“Wonderful Days” ep 31~ Dong Hui:” Dong Ju, are you alright?”

Dong Hui has a lot of time. He sits at the table and asks Young Chun to sit too. Then Dong Hui asks her why did she abandon him and why did she come back. Dong Hui is ready to hear her story. But Young Chun runs away. She is scared. All of a sudden, Dong Hui is being nice to her and that is scaring Young Chun. She is more comfortable when Dong Hui is mad at her.

Young Chun, followed by Dong Hui , went to a bar. Because she doesn’t want Dong Hui to be mad at her, Young Chun keeps drinking water instead of alcohol. She tells Dong Hui that she is used being mistreated. She always was. Young Chun’s father sold her out to a bar, when she was 10 years old to settle his gambling debts.

Dong Hui:” Why did you have me?”

Young Chun:”Because I was lonely.”

Dong Hui:” Then why didn’t you keep me?”

Young Chun can’t answer Dong Hui’s question and runs away crying. Suddenly, she stops. Then, crying, Young Chun said that she abandoned Dong Hui because she didn’t want him to turn out like her. She feels like her heart is breaking every time she sees Dong Hui, Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Hae Ju is lying down in bed. She wants to sleep, but she hears Hae Won crying. When Hae Ju asked her what happened, Hae Won said something about her father causing an accident. Hae Won told Hae Ju that the accident that Dong Seok had when he was little, in which Dong Ok ended up retarded and his grandfather remained paralyzed, was caused by their father.

Hae Ju and Hae Won’s mother heard what Hae Won said. She is shocked.

In the morning, Hae Ju doesn’t let Hae Won leave the house. She fears that Hae Won will be mistreated by Dong Seok’s family if they will find out about their father. But their mother told Hae Ju to let Hae Won go. If Dong Seok already knows, he will protect her. And if she has to beg forgiveness, she will do that, as long as Hae Won is happy.

Dong Soek assistant enters his office. She found the report Tae Seop filet against the woman that stole his money. Seeing that the report was made 2 days after his and Dong Ok’s accident, Dong Seok realizes that those money where the settlement money for the accident. Dong Seok calls Tae Seop to his office and ask him about that. Tae Seop tries to excuse himself, but Dong Seok doesn’t believe him.

Dong Seok told Tae Seop that he will let everything go, he will pretend that he doesn’t know anything, but Tae Seop has to do the same thing about Hae Won’s father.

Dong Tak is having an interview. Everyone sees Dong Tak as a rising star after the commercial he filmed. At the coffee shop where the interview was taking place, there was also Hae Ju.

After the interview, Hae Ju went to the park. She is searching news on Dong Tak on internet. Suddenly Hae Ju hears a woman screaming and scolding Mul. At school Mul, fought with a classmate and that classmate brought his mother to scold Mul. The classmate’s mother offended Mul, saying that he doesn’t have a mother and he and his father are living with his grandmother.

Annoyed, that Mul’s classmate is offending and screaming at Mul, Hae Ju goes there. She told that woman that she is Mul’s mother and she will not let anyone hurt Mul. Hearing Hae Ju defending him, Mul felt great and proud.

When Mul’s classmate and his mother left, Hae Ju took Mul shopping to make him feel better.

Dong Hui goes to the park to look for Dong Ju. He asks Dong Ju who told her the name of her mother and what her mother told her on the phone when Dong Ju called her.

Dong Hui:” Dong Ju, are you alright?”

Dong Ju can’t express her feelings. She doesn’t talk, doesn’t get mad. Dong Hui wants Dong Ju to express her feelings, even if she hates him or hits him. But still Dong Ju refuses.

Dong Ju:”Even when you say you’re sorry, I still hate you, Mr. Kang Dong Hui. You hate your mother, too, so don’t do this to me!”

Later, Dong Hui meets Ma Ri. She apologizes to Dong Hui. Ma Ri believes that Dong Ju found out about their lie because of her. Dong Hui asked Ma Ri to not apologize that she didn’t do anything wrong.

Dong Hui:” If you keep that up, I might do something… I might do something to you.”

Ma Ri keeps insisting to know what mistake will Dong Hui do to her. Dong Hui leaves Ma Ri alone for a moment. When Dong Hui returns, Dong Won saw him and followed him.

Back to the coffee shop, Dong Hui is giving Ma Ri a rose.

Dong Hui:”If you take this rose, it’ll become a mistake you won’t recover from.”

Ma Ri smiles and hugs Dong Hui. At that moment Dong Won arrived. He is surprised to see his father and his teacher. But still Dong Won takes a picture as prove for when he will tell Mul and Dong Ju what he saw.

Hae Won’s mother came to see So Shim. For the first time both Hae Won’s mother and Young Chun are treating each other nicely. Also for the first time, Hae Won’s mother is treating So Shim as an equal.

So Shim wants to set the wedding date for Hae Won and Dong Seok. But Hae Won feels guilty for lying So Shim and Dong Seok’s family. Hae Won gets on her knees.

Hae Won:” I’m sorry!”

Hae Won wants to tell So Shim that her father is guilty for Dong Ok’s condition. Tae Seop stops her and signs Hae Won to not say anything.

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