Hotel King Ep 27 ~Roman:” Cha Jae Wan…is Hyun Woo. The son you’ve been longing for.”


Finding out that Baek Mi Nyeo is his mother, Jae Wan runs after the car that she is in. Baek Mi Nyeo is arrested by the prosecutors. But he isn’t able to reach the car.

Why do people in Korean dramas always run after a car? Of course you can’t run faster than a car… Wouldn’t be easier for Jae Wan to get into his car and follow the prosecutor car?

Back to the hotel’s entrance, Roman was waiting for Jae Wan. He is upset. Why did Jae Wan go to the prosecutors when they had a different plan.

Jae Wan:”Did you…already knew? The fact that she is…my mother?”

Jae Wan can’t believe that Roman knew and didn’t tell him. Did he think that hiding the fact that Jae Wan is Baek Mi Nyeo’s son was better for both of them. Roman tells Jae Wan that he hide it for his sake. Roman didn’t want to lose his mother.

Sun Woo Hyun is waiting for Mo Ne in front of her dorm room. He is worried about her. Woo Hyun can’t understand Mo Ne’s reaction after finding out that Jae Wan reported Baek Mi Nyeo to the prosecutors.

Yoon Da Jung is coming out of her room. Woo Hyun asks her if Mo Ne woke up. Da Jung tells him that Mo Ne came in really late and went out early in the morning. When Woo Hyun was leaving, Jin Jung Hyun comes. Seeing Woo Hyun, Jung Hyun hides. Jung Hyun went out to buy breakfast for Da Jung. Jin Jung Hyun likes Da Jung, but he didn’t confess yet.

Leaving the dorm, Woo Hyun sees Mo Ne and follows her. Mo Ne entered Chae Kyung’s office. She went to Chae Kyung to ask for help. Ah Mo Ne asked Song Chae Kyung to get Baek Mi Nyeo out of jail. In exchange Mo Ne will do everything that Chae Kyung wants. Even if Chae Kyung asks her to broke up with Jae Wan.

Because he followed Mo Ne, Woo Hyun heard their conversation. Woo Hyun heard Mo Ne telling Chae Kyung that Baek Mi Nyeo is Cha Jae Wan’s mother.

Going to work in the morning, Jae Wan finds Lee Joong Goo in front of his house. Lee Joong Goo came to tells him to spread the video with Baek Mi Nyeo in chairman Ah’s office the night that one died. Jae Wan pushes Lee Joong Goo down and tells him to never come near his house again.

At the hotel, Cha Su Ahn, Park Do Jin and Hong Joon are telling Jae Wan how things are going with Baek Mi Nyeo. Seems like she will get at least 5 years of prison. Jae Wan is worried for what could happened to Baek Mi Nyeo. He wants to get her out of prison now that he knows that she is his mother. But he doesn’t know what to do.

From Cha Su Ahn, Jae Wan found that Yoo Joon Sung is leaving. He goes and tells Joon Sung to unpack his luggage and get back to work.

At lunch time, Jae Wan went to see Baek Mi Nyeo in prison. Thinking that Roman came to see her, Baek Mi Nyeo goes to see her visitor. But when she sees that is Jae Wan, she turns around and returns to her cell.

Jae Wan brought Baek Mi Nyeo something to eat. He asked the officers there to give the bag to her. When Baek Mi Nyeo received the bag, she went wild. She trampled the bag with food and sends it back to Jae Wan. Baek Mi Nyeo thought that Jae Wan is making fun of her after putting her in jail.

In front of the police station, Roman was waiting for Jae Wan. They go together.

Roman tells Jae Wan how his live was with boss after he disappeared. At some point, beaten so hard, Ju Han was waiting to die so that he could meet Jayden in heaven. But suddenly, a woman came looking for “ Hyun Woo”. Because everyone thought that Hyun Woo was dead, the woman adopted Ju Han.

For years, Ju Han had to say stories about Hyun Woo, every day. At some point he began to invent stories about Hyun Woo to make his mother smile. Sometimes, Baek Mi Nyeo was calling Ju Han with her son’s name, she was calling him “ Hyun Woo”.

So when he found out that Jayden is alive, Ju Han was happy. But he was afraid that he will lose his mother to Jae Wan.

Mo Ne is at Jae Wan’s house. She brought him a painting similar to the one he broke the day he found out that Lee Joong Goo was his father. And also Mo Ne prepared food for the both of them. That night Mo Ne and Jae Wan will get drunk. By doing all of that, Mo Ne is trying to make Jae Wan feel better.

Mo Ne is drunk. She apologizes to Jae Wan for all the things her father did to Baek Mi Nyeo in the past, that made Baek Mi Nyeo the person she is now. If chairman Ah and Lee Joong Goo wouldn’t have hurt Baek Mi Nyeo in the past, Jae Wan might have had a happy life, with his mother.

Go San, No Ah and Jang Ho Il go for drinks. They see Woo Hyun and ask him to come with them. But Woo Hyun refuses. He is going home that night.

Suddenly, Go San received a text message and told Jang Ho Il and No Ah that he has a stomachache and has to go to his room. No Ah saw the text and the heart that was in it.

Jang Ho Il and No Ah follow Go San to see who is he meeting. And they saw Go San with his girlfriend. Go San’s girlfriend is the woman that Jang Ho Il thought is in love with him, So Moon Joong.

In the morning Jae Wan goes to Roman. He needs to tell Roman what they will do from now on. Jae Wan tells Roman that his mother died a long time ago. Jae Wan knows that his mother loved him and that she did all those things she did out of revenge. Now Jae Wan wants Baek Mi Nyeo to forget everything and take care of herself. For Baek Mi Nyeo to forget the past and move on with her life, she never has to find out the Cha Jae Wan is her son Hyun Woo. So Jae Wan gives Roman 2 plane tickets and asks him to leave with Baek Mi Nyeo to America. Jae Wan also tells Roman to never say to Baek Mi Nyeo that he is Hyun Woo.

Jae Wan goes to Baek Mi Yeon’s house. He imagines how Baek Mi Yeon was and what she wished for him. While crying, Jae Wan sees Baek Mi Nyeo wiping his tears and telling him to stop crying.

Jae Wan:” I won’t cry. I’m okay.”

Then Jae Wan prepares something for Baek Mi Nyeo to eat.

Thinking that the son that went to Baek Mi Yeon’s house is Roman, Baek Mi Nyeo calls him to say that she is almost there. Roman tells her that he had t leave first, but he prepared a small gift for her.

Arrived at the house, Baek Mi Nyeo sees the food that Jae Wan made for her. She eats the food believing that Roman made it.

Later Baek Mi Nyeo goes home. She needs to change he clothes and go to the hotel. At home Roman was waiting for her with the plane tickets that Jae Wan gave him. He told Baek Mi Nyeo that the two of them will leave the next day. But she refuses. She says that she still has things to do at the hotel.

Roman asks Baek Mi Nyeo if she can’t look at him for once instead of the hotel, Hyun Woo and her revenge. But she told him to wait. How long will Roman have to wait? He has been waiting for 20 years now….

Angry Baek Mi Nyeo came to the hotel. She scolds the employees. Jae Wan drags her out of the lobby. He takes Baek Mi Nyeo to the office and says goodbye to her because he heard that she is leaving. Mad, Baek Mi Nyeo vents her anger on Jae Wan.

Mo Ne called Roman. When he enters his mother office, Roman sees Baek Mi Nyeo trying to strangle Jae Wan.

When Roman entered the room, Jae Wan wants to leave. But Roman stops him. Looking at Baek Mi Nyeo, Roman tells her the truth.

Roman:” It’s Hyun Woo! General Manager…Cha Jae Wan…is Hyun Woo. The son you’ve been longing for.”

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