Hotel King Ep 19 ~Roman:” What am I thinking? Hyung is dead!”

Mo Ne and Jae Wan arrived at the hotel. They enter the meeting room and Baek Mi Nyeo tells Mo Ne that she’s been removed from her position as Chairwoman. Now Mo Ne realizes that she trusted the wrong person. She thought that Baek Mi Nyeo was helping her, but manager Baek was stabbing her in the back.

Roman takes out some papers and shows them to Mo Ne. It was a loan contract that supposedly Mo Ne’s father sight a day before his dead.

Jae Wan is taking Mo Ne out and tries to help her. But Mo Ne doesn’t trust him anymore.

Mo Ne called a meeting. She called all the board directors, but nobody came. The only person who came was Baek Mi Nyeo. She came and told Mo Ne that she shouldn’t blame anyone else. The only person who Mo Ne should blame for being deceived is herself. Baek Mi Nyeo told her several times to not trust anybody, but Mo Ne trusted her.

Jae Wan is looking for countermeasures to help Mo Ne. But he can’t do much. Baek Mi Nyeo ordered that nobody is allowed to let Jae Wan in the hotel, since he isn’t the general manager anymore.

In her room, Baek Mi Nyeo is getting ready to be invested as chairwoman. She remembers who Baek Mi Yeon became Baek Mi Nyeo. Jae Wan came in to see Baek Mi Nyeo.

Jae Wan:” I do bite other beasts sometimes when they disturb me.”

The party for Baek Mi Nyeo investiture began. During Baek Mi Nyeo speech, Mo Ne entered the room.

Mo Ne:” The meaning of Ciel is sky. And this is a will of God…who looks down on a horrible person like you.”

Mo Ne starts breaking ice sculptures and everything that is in there. Baek Mi Nyeo’s people drag her out. The employees have seen the scene at TV so Woo Hyun runs to help Mo Ne.

Mo Ne:” Please act like you don’t know me…and pretend that we’re strangers to each other…no actually…consider me…invisible to you.”

Woo Hyun:” You’re invisible to me from now on.”

When she came home, Mo Ne saw people moving her staff. The new chairwoman, Baek Mi Nyeo will be moving to her house.

Trying to take the boxes from the workers hands, Mo Ne drops a box and the frame from the picture with her and her father brakes. Mo Ne starts crying and screaming and hitting herself. Hearing the noise Jae Wan comes out.

Jae Wan:”Sure. You should cry for now…to survive. Mo Ne…don’t take the pain into you , just cry it out.”

After seeing Mo Ne cry like that, Jae Wan went to see Chae Kyung. He needs her help when he will fight against Baek Mi Nyeo.

The next morning Jae Wan is looking for information about Baek Mi Nyeo and Roman Lee. Suddenly he hears noise outside. He goes outside and sees workers moving the swing that he gave to Mo Ne to his house. Than a made came with the cat and told Jae Wan that before leaving Mo Ne asked them to move that thinks to his house.

Surprised that Mo ne left, Jae Wan goes to her house. In Mo Ne’s house, Jae Wan found the note that he gave Mo Ne. She asked him to memorize what he said on that note.

When he goes back to his house, in front of Mo Ne’s house, Jae Wan meets Woo Hyun. Hearing that Mo Ne left, Woo Hyun asks Jae Wan what is he doing. He said that he love Mo Ne, but that he turned a cold shoulder against her.

Since she left her house, Mo Ne went to the pension she was with Jae Wan. Someone came to look for her. It’s Jae Wan. He knew that he could find her there.

Mo Ne:”Are you going back to the States now?”

Jae Wan:”If I go would you go with me?”

Jae Wan asked Mo Ne to go with him in the states and forget about Lee Joong Goo, Baek Mi Nyeo and the hotel. But Mo Ne can’t forget. If she would have hurt her brain, not her hart, would have been easier for her to take Jae Wan’s hand and go with him.

Jae Wan needs to remain as General Manager at the hotel. For that he goes to Roman Lee. From now on Roman Lee is managing the hotel. Roman is at a private sauna. Jae Wan is going in. he tells Roman that he wants to be general manager of Hotel Ciel. Roman refuses.

Both Roman and Jae Wan stay in the sauna. But neither of them turns their back to the other. If they would turn, they would see the tattoo that each of them has on their back.

Jae Wan is changing his clothes. When he takes out his shirt, Roman gets out of the shower. Roman sees Jae Wan’s tattoo. Roman is shocked to see Jae Wan’s back. On his back Jae Wan has a tattoo that symbolizes wings.

Roman leaves shocked. He remembers Jaden.

Roman:” What am I thinking? Hyung is dead!”

Jae Wan follows him.

Jae Wan:” Are you alright, director Lee? Would you like me to take you to the hospital?”

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