“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 11 ~ Tao Zi:” Should I call you Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing?”

So Lu Tian Xing ripped the contract that Lance told Helen and Wang Ting Wei to bring to Oz. Because Lu Tian Xing can’t bring the new contract himself, since he has to be Xiao Lu, butler Fu comes with it. The new contract is signed.

To celebrate the new contract, which brought Oz 4 new cases, everyone is having dinner at Tao Zi’s home. For those 4 new cases, Oz needs to put a collateral of $8 million. Xiao Lu said that he can give Oz that money. Tao Zi’s father doesn’t want to feel like he is taking Xiao Lu’s money, so he is giving in return 30% of Oz Advertising shares to Xiao Lu. At first Xiao Lu refuses, but both Tao Zi’s mother and father insisted so much that he had to accept.

After everyone left, Tao Zi receives a phone call from Lu Tian Xing. He needs to tell her something and asked Tao Zi to meet him for a moment. When Tao Zi came, Lu Tian Xing told Tao Zi that he asked her to meet him because he wanted to say goodbye. The next morning Lu Tian Xing will leave Taiwan. Tao Zi is affected by the new. She didn’t expect that. But Lu Tian Xing needs to make himself disappear so he can love Tao Zi as Xiao Lu.

Lu Tian Xing:”Tao Le Si, from this moment onward, Lu Tian Xing is disappearing. But Xiao Lu will still be there with you.”

After Tian Xing left, Tao Zi looks at his back. She remembers all the moments she spend with Lu Tian Xing.

Tao Zi:”Thank you, Lu Tian Xing!”

Leo sends Tao Zi, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian to buy lunch. He needed to be left alone with Xiao Lu. Leo sits next to Xiao Lu.

Leo:” Lu Tian Xing, what exactly do you want?”

Leo realized that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing. He wants to know why is Lu Tian Xing at Oz, using a fake identity and what is his motive for doing so.

Lu Tian Xing:” It is because of someone I love.”

Tian Xing tells Leo to not worry, because when he brought back Xiao Lu, Lu Tian Xing disappeared for good.

Leo decided to not tell Tao Zi about Xiao Lu’s real identity. If Tao Zi will find out she will be hurt and all Leo wants is for Tao Zi to be happy. Even if her happiness isn’t him. That’s Leo’s way of loving Tao Zi.

Huan Huan heard Leo and Tian Xing talk. She knows now that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing. She is shocked and hurt. Huan Huan loves Lu Tian Xing since she was seven years old.

Lance is the one that filmed Tian Xing. He now knows that Xiao Lu is Lu Tian Xing. Lance wants Tian Xing to come back to Huan Huan so he sends the film to Tao Zi.

Everyone is working hard at Oz. A delivery came and Xiao Lu signed for it. In a hurry because Mrs. Jing called, Xiao Lu didn’t pay attention and used Tian Xing’s signature.

Tao Zi is watching the film that Lance send. She is shocked. Looking at the delivery note, Tao Zi recognizes the signature. It’s Tian Xing’s signature. She leaves the office. On the balcony Tao Zi realizes that every time Xiao Lu left, using an excuse, Tian Xing appeared. Also she remembers that Tian Xing always knew what was going on at Oz.

Tao Zi sends a message to Tian Xing to meet her. Then she went home and took the doll that Xiao Lu gave heart the amusement park and the picture from her birthday.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi met in front of the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Xiao Lu and confess her feelings and where Tian Xing kissed her.

When Tian Xing arrived, Tao Zi asked him if he remembers that place. Tian Xing said that he remembers. It the restaurant where she was supposed to meet Xiao Lu, but he never showed up. And also he remembers the words that Tao Zi told him that night. But, Tao Zi also remembers what he said to her.

Tao Zi:”That day you took me to the theme park and told me,”I hope that the Tao Le Si from now on will become braver and braver by the day. Make your brother’s dream become your dream and continue on. Never giving up.” You also said that every year from now on, you would help me celebrate my two birthdays.”

When Tao Zi said those words, Tian Xing realized that she knows who Xiao Lu is. The words that Tao Zi said to Tian Xing at that time, were the words Xiao Lu told her on her birthday.

Tao Zi:” Should I call you Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing?”

Feeling betrayed, lied and disappointed, Tao Zi believes that Tian Xing came to Oz using a fake identity, made her fall in love with Xiao Lu and using Xiao Lu’s identity he took 30 % of Oz Advertising shares to take over Oz. Tian Xing has 30 % of Oz’s shares from the time that Tao Zi’s brother died. And added to this 30% that Xiao Lu has now, Tian Xing became the boss at Oz with 60% of Oz’s shares.

Tian Xing:” Tao Le Si, whether I appear as Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing, to you and Oz, I’ve let out 100% of my true feelings.”

Tao Zi:” I don’t want to see you again in my life.”

Tao Zi left. Tian Xing follows her. Huan Huan called Tian Xing, but he doesn’t pick up her calls. Then Huan Huan calls Tao Zi and she tells Huan Huan where she can find Tian Xing.

Tian Xing holds Tao Zi in his arms and he tries to explain to her why he used a fake identity. Trying to get away from him, Tao Zi bites Tian Xing and fall over a cliff. Tian Xing grabs her hand. Huan Huan tries to help him, but she trips and falls over too. Tian Xing is holding with one hand Tao Zi and with the other Huan Huan.

Tao Zi is scratching Tian Xing’s hand until blood shows up so he will let her go.

Tian Xing:”Tao Le Si, you can’t let go. Don’t let go.”

Seeing how worried Tian Xing is for Tao Zi, Huan Huan let go of Tian Xing’s hand and felt over.

Tian Xing gets Tao Zi up and then goes down after Huan Huan.

In the fall, Huan Huan’s spine was affected. She can lose her mobility. When she wakes up, Huan Huan can’t feel her legs. She refuses to eat.

Tao Zi arrives at Oz. She tells Miao Miao, Jia Gai Xian and Leo that Lu Tian Xing is Xiao Lu and that he is now the new boss at Oz. At any time he can come and kick them out now. Hearing that Tao Zi knows the truth about Xiao Lu’s identity, Leo asks Tao Zi who told her.

Tao Zi:”Leo, did you already knew this?”

Jia Gai Xian is disappointed too. He thought of Xiao Lu as a brother.

Leo:” I don’t want to be just your older brother. For you…and for Oz…I’ll protect you forever.”

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