“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 10 ~Tian Xing:”Have I really lost to myself?”

Running away from Lu Tian Xing, Tao Zi fainted in the rain. Worried, Tian Xing takes Tao Zi into his arms and goes to his house.

Tian Xing:” Xiao Lu, stop tormenting Tao Zi.”

Also, Tao Zi’s mother was called. She can’t understand why did Xiao Lu left so abruptly. She can tell that Lu Tian Xing really likes Tao Zi, but Tao Zi loves Xiao Lu.

Because Tao Zi is still unconscious Tian Xing tells Tao Zi’s mother that she should go home and he will send Tao Zi home tomorrow when she wakes up.

Later, in the night, Tian Xing thinks about what he should do. He remembers how happy Tao Zi was when Xiao Lu was around.

Tian Xing:”Have I really lost to myself?”

Tian Xing returns in the room. Tao Zi woke up. He goes to her and tells Tao Zi that she was thinking about Xiao Lu until she fainted. That is way she is at his place.

Tao Zi wants to get up and leave. Tian Xing tries to stop her. He tells her that her mother already was there and it is better for her to sleep at his place that night. In the morning he will take her home. She refuses.

Tao Zi:” Let me go home.”

On her way back home, Tian Xing follows Tao Zi. He is worried. She stops suddenly and tells him that she is thankful for his care, but she wants to be alone.

Tian Xing:”Am I not even qualified to like you? Does Lu Tian Xing mean nothing to you?”

Hearing Tian Xing’s question, Tao Zi turns her head back and tells Tian Xing that he looks a lot like Xiao Lu, but he is not Xiao Lu. Every time she looks at Tian Xin, Tao Zi sees Xiao Lu. Tian Xing is hurt by Tao Zi’s answer.

Tao Zi:”You look a lot like Xiao Lu, but you’re not him.”

Tian Xing:”Fine. Since you want Xiao Lu, I’ll return Xiao Lu back to you.”

Not being able to watch Tao Zi suffer, Tian Xing accepts his defeat and makes Xiao Lu return. He is thinking how can he make Lu Tian Xing disappear and leave his life as Xiao Lu forever. If he will be Xiao Lu forever then he can love Tao Zi.

The same time, Tao Zi is walking the dog, Xu Mi Bao. In the park, Tao Zi remembers Xiao Lu and sends him a message.

Tao Zi:”Xiao Lu, where are you? I miss you very much!”

After sending the message, Tao Zi is surprised. She saw that the messages that she send to Xiao Lu were read. And she receives a message back from Xiao Lu.

Xiao Lu:” I miss you, too!”

While Tao Zi was reading the message from Xiao Lu, Mi Bao ran away. Realizing that she lost Mi Bao, Tao Zi goes to look for him. She stops suddenly. She found the dog. Mi Bao was sitting next to a man. That man is Xiao Lu. He approaches Tao Zi and hugs her.

Xiao Lu:” I’m sorry! I’m back!”

Holding Tao Zi’s hand, Xiao Lu bravely enters her house. Tao Zi’s mother and Miao Miao are upset with him for hurting Tao Zi.

During the conversation, Tao Zi’s mother talks about Lu Tian Xing. She was impressed by his sincerity when Lu Tian Xing told her that he likes Tao Zi. The mother tells Xiao Lu that if Lu Tian Xing will get Tao Zi she will be on Tian Xing side. In the end, Tao Zi’s mother and Xiao Lu made pace. She is giving Xiao Lu another chance.

When he was leaving, Xiao Lu invited Tao Zi to a place with him for two days and one night.

In the morning, Tao Zi and Xiao Lu left for the place where Xiao Lu wanted to take her. It is a special place for him and he wanted to bring a special person there.

At that place Lu Tian Xing spend his last holiday with his parents before they passed away.

The whole day they spend it happily.

Xiao Lu and Tao Zi go in their room. It’s a one bed room. Xiao Lu says that he doesn’t know what happened. He booked a two bed room. Or at least that is what he claims.

They decided that Tao Zi would sleep in the bed and he on the floor. But when Xiao Lu wakes up in the middle of the night, Tao Zi was sleeping next to him, holding his hand.

Tian Xing:”Sorry. I lied to you. But if this lie can make you happy, I am willing to, forever and ever, be your only Xiao Lu.”

Returned to Taipei, Tian Xing receives a message from butler Fu. Tian Xing needs to go and see Huan Huan.

Since she was seven years old, Huan Huan liked Tian Xing. She’s been chasing him, but he only saw her as his little sister. Tian Xing goes to Huan Huan and tells her that she will always be his sister and that he already has someone that he loves, even if that person likes someone else. Huan Huan goes to her room. She locked herself in crying.

Later, when Lance got home, he and Tian Xing went for drinks. They talk about a lot of things. But when Lance tells Tian Xing that he should wake up from his dream, Tian Xing said that he has a reason to continue dreaming. And for that reason he has to leave Taiwan.

A new day has began at Oz. Helen and Wang Ting Wei have come too. Since Wang Ting Wei is allergic to dog fur, Miao Miao is playing with Mi Bao around him. Wang Ting Wei runs away from her, around the office. Miao Miao and Mi Bao follows him. While Miao Miao plays like that, they both fall and kiss each other.

During that time, Leo sees Tao Zi and Xiao Lu coming. He is suspicious and keeps looking at Xiao Lu. Did Leo realized that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing??

At the meeting, Xiao Lu sees that the contract that Helen and Wang Ting Wei brought isn’t the one that Lu Tian Xing send and he calls butler Fu.

After signing the contract, Helen and Wang Ting Wei return to Tian Ji Advertising. On their way a car stops them. From that car Tian Xing come out. He breaks the contract and tells them to go back to Oz with the contract that he made.

Then Tian Xing change back into Xiao Lu and goes back to Oz. But…someone filmed him.

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