“Wonderful Days” ep 27~Dong Hui:”I feel really awful right now and I’m out of chocolate. “

Kang Tae Seop, the Kang sibling’s father returned, but So Shim and his father refuse to let him in the house.

Young Chun introduces Dong Hui to his father.

Mul is meeting Hae Ju, his father girlfriend and realizes who she is.

Dong Hui goes to Ma Ri with chocolates.

Tae Seop asks Hae Won to go on a date with his son, Dong Tak.

Episode 27

A strange man asks Dong Hui and Dong Seok where the Kang twins leave. They don’t know who the man is. Suddenly Dong Hui and Dong Seok hear Dong Tak calling the man. The strange man that appeared in front of their house is their father, Kang Tae Seop.

Tae Seop wants to hug Dong Seok, but Dong Seok rejects his father.

Dong Seok:”Why did you come back? We don’t need you anymore. You’ve been dead to us for a long time now.”

Dong Tak goes inside to tell everyone that his father is back. Tae Seop wants to follow Dong Tak inside, but Dong Hui stops him.

Dong Hui:”Do you recognize this woman?”

Tae Seop didn’t recognize Young Chun.

Tae Seop followed Dong Tak. He saw his father’s name on the door and wants to go in. But So Shim blocked to door. So Shim and grandfather don’t want to let Tae Seop in.

Dong Tak and Ssang Ho went out to look for Tae Seop. They find him and bring him to the restaurant. They gave him food. Dong Tak said that he will find a way to bring Dong Ok and the children to meet Tae Seop.

The same time, Young Chun went home. She is upset. Tae Seop was the love of her live and he doesn’t recognize her now.

Dong Hui is lying on a bench. He receives a phone call. It’s Young Chun so he doesn’t answer. Dong Hui puts his hand inside his pocked, but he is out of chocolate. To feel better, Dong Hui calls Guk Su out.

Dong Hui:”I feel really awful right now and I’m out of chocolate. I don’t want to start up trouble. Come and cheer me up.”

The children are having breakfast. Dong Won and Dong Ju didn’t met their grandfather so they ask Mul how Tae Seop looks. Mul saw him the night before and he tells Dong Won and Dong Ju how Tae Seop looks like.

Mul:”He’s eyes are like uncle Dong Hui’s, his nose….like uncle Dong Seok and he has me dad’s mouth.”

Dong Won:”You just drew him out to be a monster!”

Dong Won wishes that the new grandfather will give him presents and money. He wishes that Tae Seop will be like Santa Claus.

Dong Hui comes home. On his way to the house, Dong Hui sees Dong Won and Dong Ju. They are still upset with him for telling them that their mother is death. Dong Hui stops them and hugs them. He said that he will let them go if they say ”see you later, dad.”. But they don’t won’t to say it. Dong Won prefers to stay in Dong Hui’s arms then going to school and Dong Ju is upset with him and won’t say those words.

Dong Ju:” Oh! That’s so low!”

Dong Won:”I’m not saying it. I’m not going to school.”

Dong Hui lets them go. They need to go to school. Dong Won is a little upset because Dong Hui let them go. Dong Won believes that they don’t need to go to school.

When Dong Hui leaves, Dong Ju says that she wants to meet her mother.

Dong Won and Dong Ju will forgive Dong Hui if he allows them to meet their mother.

Home, Dong Hui goes to his room. Inside Young Chun was waiting for him while cleaning the room. When she sees Dong Hui , Young Chun tells him to go and introduce himself to his father. But Dong Hui doesn’t know how to do that. Tae Seop didn’t even recognize Young Chun.

Dong Hui:” Am I really even Mr. Kang Tae Seop’s son?”

Hearing what Dong Hui said, Young Chun goes to the room where Tae Seop is sleeping. She wakes him up and tell him how she is. Then she starts hitting him. Tae Seop runs out and hides behind So Shim

When Young Chun and So Shim were asking Tae Seop to leave, Dong Hui came out. Young Chun told Tae Seop that Dong Hui is his youngest son.

Upset because Young Chun said that she is his mother, Dong Hui drags her out. He only has one mother, Jang So Shim.

Hae Ju is going to meet Dong Tak and his son. In front of the restaurant she meets the rude boy. He is angry with her for those texts the Dong Tak send pretending to be Hae Ju.

The rude biy goes inside. Hae Ju follows him. For the first time Shalala and the rude boy realized who they are. Mul is shocked that Shalala is his father’s girlfriends and Hae Ju is shocked realizing that the rude boy wasn’t Jo Su Ji’s fan, he was Jo Su Ji and Dong Tak’s son.

Mul asks his father to remarry his mother.

Dong Ok is meeting Ma Ri’s friend. Because Ma Ri is busy, Woo Jin came with Dong Ok. Woo Jin and Ma Ri’s friend liked Dong Ok’s clothes and she wants to sell them on her online store.

Later, Woo Jin and Dong Ok went to the park. While they were eating ice cream, some got on Woo Jin’s face. Dong Ok wipe’s it out and Woo Jin get’s up and leaves. Woo Jin was excited.

Because he doesn’t know what to do, Dong Hui called Ma Ri. He went to see her. Dong Ju and Dong Won want to meet their mother and Dong Hui doesn’t know if he should let them or not meet her.

Ma Ri told Dong Hui to let them meet their mother. And if they will get hurt by her, he will be there to take care of them. She tells Dong Hui that Dong Won and Dong Ju could learn from this experience.

Dong Hui brought Ma Ri chocolates this time as payment for her advices.

Dong Hui:”May I come back if I have more questions?”

Ma Ri:” You can ask me anything, whenever!”

Tae Seop is drinking coffee at the restaurant Hae Won is working at. While Tae Seop went to the restroom, Dong Seok came. Dong Seok came to take Hae Won out for dinner. While they talk, Tae Seop came back. Then Dong Tak arrived at the restaurant.

Without knowing that they already know each other, Tae Seop introduces Dong Tak and Dong Seok to Hae Won. Also Tae Seop ask Hae Won to go on a date with Dong Tak.

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