“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 12 ~Tian Xing:” From now onwards, we can finally compete fairly.”

The people from Oz are going to Tao Zi’s house. In front of Oz, Mi Bao runs away. The dog went to Tian Xing. He takes the dog and comes next to everyone. Tian Xing asks them where are they leaving, it’s still working hours and everyone is leaving the office. They didn’t answer so Tian Xing went with them to Tao Zi’s house.

At the house Tian Xing explains in front of Tao Zi’s mother and father how Xiao Lu appeared and everything that happened after that. When Tao Zi’s father ask him why didn’t he tell Tao Zi everything when she started to fall in love with Xiao Lu, Tian Xing said that because of that Xiao Lu left Oz. But he couldn’t stand the fact the Tao Zi was crying everyday because of Xiao Lu.

Before leaving, Tian Xing tells everyone to come tomorrow on time at Oz because he will announce Oz Advertising future.

The next day, Lance and his mother called Tian Xing to Tian Ji Advertising. They wanted to convince Tian Xing to not leave Tian Ji. Lu Tian Xing wanted to leave Tian Ji, but since Lance mother took care of him after his parents died, Tian Xing can’t disappoint her. So, Tian Xing will remain as CEO at Tian Ji.

Leaning Tian Ji, Lu Tian Xing takes Helen and Wang Ting Wei and goes to Oz. At Oz, nobody is doing his work or talking to Tian Xing. He tells them that he will not fire them for now and that if they love , even a little bit , Oz they will come to the meeting table and hear him out.

Tian Xing told Tao Zi, Leo, Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian his future plans for Oz. Also Tian Xing, as Oz’s general manager, gave them a case to handle. He won’t get involved in this case. Tian Xing wants to see if the Oz’s staff can produce an emotional clip without him.

After giving everyone instructions with what to do, Tian Xing left. When he came back everyone is telling Tian Xing their ideas for the advertising he gave them. Tian Xing is not pleased with the ideas he heard so they have to rethink and give him other ideas.

Huan Huan has been doing physiotherapy, but the doctor is still uncertain of her recuperation. Tian Xing tries to make her feel better. He is the only person Huan Huan listens.

Later Tao Zi arrived. She came to see how Huan Huan is feeling. Huan Huan tells her about her condition. Lance tries to tell Tao Zi that Huan Huan may not be able to walk from now on, but Huan Huan stops him. Huan Huan doesn’t want Tao Zi to worry about her.

Don’t tell me that Lance and his mother will force Tian Xing to be by Huan Huan’s side for ever now? Of course she is feeling awful not being able to walk, but isn’t Huan Huan the one that let go of Tian Xing’s hand?

Huan Huan is eating. She needs to eat to be able to do physiotherapy. Lance is with her. He asks Huan Huan how is she feeling, if she still doesn’t feel anything in her legs. Lance touches Huan Huan’s legs. Seems like there is a movement with the leg that Lance touched.

The doctor also said that Huan Huan’s condition seems to getting better. Huna Huan wants to get up, but Lance stops her.

Lance:” Huan Huan, if you want to be happy, don’t stand up.”

Ok then! So Lance is teaching Huan Huan to lie to Tian Xing that she can’t walk. And because of that lie Tian Xing will be by Huan Huan’s side. Is this how Huan Huan will be happy??? Does Lance really think that? Or he is using Huan Huan to force Tian Xing stay at Tian Ji? He must know that without Tian Xing his company will not be so great…..

Later, Tian Xing came to visit her. Tian Xing and Lance take Huan Huan out. Tian Xing is massaging Huan Huan’s leg. He sees that her leg is twitching.

Tian Xing:”Huan Huan, is there a feeling?”

Huan Huan:” No! I don’t feel anything.”

Lance approached Tian Xing and told him that before Tian Xing arrived, the doctor told him that Huan Huan will never walk again.

At Xiao Lu’s house, Tian Xing thinks about Tao Zi. He looks at the deer Xiao Lu gave Tao Zi on her birthday. Butler Fu doesn’t know what to do to make both Tao Zi and Tian Xing feel better, to be happy. They both suffer and butler Fu can’t stand seeing them like that.

The same time Tao Zi also thinks about Tian Xing. She thinks about the moments they spend together, especially the moment Xiao Lu gave her the bracelet. She tried to take that bracelet off, but she couldn’t.

Next morning, Tian Xing goes to Oz. In the park close to Oz’s office he sees Tao Zi. She still thinks of ideas about Oz’s new project. Tian Xing goes to her. Seeing him, Tao Zi wants to leave.

Tao Zi:” It doesn’t matter if you’re Lu Tian Xing, Oz’s general manager, or Xiao Lu, or anyone else, I don’t want to see or speak to you.”

Tian Xing:”Didn’t you used to also love Xiao Lu? That half of me, isn’t he still in your heart?”

Tao Zi said to Tian Xing that Xiao Lu never existed, he was someone that Tian Xing created so her memories and love for Xiao Lu are fake.

Leaving, Tao Zi doesn’t notice a bike coming so she fells down. Tao Zi hurt her knee. Worried Tian Xing runs to her. Tian Xing wraps his handkerchief around her knee. Then he takes her to Oz’s office on his back.

Back to the office, Leo, Miao Miao, Jia Gai Xian, Tao Zi and Wang Ting Wei are having a meeting. Tao zi still doesn’t have any ideas for this commercial. She has thought of something, but she doesn’t know how to put them together.

Tian Xing is making coffee for everyone. Seeing that everyone is at a dead point, Tian Xing tells everyone to get a 30 minutes break and drink some coffee. Then, Tian Xing sits at Tao Zi’s desk and writes something on a paper. Returned to her desk, Tao Zi sees Tian Xing’s note. On that note it was written” fulfilling dreams”. That gave her an idea and the meeting starts. With Tian Xing’s help the meeting went well and they know how to film that commercial.

The hospital where Oz will film the commercial is the hospital Huan Huan is doing physiotherapy. Tian Xing is accompanies Huan Huan to physiotherapy and he sees Tao Zi on the hallway. While Huan Huan is doing her exercises, she sees Tian Xing absent, thinking about Tao Zi. Because she wants Tian Xing to pay attention to her, Huan Huan pretends that she fell and she is hurting.

After the physiotherapy Tian Xing and Huan Huan meets Leo and Tao Zi. Soon Lance and his mother arrived. They told Tao Zi that they are waiting for a miracle because Huan Huan can’t walk anymore.

Feeling guilty for Huan Huan’s condition, Tao Zi runs away crying. Tao Zi believes that if she wouldn’t have told Huan Huan that day where Tian Xing is, Huan Huan wouldn’t have been hurt.

Leo followed Tao Zi and confessed his feelings.

In the night Leo meets Tian Xing. The first thing Leo does is to punch Tian Xing. From now on Leo won’t let Tian Xing near Oz or Tao Zi. From now on Leo will protect Tao Zi.

Leo:” I’ll be responsible for Tao Zi’s happiness.”

Tian Xing:” From now onwards, we can finally compete fairly.”

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