Hotel King Ep 24 ~Jae Wan:” Ju Han! My little brother… You are Ju Han , right?”

Jae Wan is provoking Baek Mi Nyeo . Roman stops them both, guests and employees are watching. But suddenly Lee Joong Goo appears and reveals that Jae Wan is his son.

Lee Joong Goo:” Jae Wan, what discourtesy are you showing the Chairwoman? I’m sorry. My son is still immature.”

Baek Mi Nyeo is shocked. Is she starting to think that Cha Jae Wan could be her son, Hyun Woo?

Roman wants to take Lee Joong Goo out. Jae Wan is furious. But he calms down a little when Mo Ne comes and holds his hand.

Mo Ne stops Lee Joong Goo from talking with Jae Wan. Then she goes to Cha Jae Wan to console him. Jae Wan seems more preoccupied about how he should act in front of the employees, how they’ll listen to him now that they all know who his father is.

The employees are shocked too. They don’t understand why did Jae Wan hide that he is Lee Joong Goo’s son. Did he wanted to do something to destroy the hotel too? The only one who defends Jae Wan about this situation is Sun Woo Hyun.

The team leaders came to the employees resting room. Yoo Joon Sung doesn’t know what to say. Park Do Jin doesn’t understand why do Korean people make a big deal about family status. But Hong Joon defends Jae Wan. Even if he is Lee Joong Goo’s son, Jae Wan is still the general manager.

Outside Lee Joong Goo threatens Roman. He knows that Roman feels insecure of his mother’s love. Roman fears that if Baek Mi Nyeo finds that Jae Wan is her son, then she won’t need Roman anymore. But what Lee Joong Goo doesn’t know is who Roman is.

Roman:”Because I’m not Cha Jae Wan, I have no patience.”

Walking around the hotel, Baek Mi Nyeo sees Jae Wan. Looking at him she starts to thinks that he could be Hyun Woo. She stops him and asks him about his mother. And why didn’t he said that Lee Joong Goo is his father. Jae Wan said that he knows how his mother is and that he didn’t reveal who his father is because, Lee Joong Goo is not a father who one can be proud of.

Seeing them together and talking, Roman feels insecure and approaches them. He asks Jae Wan what did he do to his mother.

Jae Wan:”She was looking at me like a rare animal, so I just danced to her tune.”

Back to the office, Baek Mi Nyeo asks Roman if he is sure that Hyun Woo died. Roman said that Hyun Woo was shot before his eyes and he even went to the funeral.

To stop Baek Mi Nyeo form selling the hotel, Jae Wan is looking through the list of minor shareholders. But someone is at the door. He opens. It was Roman Lee.

Roman:”When you look at me…do you feel nothing at all?”

Jae Wan:” I have no interest in your personal preferences, Director, but it’s not me.”

So if Roman wants Jae Wan to recognize him? But isn’t he afraid that if Jae Wan recognizes him, Baek Mi Nyeo will know that Jae Wan is her dead son?

Baek Mi Nyeo posted a picture with Jae Wan and Mo Ne entering a room. She caused a scandal and she punished them. Both Jae Wan and Mo Ne received disciplinary sanctions.

Baek Mi Nyeo is attending the employees training. But Mo Ne came too. Also Jae Wan. Seeing that Baek Mi Nyeo is hurting Jae Wan, by saying again that he is Lee Joong Goo’s so in front of the employees, Mo Ne gets up. She tells everyone that there is no scandal there, it a love relationship. And that is not forbidden.

Song Chae Kyung gave Mo Ne a plane ticket. Mo Ne was supposed to give the plane ticket to Jae Wan and send him away. But she can’t.

After telling Baek Mi Nyeo that she and Jae Wan are dating, Mo Ne went to Song Chae Kyung’s office. She ripped the ticket and told Chae Kyung that she can’t let go of Jae Wan.

Then Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan. From not on she will protect him. The only thing he has to do so that Lee Joong Goo can’t touch him is to look into Mo Ne’s eyes. After all into Jae Wan’s eyes is only Mo Ne.

This is the perfect time for Jae Wan to give Mo Ne a present. Her father’s last journal. That one that Baek Mi Nyeo didn’t knew about.

Roman lost a lot of money. For the last 6 years he’s been investing in a paper company. A company that Chairman Ah made, because he didn’t trusted Roman Lee. Now Jae Wan found out about it. With that money Jae Wan brought 20 %of Ciel Hotel’s shares from the minor shareholders. And with this 20% he can stop Baek Mi Nyeo for now.

Upset that Jae Wan interfered with her plans, Baek Mi Nyeo hits and insults Jae Wan.

Baek Mi Nyeo:”People like you need to get beaten.”

But Jae Wan is used being beaten. All his life he was beaten,so by now he got used to it. Jae Wan grabs Baek Mi Nyeo by her collar and tells her that this is just the beginning.

Jae Wan:” I will drop you to the ground.”

Back to his office, Jae Wan received from Cha Su Ahn, Romna Lee’s background information. Between those information there was also Roman’s adoption papers. And on that papers, Jae Wan saw the name, Lee Ju Han. Realizing that Roman Lee is Ju Han, his younger brother, Jae Wan rushes to him.

When he sees Jae Wan, Roman comes to him and grabs him by the collar.

Roman:” I warned you not to touch mu mother. As I said, you’re going to die by my hands.”

Roman wants to hit Jae Wan, but Jae Wan calls his name.

Jae Wan:” Ju Han! My little brother… You are Ju Han , right?”

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6 Responses to Hotel King Ep 24 ~Jae Wan:” Ju Han! My little brother… You are Ju Han , right?”

  1. deedum says:

    can someone please tell me how did mo ne find out cha jae wan’s orginal name is hyun woo? (when she smsed him about him drinking coffee at night she called him hyun woo)
    did i miss out anything before this ep??

  2. Pattycakes says:

    Does Roman Lee knew from the start that Cha Jae Wan is Hyun Woo? There was a part where Baek asked Roman if Hyun Woo was dead and he said yes.

    • lemonmirae says:

      At that moment Roman knew that Jae Wan is Hyun Woo. Roman found out who Jae Wan is in episode 19 or episode 20 when they were in the sauna and he saw Jae Wan’s tattoo, the wings from his back. After that Roman investigated and found that Jae Wan is Hyun Woo. Until that moment Roman believed that Hyun Woo was dead.

      • Pattycakes says:

        Thank you. How did the kids get to the U.S in the first place and lastly, why did mom Baek say that Vice Chairman killed their son Hyun Woo in Episode 23 but then she went to the US. Searched and questioned young Roman if he’s sure that his real son Hyun was dead,he said yes and even attended the funeral that is why he was adopted.

      • lemonmirae says:

        I don’t know how the kids get to the US. They didn’t say. They only said that Hyun Woo was raised by his mother until he was 1 years old and then his father, Lee Joong Goo, put him for adoption. So maybe the gang members they were with in the first episode took them and put them to beg for money. Or Lee Joong Goo send Hyun Woo to US so that his mother wont find him….that’s what i think…
        In one of the episodes, Baek Mi Nyeo remembers the car accident she was, the same accident that Lee Joong Goo lost his leg…so maybe after she recovered she found her son in New York and went to look for him. But Lee Joong Goo already took him and changed his name in Cha Jae Wan, making everyone believe that Jaden died.
        In the first episode Roman, whose name was Ju Han and Hyun Woo were with a gang members in New York. Because they didn’t get that much money from begging that day, the boss of the gang beat then. The boss beat Ju Han that much that left him unconscious. When Hyun Woo saw Ju Han fool of blood, he shot the boss. That night Lee Joong Goo took Hyun Woo and made him believe that he killed the boss. Because Hyun Woo disappeared, Ju Han ( young Roman) thought that he died.
        Old Roman lied to his mother, at first, because he thought that if she will know that her real son is alive, she will forget him and abandon him…

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