“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 14 ~Tao Zi:” Lu Tian Xing, don’t leave me ever again.”

Tao Le Si received a letter from Xiao Jie. After reading the letter, Tao Le Si called Tian Xing. She wanted to show him the letter, after all Xiao Jie is happy now and she accepts her treatment thanks to Tian Xing’s effort.

Tao Zi asks Tian Xing if he still keeps Huan Huan company. Tian Xing answers her that except from keeping Huan Huan company and coming to Oz he has nowhere to go. He realized that except from the people from Oz, he doesn’t have any friends. But, now even the people from Oz sees him as an enemy.

They end up talking about why Le Yuan named his company “Oz”. Before leaving, Tian Xing takes a photo of him and Tao Zi. Jokingly, he tells Tao Zi that he wants to send the photo to Leo.

Tao Zi went to accompany Huan Huan for her treatment. But Huan Huan sends her home. She must feel uncomfortably to have Tao Zi next to her. Tao Zi is nice to her, but she lies to everyone, just to keep Tian Xing by her side. I’m sure that Tian Xing will not see her when he discovers the truth. Even if is more live Huan Huan’s mother and Lance the ones that are in the wrong. Huan Huan is more like a naïve little girl….

Leaving, Tao Zi hears Lance and Tian Xing talking. She hears Tian Xing defending Oz in front of Lance. He was also forbidding Lance to get involved in any decisions regarding Oz.

To force Tian Xing stay with them forever, Lance and his mother sold Oz.

At Oz, while everyone is happy because they received the poster from their last commercial, a man enters looking for Tao Le Si. He represents the company that is Oz’s new owner.

Jia Gai Xian is furious. He screams and wants to hit Ting Wei. Jia Gai Xian knows that Tian Ji Advertising sold Oz. But he doesn’t know that it wasn’t Tian Xing.

When Tian Xing finally arrives, Jia Gai Xian and Miao Miao ask him what happened. Why did he sold Oz? Jia Gai Xian can’t hold it anymore. He is furious. He screams and hits Tian Xing. But Ting Wei intervened. Ting Wei must suspect that it was Lance and not Tian Xing.

Seeing everyone fighting, Tao Zi stops them saying that it was her fault. She wasn’t the one that didn’t protect Oz so everyone should stop fighting. Then Tao Zi runs away.

Tao Zi left Oz in a hurry. Worried Tian Xing followed her. She passes a railroad crossing and her car stops. Something is wrong with Tao Zi’s car.

Tian Xing stops his car before the railroad crossing. He gets out of his car and wants to go to Tao Zi. But he suddenly starts to feel sick. He calls Tao Zi.

Looking at him feeling sick, Tao Zi remembers the time that she was with Tian Xing in his car and before a railroad crossing he started to feel sick. Them Tao Zi remembered that Tian Xing’s parents died in a train accident.

After the train passed, Tian Xing gets up and runs to Tao Zi. He hugs her.

Tian Xing:”Don’t be scared. I said I’d always protect you.”

But this time, Tao Zi wasn’t scared. She didn’t left because she was scared. She left because she wanted to calm down.

Tian Xing:”You are awesome!”

Tao Zi:”I am awesome…because of you. I want to be the strong, Tao Le Si, in your mind.”

Hearing Tao Zi’s words, Tian Xing is happy. For the first time Tao Zi isn’t mad at him. She must know it wasn’t Tian Xing the one that sold Oz, after hearing him talking with Lance the other day. Tian Xing hugs Tao Zi again asking her if she trust him.

Tao Zi:”I trust you.”

Tian Xing remembers Huan Huan’s mother’s words and he realizes that she was the one that sold Oz.

The next day, at Oz everyone is looking for information on the company who brought Oz. but they can’t find anything. Because neither of them finds anything about that company, Leo realizes that the company how brought Oz must be a “shell” company. It must be a company that was established just to buy Oz.

Ting Wei has tried to call Lance. But Lance doesn’t answers his phone. Ting Wei even went to look for Lance at Tian Ji, but he couldn’t find him. So returned to Oz, Ting Wei calls a friends of his, who is a lawyer. Seems like Ting Wei has became a Oz Advertising employee. He loves Oz the same as Miao, Jia Gai Xian, Leo, Tao Zi and even Tian Xing.

Tian Xing went to Huan Huan’s house. He meets there with Huan Huan, her mother and Lance. He asks them if everything that happens at OZ is their fault. He wants to know why Lance did this, knowing how important is Oz to him. Lu Tian Xing asks Huan Huan’s mother and Lance to stop what they are doing and return Oz .

Huan Huan’s mother begins the emotional blackmail. She reminds Tian Xing that she took care of him after his parents died and that she was like a mother to him. Lance and Huan Huan’s mother ends the conversation saying that if Tian Xing doesn’t want Oz to be demolished, she should marry Huan Huan.

How can she do that? Does she really think that if she forces Tian Xing to marry her daughter, Huan Huan will be happy? And how can she say that she sees Tian Xing as her son if she is doing that to him?

Disappointed and angry, Tian Xing arrives home. In front of the building Leo was waiting for him. Leo asked him if he resolved things. He knows that Lance and his mother are making problems for Oz because of Tian Xing. But Tian Xing doesn’t know what to say to Leo. He just stays quiet.

Leo:”I despise you. You’ve really disappointed me.”

Back to his apartment, Tian Xing thinks of Leo’s words, of what Miao Miao and Jia Gai Xian told him, the way they looked at him. His only friends hate him now. Also Tian Xing thinks of Tao Zi. Why every time Tian Xing and Tao Zi gets close something happens and they get apart from each other.

In the morning, Tian Xing went to Huan Huan’s house. He told Huan Huan’s mother that he accepts her conditions. Tian Xing will marry Huan Huan, but his condition is that Huan Huan’s mother will return Oz to Tao Le Si.

Later Tian Xing went to Oz and stopped Oz demolition. When Tao Zi asked him why did the people who came to demolish Oz stopped, Tian Xing avoided the answer and said that everything will be fine.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi met in front of Oz. Tao Zi asks him again what did he do to help her this time. She wants to know the truth. But Tian Xing can’t tell her that he will marry Huan Huan so that Tao Zi can have Oz back. Tian Xing asks Tao Zi if she will do what she said at the railroad crossing, trust him. Will Tao Zi trust in him no matter whatever happen. Tao Zi understands what Tian Xing wants to say and she stops asking.

Tian Xing sees that Tao Zi still wears the bracelet that Xiao Lu gave her. She says that she couldn’t take it down. Smiling Tian Xing takes out from his pocket the necklace he gave her a long time ago. That necklace is the key to her bracelet. He gives her the necklace and tells Tao Zi that if she wants to take the bracelet down it’s her decision. Even if all that Xiao Lu told her that day came from the heart. But now Tao Zi doesn’t want to take the bracelet down. Now Tao Zi sees everything as a gift.

Tao Zi:”You are mine, Oz’s, all of ours, guardian angel.”

Tian Xing is curious about why is Tao Zi’s lucky number 7. Tao Zi told him that she doesn’t have a lucky number, but when he asked her about it she thought that at Oz there are 6 people and with him there are 7. So Tao Zi’s lucky number was for Tian Xing.

Tao Zi:” Lu Tian Xing, don’t leave me ever again.”

Tian Xing:”Tao Le Si, sorry. I love you! But right now, I can only hide this love in my heart.”

In the morning, Tao Zi and Tian Xing went to see Huan Huan. Seeing them together, Huan Huan’s mother tells Tao Zi that Tian Xing and Huan Huan will get married soon. Tao Zi knows, now, what Tian Xing had to sacrifice for her…

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