without realizing he pushed Ando over. Then Ando’s spirit appeared to Ishikawa.

Ando:” Welcome to the other side.”

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2 Responses to “Border” ep 9 ~” Welcome to the other side.” Final episode!

  1. jolee12 says:

    This was epic. “Welcome to the other” – the most perfect end line – *TEAR*

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