Hotel King Ep 25 ~Roman:” Hyung…let’s just live acting like we don’t know each other”

Cha Su Ahn brought to Jae Wan all the information she could find about Roman. Looking through the information, Jae Wan sees Roman’s name before the adoption. Roman’s name was Lee Ju Han.

Realizing that Roman Lee is his younger brother, Ju Han, Jae Wan rushes to him. On his way, Jae Wan remembers what Roman told him.

Roman:” Those wings…do they have a special meaning?”

            “ Since I deceived you from the beginning and I also need to keep deceiving you…”

            ”When you look at me…do you feel nothing at all?”

Now that he knows the truth, Jae Wan realizes the meaning behind all those words. He sees Roman and goes to him. Roman also approaches Jae Wan. But Roman is furious, Jae Wan hurt his mother. When Roman tries to hit him, Jae Wan calls his name.

Jae Wan:” Ju Han! My little brother… You are Ju Han , right? Ju Han, I’m…your hyung.”

But Roman’s answer wasn’t the one Jae Wan expected.

Roman:” Jayden hyung is dead. Even if he’s alive, he needs to be dead. Because I, not even once, ever thought that hyung abandoned me. Even when I was beaten up like a beast, and was knocked down by multiple people… because of the guilt that you died because of me, I always felt tormented and always longed for you… You’ve lived well without me all this time!”

Roman thinks that Jae Wan abandoned him, lived well on his own and forgot about him. So now, Roman wants Jae Wan to let everything the way it is. After all they aren’t real brothers.

Roman:” Hyung…let’s just live acting like we don’t know each other. Because we aren’t real brothers anyways.”

Roman leaves. Jae Wan stops him to apologize for not recognizing him from the beginning.

Roman:” Have you once…at least once…ever looked for me?”

Even if he wants them to leave like they don’t know each other, Roman is happy that Jae Wan is alive. For him that is enough.

Roman:” The one who was like heaven to me, Jayden, already died when I was 7 years old.”

Baek Mi Nyeo sends the hotel’s employees to kick Lee Joong Goo out of his house. But while they were getting Lee Joong Goo thinks out, Lee Joong Goo saw Roman. He goes to Roman and threatens him with telling Baek Mi Nyeo that Jae Wan is her son. Because Roman doesn’t want Lee Joong Goo to call his mother, he asks the employees to put Lee Joong Goo’s thinks back inside the house.

Home Roman asks Baek Mi Nyeo to leave the hotel. After all Chairman Ah is dead and Lee Joong Goo lost everything. But Baek Mi Nyeo doesn’t want to leave yet. For her Mo Ne and Jae Wan are the same as their father.

The same time, Jae Wan went to Mo Ne. He tells Mo Ne that Roman is his younger brother, Ju Han. Mo Ne is surprised. She always thought that it was Lee Joong Goo the one that beaten Jae Wan. Now she knows the Jae Wan had a hard life even before coming to stay with Lee Joong Goo.

Mo Ne consoles Jae Wan. She tells him that he couldn’t do anything to take Ju Han with him, they both were children.

To make more problems for the hotel, Baek Mi Nyeo fired all the employees that trust Jae Wan. Yoo Joon Sung gave Baek Mi Nyeo the list with Jae Wan’s people. In exchange of Yoo Joon Sung, Baek Mi Nyeo promised him a position of general manager at a great hotel in New York.

Followed by Mo Ne, Jae Wan enters Baek Mi Nyeo’s office and tries to make her change her mind. But they can’t. The only thing that Baek Mi Nyeo wants is to destroy Ciel.

Walking around Ciel, Cha Su Ahn received a phone call from someone she knows in America. That person told her that Yoo Joon Sung was supposed to become the general manager of a hotel in America, but everything was canceled.

Looking for Yoo Joon Sung, Cha Su Ahn hears him talking on the phone with Baek Mi Nyeo. That moment, Cha Su Ahn realized that Yoo Joon Sung betrayed Jae Wan.

Cha Su Ahn and Yoo Joon Sung went to talk. She asks him to explain why did he betrayed Jae Wan. In the end, Cha Su Ahn decided to tell Jae Wan the truth. But Yoo Joon Sung asks her to let him tell Jae Wan.

Yoo Joon Sung told Jae Wan what he did. He did all of that because he wanted to became a general manager faster. Hong Joon and Park Do Jin are disappointed. But Jae Wan is hurt. Jae Wan trusted and relied on Yoo Joon Sung.

Jae Wan and Mo Ne have decided to take legal measurement against Baek Mi Nyeo. The employees can sue Baek Mi Nyeo for firing them without a reason.

Mo Ne asked Sun Woo Hyun to gather the fired employees in one place and she brought them the papers they need to sign for the lawsuit.

Angry about Yoo Joon Sung’s betrayal, Jae Wan goes to Baek Mi Nyeo. But on his way, Jae Wan meets Roman.

Baek Mi Nyeo saved Roman when she adopted him. So Roman now can’t go against her, no matter what she wants. But Roman can’t fight Jae Wan neither now the he knows that Jae Wan is Jayden. And Jae Wan can’t let Baek Mi Nyeo ruin the hotel.

Roman:” It was better when we were enemies.”

Jae Wan:” I hope you won’t get hurt.”

Jae Wan leaves Roman to go look for Baek Mi Nyeo. Roman knows that if Jae Wan will put Yoo Joon Sung to jail for poisoning the quests, Yoo Joon Sung will take Baek Mi Nyeo with him. Because he doesn’t want his mother to be put in jail by her own son, Roman tells Jae Wan that he will take care of the employees and they will not be fired, but Jae Wan has to let go of what he knows about Yoo Joon Sung.

The old man from the small Ciel came by to bring Mo Ne the clothes she left at his house. In her dorm room, Mo Ne asks the old man about the girl who was in a picture with her father and Lee Joong Goo. The old man told Mo Ne that she was Baek Mi Yeon, her father’s secretary.

Later Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan’s house with the picture. She tells Jae Wan that the girl from that picture is his mother, Baek Mi Yeon.

In the morning, Jae Wan meets Mo Ne and Woo Hyun in the parking lot. Woo Hyun wants to leave them alone, but he sees a car approaching Jae Wan. Someone tried to kill Cha Jae Wan, but Woo Hyun saved him.

After the car that tries to run over Jae Wan left ,another car came by. It was Baek Mi Nyeo. She said that she heard noise and she thought that there must be something amusing around there. The one who tries to kill Jae Wan was Baek Mi Nyeo.

Left alone with Baek Mi Nyeo, Jae Wan asks her who can she try to kill him when she is a mother. Baek Mi Nyeo’s answer was that today Jae Wan was lucky, but he will not be lucky every day.

Because Baek Mi Nyeo told him that Lee Joong Goo knows why she tries to destroy the hotel, Jae Wan goes to see Lee Joong Goo.

Lee Joong Goo is taking Jae Wan to a place. There they find a grave. Lee Joong Goo tells Jae Wan that the grave is his mother’s grave.

Left alone with the grave, Jae Wan cries while talking with the grave.

Meantime, Mo Ne is looking around Baek Mi Nyeo’s office. She finds a picture with a woman and a baby. Reading what it was written on the picture, Mo Ne is shocked.

Picture:” 1982, the gift from heaven, Hyun Woo’s first birthday.”

Mo Ne recognizes the woman in the picture. It Baek Mi Yeon, Jae Wan’s mother and also Hyun Woo is Jae Wan’s real name. She starts suspecting that Baek Mi Nyeo could be Jae Wan’s mother.

Mo Ne calls Jae Wan. She tells him to come to the small Ciel. She goes there because she needs to ask something to the owner.

Arrived at the small Ciel, Mo Ne asks the owner about Baek Mi Yeo. The owner of small Ciel told Mo Ne everything that her father and Lee Joong Goo did to Baek Mi Yeo. She is shocked.

Later, Jae Wan comes happy. He tells Mo Ne that he went to see his mother’s grave.

Mo Ne:” Cha Jae Wan, will you just run away with me?”

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