“Wonderful Days” ep 38~Dong Seok:”Let Dong Hui go, mother.”

In this episode Hae Ju goes to So Shim’s house to try and get on her good side, but she ends up causing problems for the family.

Feeling ignored by his younger brothers, Dong Tak gets mad with Dong Hui and Dong Seok.

Dong Hui tells everyone that he will move out with Young Chun, Dong Won and Dong Ju.

Episode 38

After everyone saw Hae Won’s cooking skills, she is banned from the kitchen.

Before dinner, Hae Won is going to the kitchen. She needs to prepare the food for everyone. But Ssang Ho stops her. He doesn’t want to offend her feeling so he tells Hae Won that she just got married so she should enjoy herself for now. Also Ssang Ho’s wife, Myung Nan got a wedding gift for Hae Won.

Hae Won goes to her room and opens the gift. She gets embarrassed when she sees what in inside the box. Hae Won’s wedding gift was a sexy negligee. When Dong Seok arrives home he sees the negligee and he wants Hae Won to wear it that night.

Wanting to be on the family’s good side, Hae Ju went to make food for them. On her way she meets Dong Hui, who helps her with the bags.

Inside, Dong Hui gets upset with Hae Ju for the way she addresses Young Chun. He can call her the way he wants, but Hae Ju has to respect Young Chun. Hearing Dong Hui, Tae Seop comes out and puts himself on Hae Ju’s side. To stop the fight, Young Chun tells everyone that she is planning to leave the house, but she was waiting for Dong Hui to get married.

Dong Seok can’t take it anymore and comes out of his room. He calls So Shim out.

Dong Seok:”Let Dong Hui go, mother.”

Dong Seok tells So Shim to let Dong Hui move with Young Chun. Maybe Dong Hui calls Young Chun “ old woman” instead of “ mom” because he doesn’t want to hurt So Shim’s feelings. Dong Seok must know that and this is why he asks So Shim to let Dong Hui move out.

But So Shim’s reaction is strange..for me at least. She asks Dong Hui if he wants to move with his birth mother and abandon her and his brothers and sister. What can Dong Hui answer when he is put in that spot? And then if Dong Hui moves is not like he will abandon his family, and his family will not see him again.

Also Tae Seop doesn’t want his son to leave the house. Good job Hae Ju! You’ve made problems for the family….

Home, Hae Ju tells Dong Tak what happened at his family’s house. Hearing what happened, Dong Tak asks if his mother didn’t say no to Young Chun leaving the house. Every time that Dong Tak talked about Young Chun leaving, So Shim will hit him and scold him saying that Young Chun is family. Hae Ju is using this opportunity to say that So Shim didn’t say anything this time because it was Dong Seok’s idea.

Dong Hui is upset. He doesn’t know what to do. Dong Seok tries to make him feel better. They both went at the shop next to their house to drink. Dong Tak came to them.

Dong Tak is upset. He screams at Dong Seok for taking the role of the eldest son, ignoring him. Also Dong Tak is upset with Dong Hui. So Shim and Dong Tak were the ones that raise Dong Hui. Now, with Dong Seok there, Dong Tak feels left out and ignored by his family and by his younger brothers.

Dong Hui is thinking about what happened that day. Suddenly Dong Ju rushes to his room with Dong Won shoes in her hands. Upset, Dong Ju tells Dong Hui that Dong Won soaked his shoes in water so he won’t have to go to school the next day. Dong Wo says that he just wanted to wash them, but his shoes slip into the water.

Dong Won:” I was just trying to rinse something off, but the sneakers slipped out of my hands.”

Nice one Dong Won. Smart kid.

Dong Hui puts Dong Won’s shoes to dry. While the shoes are drying, Dong Hui told Dong Won and Dong Ju that the three of them and Young Chun will move soon.

On their way to school, Dong Won and Dong Ju are telling Mul that Dong Hui said that they will move to a new house and that they might have to transfer schools. Ma Ri sees the children and she follows them.

The children try to figure out the reason why Dong Won and Dong Ju could transfer schools. Mul thinks that Dong Hui might marry Ma Ri and that could be the reason why the twins have to transfer. But Dong Ju doesn’t think that the reason for transferring school is Dong Hui a Ma Ri’s marriage.

After hearing them, Ma Ri wants to know what’s going on.

Dong Ok has to do a photo shoot. But the photographer was involved in a car accident, so the CEO of the company the Dong Ok is working called Woo Jin, seems like Woo Jin’s hobby is photography.

The moment he sees Dong Ok, Woo Jin’s feelings are coming back. Dong Ok’s feelings are coming back too, but she hides them. When Woo Jin asks Dong Ok how she’s been, Dong Ok said is she fine. He can’t understand how Dong Ok does that.

When Ma Ri arrives home, she finds Dong Hui sleeping. Dong Hui came to Ma Ri’s house that night because she is helping him study. She tries to take a photo of sleeping Dong Hui, but he tells her that she shouldn’t take pictures or kiss a sleeping person. Also Dong Hui tells Ma Ri that she can hug him. Dong Hui opens his eye and hugs Ma Ri.

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