Hotel King Ep 20 ~Roman:” Is it really hyung?You were alive?I missed you so much!”

Coming out of the shower, Loman sees Jae Wan’s tattoo, the wings on his back. Surprised, He starts thinking that Jae Wan could be Jaden. Loman runs out, not knowing how to react or what to do. Jae Wan follows him.

Jae Wan:” Are you alright, director Lee? Would you like me to take you to the hospital?”

Loman said he is alright and leaves.

Later Jae Wan asks Baek Mi Nyeo if Loman is alright. Baek Mi Nyeo goes to Loman’s office. He was talking on the phone. Loman was saying to the person from the other side to find someone.

Loman:” 15 years ago, when you came to New York looking for hyung, if by any chance, at that time, if hyung had been living, I wouldn’t have been able to become your son.”

Jae Wan is meeting Song Chae Kyung. She helped him remain at Ciel as general manager. Now she is telling Jae Wan what she found about Baek Mi Nyeo.

She became rich after her husband died. Baek Mi Nyeo’s husband was an arm dealer in Hong Kong.

Mo Ne got a job at Ciel, as maid. She needs to be around Ciel and being a maid she can watch over the hotel closely.

Seeing Baek Mi Nyeo with a VIP client, Mo Ne goes to her and asks Baek Mi Nyeo to let her work at Ciel as a maid. The VIP client knows Mo Ne so Baek Mi Nyeo can’t say no.

As long as she will work as a maid, Mo Ne will use the name Ah Bok Soon. Her father used to call her Bok Soon. The employees are surprised to see her in maid’s clothes. They don’t know how to act around her.

Mo Ne arrived at the employee’s dorm. Seeing Mo Ne arriving Woo Hyun goes out and helps her get her luggage’s inside.

Inside, Mo Ne wants to share a room with other maids, but they refuses politely. The other women employees are uncomfortable to share a room with Mo Ne, since she was their chairwoman. So Mo Ne is using a room, alone. Entering her room, Mo Ne saw a present from Woo Hyun, lunch and rules for people how use the dorm.

Mo Ne was told to clean a room all by herself. So she did so. Later a problem occurred. The lady that uses the room Mo Ne cleaned lost a contract. Maybe Mo Ne threw it away thinking that it was garbage. Now Mo Ne has to look through all the garbage to find the clients papers.

The team leaders, Yoo Joon Sung, Hong Joon and Cha Su Ahn are reporting to Jae Wan about what is going on in the hotel. From Cha Su Ahn, Jae Wan found about the client the lost an important note. Also he found out the Mo Ne is looking for it in trash.

Jae Wan goes to that client room. He asks the client the name of the person that was on that paper and he will look for that person. The client said that she can’t , because is something secret. Looking around the room, Jae Wan saw that the client was getting her pedicure done. To him is seemed suspicious that a person how just lost 80 million is getting her nails done. So he asks Hong Joon to look into it. And Jae Wan discovered that the client lied.

Jae Wan goes to Mo Ne. He hugs her and gets her out of the trash. Mo Ne pushes away from him. While Jae Wan was pulling Mo Ne out, Baek Mi Nyeo came and said that the client found her note under the bed sheet.

Jae Wan makes a phone call. He called someone to say that he is accepting the deal.

Then the journalist that has a video from the night when chairman Ah died came into Baek Mi Nyeo’s office. The journalist is showing the record to Baek Mi Nyeo. She gets angry and smashes the camera. Then she sends the journalist away.

When the journalist was leaving, Roman entered. He seemed surprised to see the smashed camera. While trying to get to the smashed camera, Roman asked Baek Mi Nyeo if she is alright.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Don’t touch it and leave!”

That night, Roman received a phone call. He answered. After talking with the person who called him, Roman realized how Cha Jae Wan is.

Roman:”Hyung? He’s really hyung?”

Shocked, Roman runs to Jae Wan’s house.

Roman:” Hyung? Is it really hyung? You were alive? While you were alive, why did you throw me away and leave? You said we were one…I missed you so much… How I struggled and was is such pain after you left…”

Jae Wan arrived home and found Roman crying in front if his house. He asked Roman why is he there. Roman said that he wanted to have some drinks with Jae Wan that night.

They go inside. While drinking, Roman asked Jae Wan if he ever thinks about the past and his old friends. Jae Wan said that he doesn’t. The past is the past. Then Roman asked Jae Wan if the wings from his back have any particular meaning. Jae Wan, lied to him and said that the wings don’t have any meaning.

Roman:”Why didn’t I recognize him before. He is exactly the same as when he was young.”

Jae Wan is going somewhere. From his car, Jae Wan calls Mo Ne. She is in front of his house. Mo Ne is going to Jae Wan’s house to clean.

Cha Jae Wan tells Mo Ne to stay in the dorm that day. It’s better for her to not meet Baek Mi Nyeo that day. Suddenly Jae Wan hears Mo Ne screaming. He stops the car. But there were two cars following him.

Jae Wan get out of his car and tries to fight the men from the two cars. But he can’t. They let Jae Wan, hurt, full of blood on the road and took with them the USB with the video from the night that chairman Ah died.

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