“Wonderful Days” ep 35~ Dong Hui:”I’m more afraid and confused about you running away from me and my kids.”

Dong Seok and Hae Won are preparing for their wedding, now that they have their family’s blessing.

Dong Hui looks for a house to move in with Young Chun, Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Dong Won, Dong Ju and Mul make Ma Ri believe that Dong Hui loves her. Ma Ri goes to Dong Hui and they get back together.

Dong Seok fights Dong Hui when Dong Hui announce his family that he will move out with Young Chun.

Hae Won finds out that Hae Ju is pregnant and that the baby’s father is Dong Tak.

Episode 35

Hae Won is looking for wedding dress together with her mother and her sister. But suddenly Hae Ju starts feeling sick and runs to throw up. Hae Won follows her and insists that Hae Ju should see a doctor. Hae Ju refuses. She already knows what she has.

Home, after Hae Ju fell asleep, Hae Won finds inside Hae Ju’s bag a journal for pregnant women. She realizes that Hae Ju is pregnant.

The same time, Dong Tak was shopping with Dong Seok. He was buying Dong Seok a wedding gift.

While Young Chun cleans Dong Hui’s room, he is talking on the phone with someone. Dong Hui asked someone to look for an apartment where he, Young Chun, Dong Won and Dong Ju will be moving. Dong Hui doesn’t want Young Chun to be mistreated in So Shim’s house, so he decided to move with her and the twins.

Hearing Dong Hui talking on the phone, Young Chun tells him that he can’t leave his mother and move with her. To stop Dong Hui from insisting on moving together. Young Chun tells Dong Hui that she has a man and she will move with that man.

Ssang Ho opens Dong Hui’s room door. He came to tell Young Chun that a man called her. Dong Hui follows Young Chun and hears her talking with the man she says her boyfriend.

After hearing Young Chun talking to the man on the phone, Ssang Ho runs inside the house to tell So Shim and Tae Seop that Young Chun has a boyfriend.

Woo Jin came to see Dong Ok. But he doesn’t enter the house. Tae Seop sees him and asks him who he is and what is he doing there.

When he hears that Woo Jin is Dong Ok’s boyfriend and that he is a doctor, Tae Seop takes Woo Jin inside and goes to call Dong Ok. While Tae Seop calls Dong Ok, Woo Jin is eating with So Shim. When Tae Seop and Dong Ok entered the kitchen, Woo Jin was gone. But he forgot his phone so Dong Ok had to go return it to him.

Dong Won and Dong Ju wants Ma Ri as their mother. So they ask Mul for help. At first Mul said that he will help them, since he is an actor’s prodigy, but then he got scared. Dong Ju and Dong Won stop Mul from leaving. They said that if Mul doesn’t help them now they both will see Mul as a girl.

Mul and Dong Won hold Dong Ju up. She looks through the window and sees that Ma Ri is in the classroom. Dong Ju opens the door.

After Dong Ju opened the door, Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju stats talking about Dong Hui. They said that Dong Hui called Ma Ri in his dream and that he likes her. Ma Ri heard Mul and the twins talking and innocently believed them.

ep35.5                              ep35.6

Thinking that Dong Hui likes her enough to dream about her, Ma Ri goes to his working place. She hides and looks at Dong Hui. Seeing Dong Hui drinking water, Ma Ri starts daydreaming.

Suddenly Dong Hui rises his head and sees Ma Ri. The moment she saw that Dong Hui is looking at her, Ma Ri trips and falls down. Dong Hui comes to her, helps her get up and asks her why does she always falls when she sees him.

While Ma Ri puts ice on her ankle, Dong Hui left. Upset that Dong Hui left without her, Ma Ri leaves too. Outside, Dong Hui comes to her and hugs her. She wants to get away from his hug, but Dong Hui holds her. He tells Ma Ri that he doesn’t know much about love and how to treat a women. He is scared that she will leave him and Dong Won and Dong Ju. He opens up his heart and tells Ma Ri what he feels. If Ma Ri can’t handle until the end its better for both of them that they stop seeing each other.

Dong Hui:”I’m more afraid and confused about you running away from me and my kids.”

Ma Ri’s answer was that she will be by his side until the end. She will not run away.

The man that called Young Chun came to the restaurant. The moment Young Chun sees him, she sends him home. But suddenly Young Chun sees Dong Hui and changes her attitude towards the man. In front of Dong Hui, Young Chun acts like an in love woman towards Han Bin, the man that Tae Seop introduce to her.

Ssang Ho told So Shim that Han Bin came to see Young Chun so So Shim asks Young Chun to bring him in.

So Shim told Han Bin that she is Young Chun’s second cousin. When So Shim asked Han Bin where and how he met Young Chun, Tae Seop comes and signs Han Bin to not tell the truth. Tae Seop introduced Han Bin to Young Chun because he wants Young Chun to leave the house. But Tae Seop doesn’t want So Shim to know the truth.

Dong Seok and Hae Won are having dinner at a restaurant. At that restaurant a man is singing for his girlfriend. Hae Won envies that woman. She wants Dong Seok to do something like that for her too.

Seeing that Hae Won really wants to have that experience, Dong Seok goes on stage and sings for her in front of all the people from that restaurant.

In the morning, Ssang Ho tells Dong Tak and Ssang Shik about Han Bin’s visit. Inside his room, Dong Seok sees Dong Hui listening to what his uncles and older brother talk while pretending to be asleep.

Dong Seok goes out. Ssang Shik wants to talk with him and Dong Tak. They need to handle things out with Tae Seop, So Shim and Young Chun. But Dong Seok calls Dong Hui out. Dong Seok wants to hear Dong Hui’s opinion too. Should they kick Tae Seop out or should they ask Young Chun to leave.

Dong Hui:” Why are you asking me? Doesn’t everyone think the old woman should move out?”

Then Dong Hui calls Young Chun. He asks her when is she moving out with Han Bin. And if things don’t work out well with Han Bin, he will take her and move out.

Dong Hui:” If things don’t work out with him, I’ll move out with her, so don’t worry about it. I’ll move out with the family pariah, so don’t worry. We’ll disappear so stop worrying!”

Everyone is surprised by Dong Hui’s words. Dong Seok is angry. How can Dong Hui say something like that. Doesn’t Dong Hui sees them as family. Dong Hui and Dong Seok fight.

Dong Seok:” Just try leaving this house. I’ll kill you right then and there.”

Hae Won can’t wait anymore. She asks Hae Ju who is the father of her baby. But Hae Ju can’t tell her. So Hae Won calls Dong Tak. Hae Won knows that Dong Tak and Hae Ju are friends so she thought that Dong Tak might know how is the man that Hae Ju is seeing, the father of her baby. But Dong Tak can’t tell her.

At home, Hae Ju is feeling sick. She tries calling Dong Tak, but he can’t talk. He is with Hae Won.

After Hae Won left Dong Tak called Hae Ju.

Hae Won called Hae Ju too. But someone answered Hae Ju’s phone saying that Hae Ju can’t talk, she is on her way to the hospital.

Arrived at the hospital, Hae Won hears Dong Tak apologizing to Hae Ju for letting her suffer alone like that.

Dong Tak:” Baby, daddy’s really sorry.”

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