Hotel King Ep 23 ~Lee Joong Goo:”My son is still immature.”

Baek Mi Nyeo sends a letter to Lee Joong Goo’s wife. She was telling Lee Joong Goo’s wife to meet her if she wants to know more things about her husband. The letter was signed with the name Baek Mi Yeon. The meeting is supposed to be at Baek Mi Yeon’s house.

Wanting to know more about Baek Mi Nyeo and John Howard, Jae Wan follows Baek Mi Nyeo. When she sees him, suddenly Baek Mi Nyeo remembers her son, Hyun Woo.

After a few threats from both sides, Jae Wan leaves. When Baek Mi Nyeo was leaving, Lee Joong Goo arrived. He had read his wife’s letter. Surprised to see Baek Mi Nyeo there, Lee Joong Goo hides himself until Baek Mi Nyeo leaves. Then Lee Joong Goo found out from a local woman that nobody leave in the house that used to be Baek Mi Yeon’s.

Jae Wan also investigated who house is the one were Baek Mi Nyeo went. The owner of the house is Baek Mi Yeon.

Mo Ne is asked to be the maid of a party. The host of that party in Song Chae Kyung. She asked especially that the maid will be Mo Ne. she and her friends plan to humiliate Mo Ne.

The moment Mo Ne entered the room, Song Chae Kyung’s friends started humiliating Mo Ne. They start offending Mo Ne with words. They throw things at Mo Ne. They make Mo Ne stumble. And they throw things on the floor for Mo Ne to clean.

Sun Woo Hyun came to bring what Chae Kyung and her friends asked. He couldn’t accept what was going on and he went to Jae Wan’s office.

Woo Hyun:” Why does Ah Mo Ne have to be humiliated by CEO Song Chae Kyung? Can you say that this has nothing to do with you?”

Jae Wan rushes to the room where Chae Kyung is holding her party. He sees Mo Ne cleaning the shoes of one lady there. Cha Jae Wan gets close and he cleans that woman’s shoes instead of Mo Ne. Everything that Chae Kyung’s friends tell Mo Ne to do, Jae Wan does it. Seeing that Chae Kyung gets more mad that she already is.

Chae Kyung leaves the room upset. Mo Ne sends Jae Wan after her. He tries to explain Chae Kyung that he can’t leave Mo Ne. There was a time when Jae Wan wanted to die, he couldn’t even breath and Mo Ne was there by his side and saved his live.

Chae Kyung:” You’ve gained another foe.”

Crying Chae Kyung leaves. On her way, she sees Roman. He tries to pretend that he didn’t see her. But Chae Kyung told Roman to call her if he needs help in tormenting Cha Jae Wan because she knows all his weaknesses.

Woo Hyun wants to cheer up Mo Ne. But they end up talking about Woo Hyun’s feelings for her. Mo Ne can’t return those feelings and she doesn’t want Woo Hyun to be hurt. For Woo Hyun is enough, for now, to just see Mo Ne.

During Woo Hyun and Mo Ne’s conversation, Jae Wan arrived. He needs to tell Mo Ne something. But Mo Ne refuses and goes inside the dorm.

Woo Hyun goes to her and tells Mo Ne that Jae Wan is waiting for her at Mo Ne’s garden. Mo Ne goes there.

When she was close to Jae Wan, Mo Ne remembers Baek Mi Nyeo’s words and turns around. She can’t have Jae Wan by her side.

Lee Joong Goo is eating at Chae Kyung’s restaurant. She comes to him. They have business to talk about. The only thing that Lee Joong Goo has is the only thing that Chae Kyung wants, his son.

Chae Kyung is surprised to know that Jae Wan is Lee Joong Goo’s son. And more that that she can’t understand how could Lee Joong Goo torment his real son like that. But still she accepts Lee Joong Goo’s proposal.

Then they both went to see John Howard.

After meeting with Chae Kyung and Lee Joong Goo, John Howard went to Baek Mi Nyeo. Things between Baek Mi Nyeo and John Howard doesn’t seem to be going the way she wanted.

Since they are out, Jin Jung Hyun asks Yoon Da Jung to go with him somewhere because he needs to say something to her. Jin Jung Hyun likes her, but he doesn’t have the courage to confess his feelings.

While they were walking, Jung Hyun and Da Jung saw Go San and maid So Moon Jung. The two of them were on a date.

Now Lee Joong Goo knows that Baek Mi Nyeo is Baek Mi Yeon. He waits for her in front of the hotel. He takes her in his car and drives to the bridge where everything started. When they were young, Lee Joong Goo followed Baek Mi Yeon. On that bridge and accident occurred and he lost his leg, but Baek Mi Yeon was captured in her car while her car caught fire.

Believing that her son, Hyun Woo, is dead Baek Mi Yeon prepared for years her revenge. Now that she is there with Lee Joong Goo alone she things that she can get her revenge. Baek Mi Nyeo pushed Lee Joong Goo down and tried to strangle him. But she couldn’t. Roman came and stopped her.

Baek Mi Nyeo has done something again. She ordered the renovation of the suite rooms. The quests leave angry. Also the employees found that the chairwoman Baek wants to sell the hotel.

Jae Wan asked the employees to gather. He answers their questions and tells them the truth about what’s going on.

Roman tries to intervene. But he doesn’t know how to be a hotelier so the employees believe more in Jae Wan’s words.

The same time Chae Kyung called Mo Ne to her room.

Everything has changed to the way Jae Wan said. The employees followed his orders. Baek Mi Nyeo isn’t pleased about it. She hears Woo Hyun talking to a client and tries to vent her anger on him. But Jae Wan came. Jae Wan is being rude to Baek Mi Nyeo in front of a lot of employees and quests. Knowing that they are mother and son, Roman tries to stop them.

Suddenly Lee Joong Goo arrives. He is scolding Jae Wan for being rude to Chairwoman Baek Mi Nyeo and reveals the truth.

Lee Joong Goo:” Jae Wan, what discourtesy are you showing the Chairwoman? I’m sorry. My son is still immature.”

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