Hotel King Ep 21 ~Jae Wan:” I will make sure to pay back your kindness.”

Jae Wan leaves early in the morning. On his way, he calls Mo Ne and tells her to not leave the dorm and especially to not meet with Baek Mi Nyeo. When he hears Mo Ne screaming, Jae Wan stops the car. Two cars were following him.

The men from the two cars stop around Jae Wan’s car. He gets out and tries to fight them. But he can’t. They are too many for him alone. Those men beat Jae Wan until they leave him fool of blood and unconscious.

The person that put those gangsters to beat Jae Wan comes. He is Lee Joong Goo!

How can a father do that to his own son???

Suddenly Jae Wan’s phone is ringing. It was Mo Ne. She called to tell Jae Wan that when she entered his house to clean, there were gangsters inside. When they saw her, they run away.

Lee Joong Goo, seeing that Mo Ne is calling, gives the phone to one of the gangsters and tells him to put the blame on Roman.

Gangster:”We took care of Cha Jae Wan, Roman.”

Hearing what the gagster said, Mo Ne runs to Jae Wan, but she stops. She doesn’t know where to go. Suddenly a phone call came. It was someone from a hospital to tell her that Cha Jae Wan is there.

Woo Hyun saw Mo Ne running and he goes to her. Sun Woo Hyun takes Mo Ne to the hospital. She can’t go in. Mo Ne calls Chae Kyung and tells her to come take care of Cha Jae Wan.

Jae Wan wakes up in the hospital. He sees Mo Ne taking care of him. But looking closely, it wasn’t Mo Ne. It was Chae Kyung. She tells Jae Wan that Mo Ne is alright and that he should take care of himself now. When Jae Wan asked how she knew that he was hurt, Chae Kyung said that she called him and the nurse told her. Then Chae Kyung asks Jae Wan if he knows who did that to him. Before passing out, Jae Wan heard the gangster talking to Mo Ne and he thinks that Roman is the one that is sending him a message.

Roman is coming home. He hears noise coming from his home and runs inside. Mo Ne was inside. She was breaking everything.

Mo Ne is destroying Roman’s house because she believes that it was him the one that hurt Jae Wan.

Roman:”Do you have evidence that I did that?”

Roman is worried about Jae Wan, but he is also worried about Baek Mi Nyeo finding Mo Ne is her house. He tries to take Mo Ne out, but it’s too late. Baek Mi Nyeo is next to them. Baek Mi Nyeo is kicking Mo Ne. Roman wants to go follow Mo Ne, but Baek Mi Nyeo stops him. Left alone with her son, Baek Mi Nyeo slaps her son. She can’t accept her son to become a gangster.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” When I first took you in, even if I had to beat you, I should’ve made you get rid of that terrible place you were from.”

Jae Wan left the hospital. On his way home, Jae Wan sees Roman and stops the car. He also believes that Roman is the one the put the gangsters to hit him.

Jae Wan:” I received the present well. I will make sure to pay back your kindness.”

Roman:” Did you see me with your own eyes? Have you not thought that I may not have done it?”

Roman tries to tell Jae Wan that it wasn’t him, but Jae Wan doesn’t believe him. Then he asks Jae Wan to not touch his mother and if Jae Wan will do that, he will give Jae Wan everything he wants. Seeing Roman’s reaction, Jae Wan is more certain than ever that Baek Mi Nyeo killed chairman Ah. If she wouldn’t have done it, Roman would have defended her now.

After meeting Roman, Jae Wan goes home. Inside, Mo Ne was cleaning. Jae Wan and Mo Ne start cleaning together. Then Jae Wan tells Mo Ne that Baek Mi Nyeo was with her father the night he died. So Baek Mi Nyeo must have killed chairman Ah. When he was attacked, Jae Wan was going to the police station to give them the evidence and ask for a reinvestigation.

Mo Ne realizes that Jae Wan was hurt because of her and that her father was killed. She starts trembling. Jae Wan hugs her.

A group of bloggers have come to Ciel. Everyone is trying to make the bloggers happy so they won’t post anything bad about Ciel Hotel on the internet.

Mo Ne is taking some towels to the bloggers chief ‘s room. He offers Mo Ne money to spend the day with him and also he tries to touch her. Mo Ne doesn’t accept that and hits the blogger. Then the blogger calls the manager to try to fire Mo Ne.

Team leader Hong Joon came to the bloggers room. He apologizes instead of Mo Ne and told the blogger that he and his guest will use the facilities at Ciel for free from now on. Then, when he was leaving, manager Hong explains to Mo Ne how she should act in front of her superiors and the guests. Mo Ne is still acting like she is the chairwoman and that is making difficult for the rest of them so manager Hong asks Mo Ne to leave.

Woo Hyun witnessed manager Hong’s and Mo Ne’s conversation and later he goes to cheer her up in the dorms.

Baek Mi Nyeo’s nephew came to Ciel. Roman is showing him around. While Jae Wan was looking at them, Cha Su Ahn came in a hurry. Something happened. All the bloggers are sick. Jae Wan and all the employees from Ciel are helping the bloggers until the ambulances got there.

The one that poisoned the food was Baek Mi Nyeo. She wants to destroy the hotel. And if something bad happens to them, the bloggers will post it on the internet and the hotel will be ruined. The person that helped Baek Mi Nyeo to poison the bloggers food came to her. It manager Yoo Joon Sung.

The bloggers know that they had a food poisoning. They want an official apology from chairwoman Baek Mi Nyeo. But she left the hotel.

Jae Wan put a tracking device on Roman’s car so he knows were Baek Mi Nyeo is. He goes to look for her. He sees Baek Mi Nyeo with Roman and the man she said is her nephew. She was asking that man how long will it take for him to take over the hotel. The man that Baek Mi Nyeo said was her nephew isn’t her nephew.

Realizing what’s going on, Jae Wan goes to that man’s hotel room. He tries to put what’s on that man’s laptop on a USB. But he stops when he heard noise. It was Mo Ne . She also realized that that man isn’t Baek Mi Nyeo’s nephew.

While Mo Ne and Jae Wan were inside that man’s room, he and Roman came in. Jae Wan and Mo Ne hide in the close and hear Roman and Hyena talking about what Baek Mi Nyeo is intending to do with Ciel Hotel.

Roman is looking straight to the closet where the two were hiding. He knows that they are inside.

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