“Wonderful Days” ep 28~ Dong Hui:” Is it okay for a teacher to dress up like that?”

Tae Seop is happy to know that Hae Won is dating Dong Seok.

Dong Won and Dong Ju insists on knowing their mother. Dong Hui calls Ma Ri to ask her what should he do.

Episode 28

Hae Won is meeting Tae Seop at the restaurant. Dong Seok comes to take Hae Won for dinner and he is surprised to see her with his father. Then Dong Tak enters. Tae Seop called Dong Tak.

Not knowing that Hae Won and Dong Seok know each other, Tae Seop called Dong Tak to introduce him to Hae Won. Tae Seop likes Hae Won and he wants her to marry Dong Tak. When his father ask him to go on a date with Hae Won, Dong Tak tells Tae Seop that he can’t do that because Hae Won and Dong Seok are seeing each other and they almost got married.

Dong Seok wants to take Hae Won away, but Tae Seop stops him. So Dong Seok goes outside and waits for Hae Won. While Dong Tak tries to convince Dong Seok to enter the restaurant and have dinner with them, Tae Seop asks Hae Won why did she break up with Dong Seok. Tae Seop believes that Hae Won dumped Dong Seok because he has a father like Tae Seop.

Home Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik are trying to convince So Shim to let Tae Seop in the house. They let him sleep in their room, but the room is too small for the three of them. When Young Chun comes in, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik became suspicious of her. Young Chun doesn’t have a face who is easy to forget so how could their brother not remember her. She doesn’t understand what they mean. But Dong Hui, who was just passing by, understood. The uncles are suspicious. They believe that Young Chun lied to them and Dong Hui isn’t their brother’s son.

Dong Hui:” Did you really have Kang Tae Seop’s son or did you deceived them with someone else’s son?”

Dong Hui also became suspicious. Young Chun didn’t showed a paternity test so how could So Shim just take him in without any evidence.

After Dong Hui left, So Shim gets angry with Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik. Then she goes into the kitchen. Young Chun goes after her and hugs her.

Dong Tak is taking Tae Seop, who is drunk, home. On their way they meet Dong Hui.

Dong Hui:” Mister! What kind of life have you been living? How can you bring trouble for so many people?”

Dong Hui threatens Tae Seop. If Tae Seop will hurt So Shim, Dong Hui will make him pay.

After Dong Tak and Tae Seop left, Dong Hui called Jeong Ah. Dong Won and Dong Ju want to see her, but she doesn’t answer her phone.

Home Tae Seop asks So Shim to came out because he needs to tell her something. When So Shim came out, Tae Seop lied that he is terminal ill to enter in her room. But Young Chun and So Shim don’t believe him.

So Shim:” You put an end to our relationship that day.”

Hearing So Shim talking about “that day” everyone is curious about what happened then. But Tae Seop and So Shim don’t say a word.

Arriving home, Dong Seok finds Dong Hui on the bench in front of the shop next to their house. Dong Seok tells Dong Hui to go inside, but Dong Hui doesn’t want to.

Dong Hui :”I feel comfortable here.”

Dong Seok sits next to Dong Hui and the bench. It’s better there then going home.

In the morning, the shop owner and Young Chun waked them up. Dong Seok and Dong Hui fell asleep on the bench.

Young Chun sends them inside the house, breakfast is ready. But Dong Hui and Dong Seok don’t enter the house. They both go to have breakfast together in a restaurant.

The family is having breakfast. Tae Seop wants to eat with them, but So Shim doesn’t let him. Ssang Ho prepared Tae Seop breakfast, but Tae Seop wants to eat So Shim’s food.

Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik tries to convince Tae Seop to eat what Ssang Ho made before So Shim will get mad. Upset because So Shim doesn’t accept him, Tae Seop leaves to have breakfast outside.

On the street Tae Seop sees the loan lenders that where following him. While he was running from them, Tae Seop sees Dong Hui and Dong Seok coming. He runs to them and tells the loan lenders that they are his sons, and that Dong Seok is a prosecutor.

Loan lenders:” Do you know him?”

Dong Hui:”I don’t know him at all.”

Dong Seok:”Must I answer?”

Dong Seok and Dong Hui leaves Tae Seop with the loan lenders. When they saw the loan lenders taking Tae Seop, Dong Seok feels sorry.

Dong Hui:” Fine. You’re his son so go help him. I’m not sure if I’m his son, so I’m leaving.”

After helping Tae Seop, Dong Seok asks his father how much money does he wants to leave them alone.

Dong Hui and Guk Su are eating in Dong Hui’s room. They went looking for jobs but they couldn’t get one. While they were eating, Dong Won and Dong Ju come in. they want Dong Hui to call their mother in front of them or to give them their mother’s phone number.

Because the twins don’t give up, Dong Hui calls Jeong Ah. She answered and told Dong Hui that she will never meet Dong Won and Dong Ju so he should stop calling her. But Dong Hui told Dong Won and Dong Ju that their mother said that she is in America and she can’t talk long.

Not knowing what to do, Dong Hui calls Ma Ri out. They meet in a park.

Dong Hui:” Is it okay for a teacher to dress up like that?”

Ma Ri:” I don’t have a tag that says I’m a teacher.”

Dong Hui tells Ma Ri that he doesn’t know what to do. That Dong Won and Dong Ju want to talk with their mother, but she doesn’t want to talk or see them.

Ma Ri doesn’t want to hurt Dong Won and Dong Ju so she decide to play the role of Dong Won and Dong Ju’s mother on the phone.

Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju are talking about their mothers. Dong Won is upset because he can’t speak English. He thinks that if his mother leaves in America he has to speak in English with her.

Mul:”Has he always been this stupid?”

Dong Ju:” It wasn’t this bad, but I think he’s getting stupider by the day.”

Mul thinks that his mother is better that Dong Won’s and Dong Ju’s. At least his mother calls from times to times, buys him clothes and sends him money.

Dong Ju can’t accept that her mother abandoned her and Dong Won. She thinks that her mother must have had a reason for letting them go.

Dong Tak and his manager, Jo Won, are trying to convince Mul to accept Hae Joo. But Mul doesn’t accept her. Even after Dong Tak tells him that the messages that Mul thinks that Hae Ju send were send by him.

Upset because Mul doesn’t accept Hae Ju, Dong Tak goes to meet Hae Ju. Dong Tak met Hae Ju to break up with her. His son is more important that anything. And Hae Ju knows that.

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