“Wonderful Days” ep 34~ Dong Ju:” Dad! I said dad! Dad!”

Dong Tak is filming a commercial. In that commercial he is the lead male and he has to propose to the lead actress. With flowers in his hands, Dong Tak heads towards the leading actress saying his lines. Suddenly he turns around. He goes to one of the bridesmaid and proposes to her. That bridesmaid is Hae Ju.

Dong Hui is working. Dong Won came to him and told him to turn around. Behind Dong Hui, Dong Ju was waiting. She wrote on paper “ dad”.

Dong Won can’t understand why does Dong Ju has to write it down, she can just call her father “dad”.

Dong Ju:” Dad! I said dad! Dad!”

Dong Hui, touched, pretends that he can’t see the letters and asks Dong Ju to read them for him. Happy that Dong Ju called him “dad”, Dong Hui hugs her. Dong Won jumps in. He wants a hug too.

After they broke up, Dong Ok is writing letters to Woo Jin. She is in her office writing a letter for Woo Jin.

Dong Seok came to see his sister’s office. He brought lunch and they spend some time together. Dong Ok needs to apologize to Hae Won, but Hae Won hasn’t come to their place in a while and she doesn’t answer her phone. Dong Seok can’t tell Dong Ok that he and Hae Won broke up so he just tells his sister that Hae Won must be really busy.

Meanwhile, Hae Won is looking for a place to move. She, Hae Ju and their mother will move away soon.

The next morning, Dong Seok is eating. When So Shim looks into the pot, she get upset and tells Young Chun to remake the food because grandfather doesn’t like it the way it is.

Then So Shim rushes into grandfather’s room. She is surprised to see that the grandfather isn’t there and the bed is missing. She gathered everyone and asked them where grandfather is. The family doesn’t know what to say or do. Because they don’t want So Shim to be hurt, Dong Tak and Dong Hui told her that Hae Won brought grandfather to the hospital.

Going to school Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju talk about grandfather. They can smell his poop in the room. They can still hear grandfather telling them to buy him snakes.

Back at home, So Shim finds strange that Hae Won took grandfather to the hospital. So she takes the phone and calls Hae Won. But Hae Won is surprised, she doesn’t understand what is going on and why is So Shim asking her at what hospital she took grandfather. Dong Seok takes the phone and stops So Shim from talking with Hae Won.

Dong Hui, Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik are with So Shim in her room. Dong Tak asked them to don’t let So Shim alone and don’t let Dong Seok talk with her. Dong Tak was afraid that Dong Seok will tell again So Shim that grandfather is dead.

Dong Seok enters the room, bringing So Shim’s dinner. He asks Dong Hui and their uncles to let him alone with the mother. Left alone with So Shim, Dong Seok tells So Shim again that grandfather is dead and that she should accept the truth and cry in front of them. Only when So Shim will cry in front of them then Dong Seok, Dong Tak, Dong Hui, Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and Young Chun will be able to cry grandfather’s dead.

After Dong Seok left the room, So Shim started crying. Outside her door, Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik, Young Chun, Dong Hui, Tae Seop and Dong Seok were crying too. That moment Hae Won came. Seeing Dong Seok crying, Hae Won consoled him.

Later Hae Won went into grandfather’s room. She needed to apologize for not being there when he died. So Shim came in and told Hae Won what grandfather’s last words for Hae Won were. The grandfather called Hae Won before he died because he wanted to tell her that the accident wasn’t her fault.

Chan Su came to play with Dong Won and Dong Ju. From Dong Won and Dong Ju’s house, Chan Su calls his uncle, Guk Su to tell him what Kim Ma Ri likes. Guk Su has a friend who is interested in Ma Ri. Hearing that Dong Won and Dong Ju gets upset and send Chan Su home. They want Ma Ri to marry Dong Hui.

Home, Ma Ri is upset too. She’s been waiting for two week for Dong Hui to call her after he broke up with her. Someone is at the door. Ma Ri opens the door. Dong Ju and Dong Won came to her house. They have the perfect excuse , Dong Ju didn’t understood something when she was studying.

Dong Ju:” We were doing homework and had a question…When I have a question, I must get an answer.”

Dong Won:” I can’t understand any of it.”

Upset because his mother doesn’t answer his calls, Mul calls Hae Ju out. When they meet, Mul asks Hae Ju to go at a blind date that he set for her with Zo In Sung. Hae Ju refuses. She can’t go to a blind date now. Hae Ju wants to know why Mul hates her that much. But Mul wants to know if Hae Ju likes his father more that Zo In Sung.

Suddenly Dong Tak arrives. Before coming to meet Hae Ju, Mul called Dong Tak too. The blind date that Hae Ju was supposed to meet was Dong Tak. Mul has decided to let Dong Tak and Hae Ju date.

Coming home, Dong Ok sees Woo Jin in front of his house. Woo Jin wants to leave, but he returns after seeing that Dong Ok doesn’t stop him. He asks Dong Ok why isn’t she stopping him. And Dong Ok tells him that she heard him talking with his mother. Dong Ok heard Woo Jin telling his mother that he will not meet Dong Ok again.

Ma Ri calls Dong Hui to come get Dong Won and Dong Ju. To make Ma Ri and Dong Hui meet and get back together, Dong Won and Dong Ju pretended that they fell asleep at Ma Ri’s house.

When he arrived, Dong Hui tries to wake up Dong Won and Dong Ju, but they keep pretend to be asleep. Dong Won wakes up for a while to tell Dong Hui that they fell asleep because its late, it isn’t Ma Ri’s fault. Dong Won was afraid that Dong Hui will get mad at Ma Ri like he did when she gave them a ride. Seeing Dong Won awake, Dong Hui tells him to wake Dong Ju and go home, but Dong Won goes back to sleep.

Dong Won:” That was what I wanted to say, but I’m too sleepy, so I have to sleep now.”

Dong Hui and Ma Ri end up taking the twins on their back to Dong Hui’s car. On their way, Ma Ri tells Dong Hui that she like him and she also likes Dong Won and Dong Ju. The only thing she wanted from Dong Hui was for him to tell her that he likes her too.

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