“Wonderful Days” ep 30~ Dong Ju :” Dad!”

After the fight, Young Chun goes to her room and cries. So Shim tries to console her, thinking that Young Chun is crying because of the words that Tae Seop said to her and Dong Hui. But Young Chun was crying because she was happy. In the fight, Dong Seok sided with her and Dong Hui and defended them. Now Dong Seok doesn’t seem like an outsider, he seems like one of them.

Dong Seok went to look for Dong Hui. He found his younger brother in the park, sad. Trying to console Dong Hui, Dong Seok asked him if he want to go for drinks, play basketball, play pool.

Dong Hui:” Just be quiet. This isn’t like you. Trying to console me doesn’t suit you.”

Then, Dong Hui, gets up and leaves. Dong Seok asks him where is he going.

Dong Hui:” To see my kids! We were all abandoned by our mothers, but they’re coping with it so well, so why am I sitting here moping?”

Meantime, Ssang Shik prepared Tae Seop’s bag. Hae Won is giving Tae Seop his luggage. She wants to take him to the sauna, but Tae Seop said he is hungry. Hae Won gives Tae Seop food and soju. She’s telling him what’s on his mind.

Tae Seop said that he didn’t want to stay away for so many years, but he couldn’t come back without the money that a woman stole from him. That money where for his father,Dong Seok and Dong Ok. So when they had the accident in which Dong Ok became retarded, they received compensation money and Tae Seop stole that money. He is telling Hae Won that he couldn’t come home without the money, but why did he took the money in the first place… Hae Won tells Tae Seop that the drunk driver from that accident was her father.

Later, Dong Seok is looking for Hae Won. But she isn’t answering her phone. When he found her, Hae Won asked if she could spend the night at his place. He takes her home, and Hae Won goes inside So Shim and Young Chun’s room to ask them permission to sleep with them.

In the morning, Dong Won and Dong Ju are in Dong Hui’s room. It time to call their mother. Dong Hui asks them who wants to go first. But Dong Won doesn’t want to talk with his mother at all. He isn’t interested in his mother anymore.

Dong Hui:” You were the one dying to talk to her!”

Dong Won:” I lost interest in mom.”

Dong Ju takes the phone and talks to her mother. But Dong Ju knows that is isn’t talking to her real mother. She says that she need to use the restroom and passes the phone to Dong Won.

Dong Won:”Hello? I’m Dong Won. But I don’t want to talk to you.”

When the person from the other side cries, Dong Won starts to cry too. Meantime, Dong Ju is washing her face. What can she do now? Who should she react? She already talked to her mother and knows that the nice person she just spoke to isn’t her mother.

Tae Seop came home and started causing trouble again. So Shim sends the children to school early so they won’t be hurt by Tae Seop. Then So Shim takes a broom and started hitting Tae Seop. She will not let Tae Seop hurt her children again.

On their way to school, Mul and Dong Won meet Dong Ju. She left early. Dong Won begins to brag that he talked with his mother and that his mother said that will call him again and she will take him out when she came’s to Korea.

Dong Ju:”Lies! There are all lies.”

Dong Tak went to a casting. The script was about a man and a woman who had to break up even if they love each other. Dong Tak remembered Hae Ju and said his story. The directors, thinking that he was acting, were impressed and call Jo Won to tell him that it is almost certain that they will pick Dong Tak.

The same time, Hae Ju is watching some pictures that her mother brought with potential husbands for her. Looking at the pictures, Hae Ju is only seeing Dong Tak. She gets upset and goes out.

In the park Hae Ju sees Mul and Dong Won and she hides. While running away to hide, Hae Ju lost her slipper. While Mul and Dong Won brag about each other’s mothers, Hae Ju wants to get her slipper. But Mul saw her.

Dong Ju is walking alone. She sees Dong Hui talking with some girls. Goes to them and calls him.

Dong Ju :” Dad!”

Extremely happy, Dong Hui ask Dong Ju to call him again “dad”. But Dong Ju told him to call her mother again because she needs to ask her something. Because Dong Ju insisted sp much, Dong Hui had to call Ma Ri. When she talked to her, Dong Ju asked her mother what’s her name. because Ma Ri doesn’t know Dong Ju and Dong Won’s mother’s name, Dong Hui took the phone and hung up saying that international calls are expensive. But Dong Ju starts crying and tells Dong Hui to call her mother again because she wants to ask her why did she say that she doesn’t want to see them. Dong Hui realized that Dong Ju knows that the person she talked to isn’t her mother.

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