“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 13 ~Tian Xing:” Tell me you have no feelings for me.”

Home, Tao Zi is still thinking about Huan Huan. She feels responsible for what happened to Huna Huan. Tao Zi believes that if she wouldn’t have called Huan Huan , then Huan Huan wouldn’t have been invalid now.

When Miao comes to the room, Tao Zi doesn’t know how to tell Miao that Leo confessed to her. But Miao Miao already knew that Leo likes Tao Zi.

Miao, Jia Gai Xian, Leo, Tao Zi and Tian Xing are eating. Tian Xing gives them an idea about how to film a commercial. They need to film real reactions of some children for this commercial.

When Tian Xing tries to give some meat, vegetables or any kind of food to Tao Zi, Leo intervenes. Tian Xing ends up watching Leo giving food to Tao Zi.

The day of the filming has come. Everyone in Oz are at the hospital. The protagonists from the advertising will be some sick children. Miao comes from the car with some boxes. She sees Wang Ting Wei and goes to him to ask why did he came in late. But Miao Miao is impressed with Ting Wei when he tells her that he brought some pudding for the sick children.

During the filming one girl runs away. Tao Zi follows her, but on the hallway she meets Tian Xing and Huan Huan. Tao Zi avoids Tian Xing and goes after the little girl. When she found the girl, Tao Zi convinced her to participate in the commercial. Meantime, Tian Xing talks with the nurses about the girl the Tao Zi was chasing, Xiao Jie.

After the filming, everyone has returned to Oz. Now they are reading the children’s wishes. All children wanted toys are shoes, except for Xiao Jie. Her wish is to meet her brother. Jia Gai Xian, Miao and Tao Zi think that is an easy wish to fulfill. Tian Xing stops them. He tells them that Xiao Jie stopped her treatment when her brother died. Then brother that Xiao Jie wishes to see died trying to get the money for her treatment.

Later Tian Xing calls Leo out and gives him Xiao Jie’s neighborhood’s phone number. He will not interfere in Oz’s advertisings, but he will watch everyone.

Tian Xing:” I hope you will help her complete this task.”

At home, Tian Xing is playing with Tao Zi’s brother’s ball. He thinks that the day to return Le Yuan’s ball to Tao Zi has come. The same time, Tao Zi is looking at Le Yuan’s pictures and asks her mother for her brother’s ball.

Later, Huan Huan called Tao Zi out. Seeing Huan Huan, Tao Zi apologizes to her. But Huan Huan asks Tao Zi to stop apologizing because it’s not her fault. Then Huan Huan starts crying. She tells Tao Zi that she is afraid to become a burden to Tian Xing. She is afraid that Tian Xing will stop visiting her.

Well…if Huan Huan doesn’t want to be a burden for Tian Xing then why is she lying to him.

The day when the people from Oz fulfill the children wishes and finish their filming has arrived. The children run happy to get their presents, all except Xiao Jie. Her wish was to see her brother, but her brother is in heaven. Xiao Jie runs away, crying.

Tao Zi takes the box with Xiao Jie’s name and goes after Xiao Jie. From Xiao Jie’s family, Tao Zi got the present that Xiao Jie’s brother got for her before he died. Since Xiao Jie refuses to open the box, Tao Zi opens her heart and tells Xiao Jie about her own brother, Le Yuan. Convinced by Tao Zi’s story, Xiao Jie opens the present. Inside there was also a note from her brother. Xiao Jie’s wish was fulfilled too.

Xiao Jie:” I want to live on. Xiao Jie.”

Happy that she could make Xiao Jie smile, Tao Zi is walking home. On her way she sees her brother. She apologize to Le Yuan for not being able to protect his agency, but she promises him that she will get the agency back and she will protect his dream.

Le Yuan:”Instead of continuing my dreams, I hope for you to have your own dream even more.”

After telling her that, Le Yuan disappeared. Suddenly, Tao Zi sees Le Yuan sitting on a bench and playing with his ball. She runs to him. But when she arrived to that bench she didn’t see Le Yuan, she saw Tian Xing.

Tian Xing gets up and shows the ball to Tao Zi. She is surprised to see her brother’s ball in Tian Xing’s hands. But Tian Xing tells her the truth.

Tian Xing:”12 years ago, brother Le Yuan was filming a scene, and he saved a little boy. That’s me.”

Hearing Tian Xing, Tao Zi remembers the day that Le Yuan died. She also remembers meeting Tian Xing that day.

Huan Huan is happy, waiting for Tian Xing. She asks Lance when Tian Xing will arrive. She doesn’t know what to do. What will she do if Tian Xing will not love her the way she lives him. Lance told Huan Huan that it doesn’t matter who Tian Xing loves. As long as Huan Huan loves Tian Xing, she should do whatever she can to get him.

Huan Huan’s treatment starts to show results. She can stand now. While Huan Huan was standing, Tian Xing arrived. Seeing Tian Xing, Huan Huan throws herself down, crying and saying that she can’t stand and that it hurts her. She looks at Lance and then starts crying even harder, pretending that she can’t stand up. Huan Huan does what Lance told her to do to get Tian Xing.

Tian Xing will be really disappointed when he will find out the truth. The day Tian Xign finds out that Huan Huan lied, will be that day Huan Huan will lose Tian Xing forever.

Leo is sending Tao Zi home. They talk about Le Yuan. All of a sudden Leo stops and asks Tao Zi if she remembers him saying that he will protect both Oz and her for the rest of his life.

Leo:” I will definitely make you forget that person who never existed.”

Then Tian Xing appears saying that he will not let Tao Zi go.

Tian Xing:” I won’t give up on Tao Le Si.”

Seeing Tao Zi uncomfortable, Leo tries to make Tian Xing stop. He tries to get Tao Zi away. But Tian Xing is talking to her. He wants to know if she will accept Leo.

Tian Xing:” Tell me you have no feelings for me.”

But Tao Zi doesn’t say anything. She calls Leo and leaves.

Tian Xing is with Huan Huan. She asks him about Tao Zi. Tian Xing realizes the meaning behind Huan Huan’s question. Huan Huan wants to know if Tian Xing and Tao Zi’s relationship is well.

Tian Xing:”She thinks I’m a liar. Then again, people hate being lied to.”

Huan Huan tells Tian Xing how much she loves him. She is capable to make thinks that other peoples won’t do for him.

The way Huan Huan expressed her feelings for Tian Xing sounds more like a whim or an obsession, then love.


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