Hotel King Ep 22 ~Jae Wan:”It’s a request…but throw me away.”

Mo Ne and Jae Wan are hiding in the closet. They hear everything that Roman is telling Hyena. Baek Mi Nyeo wants to destroy Hotel Ciel. Mo Ne tries to get out from the closet and fight Hyena and Roman. But Jae Wan stops her.

Hearing noise in the closet, Roman realizes that someone in inside. And he knows how that person is. Trying to help Mo Ne and Jae Won get out safely, Roman takes Hyena out.

After leaving the room, Mo Ne realizes that she can’t take Ciel Hotel back from Baek Mi Nyeo. Jae Wan asks her to let him help her. Even if she doesn’t trust him. Jae Wan wants to pay back the deceased chairman Ah by helping Mo Ne take back her hotel before Baek Mi Nyeo destroys it.

Roman and Baek Mi Nyeo drink coffee at home. Baek Mi Ne advises her son to be careful with Lee Joong Goo because he is not an easy person to handle. During their conversation, Jae Wan came. He come to take Baek Mi Nyeo to the hospital because the bloggers want her apologizes as chairwoman of Hotel Ciel. She refuses and Jae Wan leaves saying that he will take care of thinks the way Baek Mi Nyeo wants.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Such an arrogant punk!”

Roman follows Jae Wan out. He tries to make Jae Wan be more understanding with Baek Mi Nyeo. He tries to prevent Baek Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan from hurting each other before telling them that they are mother and son. But Jae Wan doesn’t have a good impression of Baek Mi Nyeo. For Jae Wan, Baek Mi Nyeo is the woman who killed chairman Ah and who is capable of hurting her quests when she wants something.

Roman:” This is why I can’t tell you…Hyung! It’s not my fault!”

After Jae Wan left, Roman calls team leader Yoo Joon Sung to ask him if he was the one that poisoned the food.

Jae Wan asked Mo Ne to look through her father’s things maybe she will find something that it will help them. She found the picture from before they were born, in which between other Ciel employees there are also Lee Joong Goo, Chairman Ah and…Baek Mi Yeon.

Later Mo Ne and Cha Su Ahn meet Jae Wan at his house. They try to stop Baek Mi Nyeo from destroying and selling the hotel.

In the morning, Song Chae Kyung came to see Jae Wan. She found something about Baek Mi Nyeo and Roman and she came to tell Jae Wan. Chae Kyung found that Roman is not Baek Mi Nyeo’s real son.

Baek Mi Nyeo inherited her husband’s fortune after he died. But she couldn’t have children. Both Chae Kyung and Jae Wan realized that if Roman was Baek Mi Nyeo’s husband’s son, that he would’ve inherited some of that fortune.

Mo Ne is leaving the hotel. In front she meets Woo Hyun. They both went to see the bloggers at the hospital. Mo Ne feels like she should apologize to them for the food poisoning incident.

The same time, Baek Mi Nyeo heard the Mo Ne is at the hospital. Also that Jae Wan called the journalists at the hospital. Baek Mi Nyeo goes to the hospital to prevent Jae Wan and Mo Ne from resolving that incident. She needs the hotel’s reputation destroyed.

Mo Ne gave vitamin drinks to the bloggers. When she saw the bloggers leader, she went to him. Mo Ne showed him the video in which he was touching her. Seems like that blogger is a respectable father, husband and manager and he doesn’t want anyone to see that clip.

Baek Mi Nyeo arrived at the hospital while Jae Wan was talking with the journalist. She told that journalist that it is true that the bloggers are in the hospital because of food poisoning. But Mo Ne and Woo Hyun brought the blogger and he told the journalists that they were in the hospital for food poisoning, but it wasn’t the food form the hotel.

Roman wanted to accompany his mother when she went to the hospital. But Lee Joong Goo called and threatened him. So Roman went to see Lee Joong Goo. When Roman entered, Lee Joong Goo showed him 2 envelops. The content of one envelop could hurt Baek Mi Nyeo. The content of the second envelop could send Jae Wan to jail for 10 years. Roman has to chose between those two envelops. Lee Joong Goo is sure that Roman will chose his mother, but Lee Joong Goo doesn’t know the connection between Roman and Jae Wan.

Roman is taking Lee Joong Goo to a wild field where his men had made a deep hole. Roman pushes Lee Joong Goo in that hole and takes the two envelops.

Lee Joong Goo, angry, orders Roman to get him out of there because that is kidnapping and attempted murder. But Roman knows only how to drop people inside, he doesn’t takes them out.

Roman :”If you keep talking, I don’t think it’ll end with an attempt. Digging is the hard part. Filling isn’t difficult.”

Roman is still upset because Lee Joong Goo framed him after he, Lee Joong Goo, hurt Jae Wan. To be pulled out, Lee Joong Goo tries to put the blame on Jae Wan. Lee Joong Goo tells Roman that he tried to stop Jae Wan. He wanted to protect Baek Mi Nyeo. But Roman seems more upset when Lee Joong Goo is hurting Jae Wan, then when Lee Joong Goo is trying to hurt Baek Mi Nyeo.

Roman:” While you reflect on yourself, someone will come by. Whether it’s a person or a winged animal, at that time, try to request it well.”

Arriving at the dorm, Woo Hyun and Mo Ne saw the other employees having a barbeque. Even if she didn’t want to have dinner with them, Woo Hyun dragged Mo Ne to the table. Mo Ne thinks that if she will take part at the party, the employees will not feel good in her presence.

But, even if is a little awkward at the beginning, everyone accepts Mo Ne as one of them.

Roman calls Jae Wan. If front of Jae Wan, Roman burns the two envelops. That way, without telling anyone, Roman is protecting both his mother and his brother.

Roman:” I have to keep deceiving you even in the future…if I’m going to protect my mother.”

Roman asks Jae Wan to take Mo Ne and leave. He will give them enough money so they won’t need to work in their live. But Jae Wan refuses. He wants to return the hotel to Mo Ne.

Jae Wan is impressed by Roman’s way to protect his mother, when she isn’t his real mother. Cha Jae Wan will continue to check Roman’s background.

Roman:”I think that your past will be quite formidable, too.”

When Jae Wan was about to leave, Roman tell him about what he did to Lee Joong Goo.

Jae Wan returns home. But he keeps thinking about what Roman said, that Lee Joong Goo is somewhere in the mountain. He needs to check on something and he goes to where Lee Joong Goo is.

Arrived at the place where Lee Joong Goo is buried, Jae Wan asks him if he is the one that ordered the gangsters to hit him. Lee Joong Goo admitted to have send those gangsters. Jae Wan is really disappointed.

Jae Wan:” Mr. Lee Joong Goo, what am I to you?”

Lee Joong Goo explains to Jae Wan. Seems like Jae Wan represents Lee Joong Goo’s past, his hurt leg, everything that Lee Joong Goo wants to forget.

Jae Wan:” After listening to you, it became clear. If I want to live, I need to get rid of your existence.”

Cha Jae Wan leave without taking Lee Joong Goo out of that hole. On his way, Jae Wan stops and comes back. Jae Wan got Lee Joong Goo out. For the second time, Jae Wan saved Lee Joong Goo’s life. Then Jae Wan asks Lee Joong Goo to let him go.

Jae Wan:”It’s a request…but throw me away.”

When Jae Wan was leaving, Lee Joong Goo asks him why he never asked what is his real name. Jae Wan felt like if he knew his real name, then he will feel the bloodline between him and Lee Joong Goo. Still, Lee Joong Goo told him. Cha Jae Wan’s real name is “Hyun Woo”. His mother, Baek Mi Yeon named him “Hyun Woo”.

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