“Wonderful Days” ep 33~ The grandfather is dead….

Hae Won is taking care of grandfather. But he is treating her horribly. Everything Hae Won does is not good for him. So Shim can’t take it anymore and she goes in the room. She asks grandfather to don’t treat Hae Won like that because of her.

The grandfather was mean to Hae Won so that So Shim will accept her as Dong Seok’s wife. And she accepted Hae Won.

Dong Tak, Ssang Ho, even Dong Hui congratulate Dong Seok for his wedding. The only one who isn’t pleased is Ssang Shik.

Hearing the news, Tae Seop is upset. No one asked for his opinion. And also his father helped Hae Won, but doesn’t help him. When Tae Seop came at the table to drink with Ssang Shik and Dong Seok, Ssang Shik left. He can’t sit at the table with Tae Seop. Ssang Shik hate’s his brother because he knows that Tae Seop took the money that Hae Won’s father gave after the accident.

Dong Ok came home. She left happy, but came home sad. She knows that Woo Jin’s mother doesn’t like her because she is retarded. Hae Won came in to ask Dong Ok how her date was, but Dong Ok vented her anger on Hae Won.

When Hae Won was leaving she saw Dong Seok looking at So Shim crying. Both Hae Won and Dong Seok feel bad.

Dong Ok is in front of the hospital. She must have come to see Woo Jin. Suddenly Dong Ok hides after a bush. She saw Woo Jin and his mother coming out. Woo Jin’s mother wants to go to Dong Ok’s house to apologize because her son couldn’t differentiate compassion from love end ended up hurting Dong Ok. Because he doesn’t want his mother to go to Dong Ok’s house and hurt her or her family, Woo Jin told his mother that he won’t see Dong Ok again. Dong Ok heard everything.

Dong Tak is filming a commercial. Everything goes well. But suddenly when Dong Tak has to taste the noodles, he feels sick. When he smells certain foods, Dong Tak feels nauseas.

Worried, Jo Won took Dong Tak to the hospital. The doctor said that Dong Tak is perfectly fine. Also the doctor asked Dong Tak if his wife is pregnant. When their wife’s are pregnant some husbands feel their morning sickness.

Hae Ju is walking through the park eating ice cream. She sees Mul depressed and she invites him for some ice cream. But Mul is surprised. Who eats ice cream with bread ?

After they finished that ice cream, more like Hae Ju finished it, she wants more. Hae Ju wants to get another ice cream and she thinks that the ice cream will taste great with fried chicken.

Ma Ri brought a new car. The only problem is that she doesn’t have experience in driving. When they see Ma Ri brought a car, Dong Won and Dong Ju ask her to take them to Dong Hui.

Arriving at Dong Hui’s working place, Dong Won, Dong Ju and Chan Su are happy to feel the ground under their feet. They barely made it there alive, as they say. Seeing his children like that, Dong Hui doesn’t let them explain what happened and starts screaming at Ma Ri. Sad, Ma Ri leaves forgetting her car there.

Later in the office, when the children feel better, Dong Ju and Dong Won explain to Dong Hui that he made a mistake. That it was them who asked Ma Ri to bring them there.

Dong Hui calls Ma Ri out to return her car. Also he breaks up with her.

Dong Seok is called home. When he arrives, everyone is there. everyone is quiet and sad. Dong Seok rushes to his grandfather’s room. The grandfather is happy that he got to see Dong Seok. Now he only has to see Hae Won. But he is tired. The grandfather will take a nap until Hae won arrives. He will not wake up from that nap. The grandfather is dead….

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