“Wonderful Days” ep 36~Dong Hui:” Kiss Kim Ma Ri.”

Hae Won’s family is coming for dinner at Dong Seok’s house. Drunk Dong Tak tells everyone that he and Hae Ju will get married too because Hae Ju is carrying his child.

Mul, Dong Ju and Dong Won calls Dong Hui and tells him that they heard Ma Ri talking in her sleep and saying that she loved Dong Hui and she wants to marry him. That moment Dong Hui was with Ma Ri and he kisses her.

Episode 36

So Shim calls Dong Hui to her room. She scolds him for asking Young Chun to leave the house. How can he kick his mother out, when he is a parent too, is what So Shim asks him. Dong Hui starts joking around and telling So Shim that she can’t take care of Young Chun for the rest of her life. She should let Young Chun go. And Young Chun should meet a nice man and get married.

So Shim is more scared that Dong Hui will leave with Young Chun. To calm down So Shim, Dong Hui tells her that he can’t leave because Dong Seok said that he will kill him if Dong Hui leaves the house. If he will have to save So Shim and Young Chun, Dong Hui will save So Shim first.

Dong Hui:” If you and old woman both fall into the sea, I’d save you first.”

Leaving So Shim’s room, Dong Hui sees Young Chun. She heard everything he said. He feels bad for hurting Young Chun.

Dong Tak went to Dong Seok office. He has to tell Dong Seok about Hae Ju and the baby. While he waits for Dong Seok, Dong Tak talks on the phone with Jo Won. Dong Tak was supposed to be the lead actor in a movie. But when he didn’t want to renew his contract with the club he was working at, Dong Tak got into a fight with the men from the club. Because of the fight, Dong Tak will not be in the movie anymore.

When Dong Seok arrives, Dong Tak tries to tell him about Hae Ju, but he can’t. Dong Tak ends up saying to Dong Seok that he just wanted to congratulate him for his wedding.

The same time Hae Won is with Hae Ju in the hospital. Hae Ju believes that if Hae Won would not have pressured her, she wouldn’t be in the hospital now. Hae Ju is carrying the baby of the man she loves but she can’t tell anyone about it.

Tae Seop likes Woo Jin. The only thing Tae Seop sees is that Woo Jin is a doctor so he must have a lot of money. That is why Tae Seop wants Woo Jin to marry Dong Ok.

Tae Seop called Woo Jin over. Woo Jin came to Dong Ok’s house. He wanted to come, but he didn’t have an excuse.

Happily, Tae Seop brings Woo Jin inside. When she sees Woo Jin, So Shim brings Woo Jin into the kitchen and asks him to stop coming over and to stop seeing Dong Ok. So Shim feels that Woo Jin is seeing Dong Ok because he feels sorry for her and he feels responsible for making her fall in love with him. Woo Jin tries to explain to So Shim that he doesn’t feel sorry for Dong Ok, he loves her. But So Shim doesn’t listen to him. She just wants her daughter to be happy.

After So Shim and Tae Seop left the kitchen, Dong Ok who heard the conversation came in and asked Woo Jin to stop coming over

Ma Ri came to see Dong Hui. Seeing him sad and lost in his thoughts, Ma Ri tries to make him feel better by asking him to choose from 4 things that she asked him.

Ma Ri:” What should you do when you’re depressed?

            No.1: eat chocolate cake with Kim Ma Ri.

            No.2: enjoy chicken and beer with Kim Ma Ri.

            No.3: watch an action film with Kim Ma Ri.

            No.4: do numbers 1 to 3 with Kim Ma Ri.”

But Dong Hui doesn’t choose neither, he wants no.5, the number that Ma Ri didn’t say. The go in park. While they were spending their time together on the bench, Dong Hui received a phone call. Mul, Dong Ju and Dong Won called him to tell him that Ma Ri fell asleep during class and she dreamed about Dong Hui. They kids said that in her dream Ma Ri said that she wants to get married with Dong Hui, that she will be a good mother to Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Immersed in his acting, Dong Won told that Ma Ri in her sleep said that she will be a good mother and she will give Dong Won all the answers to the tests.

After the phone call, embarrassed Ma Ri said that Mul, Dong Won and Dong Ju did the same thing to her. They are acting.

While Ma Ri was saying that the children were acting, Dong Hui kissed her.

Dong Hui:” This is No.5. Kiss Kim Ma Ri.”

Because Hae Won’s family is coming over for dinner, Tae Seop offended Young Chun. Tae Seop wants Young Chun to move from his house.

Upset from Tae Seop’s words, Young Chun leaves. On the street, Young Chun meets Dong Hui. She tells him that she is going to meet a friend for dinner.

Dong Hui follows Young Chun. He sees her eating alone and goes to her. Upset that Dong Hui followed her and he didn’t go home for the family dinner, Young Chun leaves telling him to stop following her because she need to think about some things and she wants to be alone. While she was leaving, Young Chun’s slipper tear and she fell down. Dong Hui takes Young Chun into his arms and puts her on a bench. The he take Young Chun’s slippers and leaves. When he comes back, Dong Hui brought Young Chun a new pair of slipper and tells her to not lie to him about having a relationship with Han Bin.

Hae Ju refuses to go to dinner at Dong Tak’s house. In the end she agrees on going to dinner.

Dong Tak didn’t know that Hae Ju and her mother will come to dinner, so he got drunk. Now he doesn’t know what to do, should he go inside or should he miss the dinner.

When Hae Won arrived with Hae Ju and their mother, Ssang Ho is really happy to see Hae Ju.

Hae Ju:” You almost scared the baby out of me!”

To change the subject, after Hae Ju said “baby”, Hae Won said that they should start eating.

When Dong Ok sees Hae Won’s mother, she hides after So Shim. Hae Won’s mother and Hae Ju were really mean to Dong Ok and Dong Ok is still scared of them.

Hae Won’s mother apologizes to So Shim and Dong Ok for how she treated them. Then Hae Won’s mother and Hae Ju get on their knees and apologize together.

Dong Tak enters. He sees Hae Ju on her knees and gets mad. How can a pregnant woman be on her knees, he said. Then Dong Tak gets on his knees and apologizes for announcing the families like that , but he and Hae Ju will have to get married too.

Home, Hae Ju is beaten by her mother. Hae Won stops her mother from hitting her sister. The mother stops when Hae Ju said that she is pregnant with Dong Tak’s child.

At the Kang family house, Dong Tak also insists that he will get married with Hae Ju no matter what. When So Shim, Ssang Ho, Ssang Shik and Tae Seop told him that he should break up with Hae Ju, Dong Tak said that he can’t do that because Hae Ju is carrying his child.

Hae Won called Dong Seok to tell him that she will not back down this time. During his conversation with Hae Won on the phone, Dong Seok hears Dong Tak saying that Hae Ju is pregnant with his child.

Everyone is getting ready. They need to go to the wedding. Dong Ju and Dong Won are practicing under Mul’s surveillance. Ssang Ho and Ssang Shik are dressed. Dong Ok is more beautiful than a bride. So Shim in convincing Young Chun to get dressed and come to the wedding.

Tae Seop woke up late. To be sure that the family won’t leave without him, Tae Seop took Dong Won as hostage.

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