“Wonderful Days” ep 32~ Dong Ju:”Why are Miss Kim and Mr. Kang Dong Hui hugging?”

Dong Hui feel sorry because Young Chun is mistreated in his house and he asks her to move away together.

Dong Won is happy thinking that Ma Ri could became his mother. He shows Dong Ju the picture with Dong Hui and Ma Ri hugging.

Ma Ri sends Dong Hui several messages.

Episode 32

Hae Won’s mother came to Dong Seok’s house. She and So Shim want to set a date for Hae Won and Dong Seok’s wedding. Out of guilt, Hae Won can’t lie to So Shim and she gets on her knees and apologizes to So Shim.

Tae Seop tries to stop Hae Won from telling So Shim the truth. Dong Seok arrives home too.

After Dong Seok came, Hae Won told So Shim that her father caused the accident in which grandfather and Dong Ok got hurt.

Shocked So Shim asks Dong Seok, Tae Seop and Hae Won’s mother if they knew about it. So Shim is really disappointed because everyone lied to her. She feels like everyone took her as a idiot that doesn’t know anything.

After Hae Won and her mother left, So Shim tells Dong Seok to leave her house. She believes that Dong Seok doesn’t care for her, for Dong Ok or for anyone in that family. That night Dong Ok heard everything.

In the morning, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik told Dong Tak and Dong Hui about Hae Won’s father. They are speechless. They don’t know how to react. Suddenly, Tae Seop enters the main house, even if So Shim doesn’t allows him to do so. He sits at the table with his younger brother’s and his son’s. Because Tae Seop is there, Dong Hui can’t eat and he leaves.

Meantime, the grandfather asks So Shim to call Hae Won. He needs to talk to Hae Won. The grandfather finally found out how caused his and Dong Ok’s accident.

Hae Ju tries to stop Hae Won from leaving the house. She doesn’t wants her little sister to be mistreated for something that she didn’t do. But Hae Won still goes. In front of her house, Hae Won saw Dong Soek. He came to take her to his house.

Dong Seok:”Give it all you’ve got, just one more time, and if you can’t do it anymore, tell me. I’ll let go of you.”

At school, Ma Ri is giving the children their papers back after she noted them. Dong Won is daydreaming. When Ma Ri calls him, Dong Won goes to her. Ma Ri scolds Dong Won because he didn’t get even one correct answer. Then Dong Won shows Ma Ri his name on the paper “ Kang Dong Hui’s son, Kang Dong Won”. Dong Won wrote his name like that so Ma Ri will give him better points. Dong Won believes that if Dong Hui and Ma Ri will get married his school life will be really easy. But that was all a dream.

When Ma Ri calls him out, Dong Won does exactly like he did in his dream. The only difference was Ma Ri’s reaction.

Ma Ri:” Why would you write your name like that?”

Ma Ri believes that Dong Won is joking around and she sends him out with his arms up.

During break time, Dong Ju asks Dong Won how come he didn’t get even one answer correct. Dong Won’s answer is that Kim Ma Ri should treat him nicely because he is Kang Dong Hui’s son. Dong Ju doesn’t understands why is Dong Won saying that, so Dong Won is showing Dong Ju the picture with Ma Ri and Dong Hui. Then he tells Dong Ju everything he saw that day.

Dong Ju:”Why are Miss Kim and Mr. Kang Dong Hui hugging?”

Later Dong Ju sees Ma Ri taking pictures with the rose that Dong Hui gave her.

Dong Tak is in front of Hae Ju’s house. He gets a phone call. It’s Hae Ju. She needs to meet him. When Hae Ju gets out of her house, Dong Tak hides behind a car. He tells Hae Ju that he can’t meet her because he is busy.

When Hae Ju is next to the car after Dong Tak hided himself, the driver leaves. Hae Ju sees Dong Tak.

They both went to a coffee shop. Hae Ju wanted to meet Dong Tak to apologize for what her father did.

Tae Seop is looking for So Shim, but she doesn’t answer. Suddenly Tae Seop is seeing Dong Won playing. He sends Dong Won in the room to see what his grandmother is doing.

Because Dong Won’s grandmother doesn’t need his help, Tae Seop takes Dong Won’s string phone and tells her what he feels. Tae Seop said that he is sorry for meeting all those good for nothing women and he asks So Shim to kick Young Chun out. Looking around him, Tae Seop sees So Shim next to him. The grandmother that was listening to his confession wasn’t So Shim, it was Young Chun.

Young Chun comes out of the room angry. She wants to hit Tae Seop and tell him what is on her heart, but she saw Dong Hui looking at her and Tae Seop.

Dong Hui follows Young Chun out. She is embarrassed to look at him so she sends him away. Dong Hui gives Young Chun a chocolate candy and tells her to leave the house together.

Dong Hui:”Leave this house, old woman. If you can’t leave by yourself, I’ll join you.”

After that Dong Hui went to work. While he was working, Dong Hui received several texts messages from Ma Ri. In those messages she was showing him the picture that she took with the flower he gave her and also she was inviting him to eat and for a drive. After every text she send, Ma Ri was sending another text saying that she pressed the wrong number. Upset because Dong Hui doesn’t reply her, Ma Ri feels embarrassed. Suddenly a text came. It was from Dong Hui. He told her that she looks good in the picture and they will do all the things she mentioned above. Dong Hui ended the text saying that he didn’t send the message to the wrong number.

Dong Ok is excited. She is meeting Woo Jin’s mother. Woo Jin’s mother is also happy to meet her son’s girlfriend. But she changes her expression when she sees Dong Ok. She wants a normal girl for her son.

Woo Jin’s mother can’t control her expression. She can’t accept Dong Ok. The mother gets up and leaves. Woo Jin follows her.

Dong Ok saw Woo Jin and his mother fighting and when Woo Jin came back to the table she was gone.

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