Hotel King Ep 26 ~Mo Ne:” She’s your mother! “

Jae Wan came excited to the small Ciel. He visited his mother’s grave. But he encounters Mo Ne sad and crying.

Mo Ne:” Cha Jae Wan, you should just…run away with me.”

Jae Wan asks Mo Ne what is wrong. Has Baek MiNyeo done anything to her again. But how can Mo Ne tell Jae Wan that his mother isn’t dead. How can Mo Ne tell Jae Wan that his mother is Baek Mi Nyeo, the woman who tried to kill him in the morning.

Later, when Mo Ne is calmer, Jae Wan tell her that she shouldn’t be afraid of Baek Mi Nyeo. She should trust him. After all, Jae Wan grow up in a scary place, where he couldn’t fight back. But now he can fight back.

Woo Hyun is walking around the hotel. He sees Roman and stops him to tell Roman about the incident in the morning.

Woo Hyun tell Roman that someone tried to kill Jae Wan in the morning. It was to early for someone to be there, but someone appeared. It was Roman’s mother and the hotel’s CEO, Baek Mi Nyeo.

Hearing what Woo Hyun said, Roman is worried that something might happened to Jae Wan and he is also shocked that his mother tried to do something like that. After Woo Hyun left, Roman remembers that Baek Mi Nyeo when out early in the morning and when she got back she told Roman that she scolded an employee.

Back to the sea side, Mo Ne asks Jae Wan to remain there that night. Considering that they didn’t have a proper date, Jae Wan accepts. They play on the beach and Jae Wan carries Mo Ne on his back.

In the night, Mo Ne asks Jae Wan if the first night when they came to the small Ciel was the night that he found out that Lee Joong Goo is his father. And if that is the reason he left her. Also Mo Ne wants to know if he will leave her again if he founds something like that again.

Everyone is supposed to receive a certain amount of love during his live. If that person doesn’t receive that love from his parents during childhood, he will receive is in his adult life. Mo Ne wants to be the person who will give Jae Wan all the love he didn’t receive during childhood.

Jae Wan:” I love you!”

Mo Ne:”You promise that you will never leave me, no matter what happens. I won’t leave you either.”

Jae Wan and Mo Ne spend the night together. During the night Mo Ne wakes up. She looks at Jae Wan. Mo Ne doesn’t know what she should do to protect him. She doesn’t want Jae Wan to be hurt again. But he will be when he will find out that the woman who tried to kill him is his mother.

The next morning, Mo Ne and Jae Wan return to the hotel. Jae Wan wants to report Baek Mi Nyeo to the prosecutors. Mo Ne asks him is he really has to do that. She says that she wants to fight Baek Mi Nyeo on her own. She just doesn’t want Jae Wan to fight his birth mother.

Then Mo Ne goes to Baek Mi Nyeo’s office. Mo Ne needs to hear Baek Mi Nyeo say that she didn’t kill Mo Ne’s father.

Mo Ne:” If it was truly you, then that person…he won’t be able to endure it.”

Roman takes Mo Ne out of Baek Mi Nyeo’s office. He tells her that his mother didn’t kill chairman Ah. But Mo Ne doesn’t believe him. She thinks that this is what Roman wants to believe because Baek Mi Nyeo is his mother.

Mo Ne asks Roman to forgive Jae Wan, because Jae Wan didn’t abandon him. Lee Joong Goo lied to Jae Wan that Roman was adopted by a good family.

Then Mo Ne asks Roman to leave with Baek Mi Nyeo. Cha Jae Wan and Baek Mi Nyeo have to stop fighting each other.

Mo Ne:” They are two people who should never fight each other. They need to be stopped. I want to stop them, but there’s nothing that I can do. Because…”

Roman:”She is his mother.”

Jae Wan and Cha Su Ahn are gather evidence against Baek Mi Nyeo.

The same time Baek Mi Nyeo went to see John Howard. She tells John Howard that she has enough evidence to send him to prison. But she will not send him to prison. Baek Mi Nyeo needs John Howard. She needs him as an investor. If John Howard invest in Ciel, Baek Mi Nyeo can destroy the hotel.

Coming home, Jae Wan finds Roman waiting for him in front of his house. They exercise together. Then they went inside.

Roman asks Jae Wan to not report his mother. If Jae Wan won’t report Baek Mi Nyeo to the prosecutors, Roman will help Jae Wan to dismiss Baek Mi Nyeo from her position. He will leave with his mother for good. For Baek Mi Nyeo, Roman is the most important person at the moment. And Roman can’t live without his mother.

Roman:” I…love my mother a lot.”

Hearing Roman say all those things, Jae Wan is happy. He thinks that Roman received a lot of love growing up.

Roman:” No, for 20 years, the one who really received love, was not me, but you, hyung. Not even once, mother has ever looked at me properly. She wanted to see you through me. I lived with lots of effort as a son who received love instead of you. I’m sorry.”

Later, Jae Wan went to see Mo Ne at the dorm. He went to tell Mo Ne his decision. Jae Wan decided to not report Baek Mi Nyeo to the prosecutors. He decided that because Roman asked him and also because if Jae Wan will report Baek Mi Nyeo, Roman will have to suffer too.

Jae Wan believes that Mo Ne will be upset by his decision, but Mo Ne is happy with it. She doesn’t want Jae Wan to fight his mother.

So Moon Jung and Go San went to the rooftop for a secret dating. There they saw Jae Wan and Mo Ne hugging and went back to tell to everyone.

Yoon Da Jung is envious. It must be nice to date and work in the same time. Her coworker Jin Jung Hyun, who is secretly in love with her, tells her that she can do that to. He was referring to himself, but Da Jung said that for dating she needs a man. Da Jung turns around and asks Woo Hyun what kind of girls he likes.

Woo Hyun:”I don’t like girls who call me “oppa”.”

Jae Wan went to plan some flowers to his mother’s grave. But a man came and asked him who is he and what is he doing there. When Jae Wan said that he wants to plant some flowers to his mother’s grave, the man told him that is that grave is buried an old man who died alone. Jae Wan realizes that Lee Joong Goo lied to him.

Going back to Lee Joong Goo’s place, Jae Wan received a phone call from Roman. Jae Wan and Roman went together to talk with 2 directors form the hotel. They told the directors to be by their side and accept the dismissal of Baek Mi Nyeo.

After the meeting with the 2 directors, Jae Wan and Roman left together. In the car, Roman tells Jae Wan that he bought the big house that they were dreaming at when they were children. Talking about how his life was after Jae Wan left, Roman tells Jae Wan that he was beaten by the boss. Shocked, Jae Wan stops the car. He realizes that the man who he thought he killed when he was a boy, is alive. Lee Joong Goo made him a killer, when the man that Jae Wan shot was still alive.

After Jae Wan shot him, the boss couldn’t use his leg for awhile. Out of revenge the boss beat Roman and made him pay instead of Jae Wan.

He lived 20 years thinking that he is a murdered. Jae Wan goes home, opens his safe, remembers the day that Lee Joong Goo took him to the boss’s funeral and called him a killer. Jae Wan takes the gun and goes to Lee Joong Goo’s house.

At Lee Joong Goo’s house, Jae Wan asks Lee Joong Goo to go with him to his mother’s grave, one more time. Jae Wan said that he can’t remember the way.

The same time, Baek Mi Nyeo received some pictures and she knows about Jae Wan and Roman meeting with the directors.

Roman met Song Chae Kyung and asked her to vote for his mother’s dismissal too. She is surprised. Why is Roman asking her to do something that will benefit Jae Wan and Mo Ne. She doesn’t want to help them. Roman ends up telling her the reason why she will help him.

Roman:”If hyung is in pain, you’re someone who can’t do anything.”

Chae Kyung is surprised. She heard Jae Wan talking about his younger brother, Ju Han, but she didn’t expect that Roman is Ju Han.

Also Roman isn’t doing all that to help Mo Ne and Jae Wan. Roman wants his mother dismissed so they could leave together as soon as possible. He is afraid that if Baek Mi Nyeo finds out that Jae Wan is her son, she will throw Roman away.

Arrived at the grave, Lee Joong Goo says that they should put a headstone at the grave so Jae Wan will be able to find it even when he is alone. That moment, Jae Wan asks Lee Joong Goo what name, what gender should he put on the headstone. What is his mother’s date of birth.

Jae Wan takes out the gun and turns it against Lee Joong Goo. Afraid that Jae Wan will shot him, Lee Joong Goo gets on his knees and apologizes to Jae Wan.

Lee Joong Goo trips and falls. Jae Wan goes to him and shots him. But the gun didn’t have bullets. Jae Wan doesn’t want to be a murderer. Cha Jae Wan shot Lee Joong Goo with a gun without bullets, but is his head he killed Lee Joong Goo.

Jae Wan:” Now, Lee Joong Goo doesn’t exist in this world. I’ve killed you.”

Cha Jae Wan throws the gun and leaves, letting Lee Joong Goo there. Lee Joong Goo calls him. He can’t move without his cane, but Jae Wan didn’t come back.

After letting Lee Joong Goo on the hill, Jae Wan comes home and calls Mo Ne over. Thinking that something might have happened to Jae Wan, Mo Ne runs over o his house. When she enters the house, Jae Wan runs to her and kisses her.

Jae Wan is free now. He is not a murderer. He can be happy. He can smile.

The day on Baek Mi Nyeo’s dismissal has come. Jae Wan is ready to go to the meeting. In front of his house Yoo Joon Sung was waiting for him with an envelope. In that envelope there was the evidence of what Baek Mi Nyeo intends to do to destroy the hotel with John Howard’s help.

Later, Jae Wan calls Roman and tells him that he never forgot about him and that he is sorry.

Jae Wan:” I’m sorry, Ju Han !”

In Baek Mi Nyeo’s office enters the prosecutors. Jae Wan was apologizing for not sticking to their plan. He went to the envelope that Yoon Joon Sung to the prosecutors and now they’ve come to arrest Baek Mi Nyeo.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” After today, you’ve lost everything. Everything important to you.”

While she is arrested, Baek Mi Nyeo threatens Jae Wan.

Alone in Baek Mi Nyeo’s office, Jae Wan sees the picture with him, as a baby and his mother, Baek Mi Yeon. He runs towards Baek Mi Nyeo to ask her why she has that picture and if she knew his mother. On the hallway, Jae Wan meets Mo Ne.

Mo Ne:” She’s your mother! Baek Mi Nyeo, she’s the person who gave birth to you and the one who gave you the name Hyun Woo. She’s your mother.”

Shocked, Jae Wan runs to Baek Mi Nyeo. But she is already gone.

Jae Wan runs after the prosecutors car in which Baek Mi Nyeo was….

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