“Wonderful Days” ep 29~ Hae Won:” If I tried harder, will they forgive me?”

Dong Hui goes to school to practice the script for Dong Won and Dong Ju with Ma Ri. Before Ma Ri’s call, Dong Ju finds her mother’s phone number and calls her.

Dong Seok tells Woo Jin to break up his relationship with Dong Ok. Also Dong Seok gets into a fight with his father after Tae Seop hurt Dong Hui.

Episode 29

Dong Seok is coming home. He sees in front of his family’s house, Hae Won. She came to see if she could build up courage to leave him or not. Hae Won and Dong Seok get back together.

Hae Won:” If I tried harder, will they forgive me?”

While they talk, Tae Seop came. He is happy to see Hae Won. Tae Seop calls So Shim out saying that he brought Hae Won.

Another person who is happy to see Hae Won and Dong Seok back together is the grandfather. So Shim and Dong Seok take Hae Won into grandfather’s room. Meantime So Shim asked Young Chun to keep Tae Seop from entering the main house.

Dong Tak met Hae Ju to break up with her, like Mul asked him to. They met at a bar and they got drunk. In the morning Dong Tak and Hae Ju woke up in a hotel, sleeping next to each other.

When Dong Tak is going home, he finds Mul waiting for him. Mul wanted to know where his father was the whole night and if he broke up with Hae Ju. Dong Tak told Mul that Hae Ju broke up with him first saying that his son in more important that romance.

Hae Ju arrived home too. Her mother was furious. She didn’t sleep the night before because she couldn’t reach Hae Ju.

Dong Seok is eating with his assistant. He hears a voice that he knows and turns around. It was Dong Ok. She was eating at the same restaurant with Woo Jin. Then Dong Seok hears the couple form the next table talking bad about Dong Ok and calling her retarded.

Hearing that couple talking like that about Dong Ok ,Dong Seok tells them to stop and to withdraw the words that they said about his twin sister. Then Dong Seok is talking with Woo Jin. Poor Woo Jin! He just received permission to see Dong Ok from Dong Hui and now he needs to convince another person.

Dong Seok tells Woo Jin basically the same thing that Dong Hui told him. If he is not serious with Dong Ok,he should just leave her alone. Dong Ok is not used to dating and breaking up like any other person.

Dong Won and Dong Ju are going home after school. Dong Ju is curious about something. She sees Guk Su waiting in front of the school for his nephew. They run to Guk Su and Dong Ju ask him what is her mother’s name.

At first, Guk Su avoided eye contact and said that he doesn’t know. But Dong Ju is smart. She knows that Guk Su is lying. She leaves angry. Guk Su calls her and tells her that her mother’s name is Jeong Ah, Seo Jeong Ah.

Dong Won:” I wasn’t really curious.”

After Dong Won and Dong Ju left, Dong Hui came. Seeing Dong Hui, Guk Su leaves in a hurry. He doesn’t know how to face Dong Hui after he told the twins their mother’s name.

Dong Hui didn’t come to school to take the twins. He came to see Ma Ri. That night Ma Ri will call Dong Ju and Dong Won pretending that she is their mother. Dong Hui came to teach her what she should say and how to say it.

The story that Dong Hui is telling Ma Ri to say when she will speak with Dong Ju and Dong Won is putting Dong Hui in a bad position and making Jeong Ah a loving mother. So Ma Ri can’t accept it, because Dong Hui is the one that is raising them so she tell Dong Hui her opinion.

Dong Hui wants to leave. He just wants Ma Ri to say the story that he is telling her without involving herself in. Ma Ri stops him from leaving and she accepts saying the story the way Dong Hui wants.

Later, when Ma Ri returns from bathroom, she sees Dong Hui sleeping in the classroom. She gets close and she looks at sleeping Dong Hui. While she was watching him sleeping, Dong Hui’s eyes starts tearing up. Ma Ri wants to wipe his tears, but Dong Hui wakes up. Because Dong Hui woke up and saw her, Ma Ri begins  hiccupping.

Dong Won and Mul are talking on a bench while having sneaks and cola. Mul is happy that he will visit his mother and that he will leave with his mother from now on. Dong Won wants to go with Mul so he could meet celebrities. But Dong Won can’t understand why Mul has to leave with his mother. Until now he stayed with his father, so why does he want to leave now.

Meanwhile Dong Ju enters Dong Hui’s room. She tells him to go buy her spicy rice cakes and blood sausages. She would go herself, but is really dangerous for her to cross two major streets.

After Dong Hui left, Dong Ju takes his phone and calls Jeong Ah. The conversation didn’t go the way Dong Ju wanted. Now Dong Ju knows that her mother didn’t want them.

Seo Jeong Ah:”Kang Dong Hui, you think I was joking? I told you not to call me! I want to forget you, and I don’t want to see the kids! Why didn’t you put them up for adoption like I told you to? You said you’d raise them so do it!”

It dinner time. Dong Won and Dong Ju come to dinner. Young Chun is asking Dong Ju is she is alright because her eyes looks like she cried.

Dong Won and Dong Ju met Tae Seop. He asked them how is their father and at what age did he have them because he is too young to have kids this big. Young Chun sends the twins to Mul’s room so they won’t be offended by Tae Seop.

Dong Seok brought Hae Won for dinner. When they enter the house, they saw Dong Hui and Tae Seop fighting.

Dong Hui:” I don’t know for sure if we’re related, so why don’t why refrain from talking crap about each other?”

Tae Seop grabs Dong Hui by the collar. Dong Seok intervenes.

Dong Seok:” You don’t have the right to do this to him.”

Tae Seop:” How do you know if he’s really your brother?”

Hurt, Dong Hui leaves. Angry, Dong Seok tells his father that no one wants him there and he should return to the place he came from. Also Dong Seok said that before his father came, Dong Hui and Young Chun where doing just fine.

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