Hotel King Ep 28 ~Baek Mi Nyeo:” Baby, just stay alive.You have to escape.”

Baek Mi Nyeo found that Cha Jae Wan is her long lost son, Hyun Woo. Roman returned to New York.

Mo Ne forgave Baek Mi Nyeo for everything.

Jin Jung Hyun confessed his feelings for Yoon Da Jung.

Jae Wan was beaten by Lee Joong Goo’s gangsters. Baek Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan were left in a building that is on fire. An explosion occurred.

Episode 28

Roman:” It’s Hyun Woo! General Manager…Cha Jae Wan…is Hyun Woo. The son you’ve been longing for.”

Hearing Roman saying that Jae Wan is her son, Hyun Woo, Baek Mi Nyeo falls down on her knees. She can’t believe it. Her son, Hyun Woo, is dead.

Jae Wan gets close to Baek Mi Nyeo and shows her the necklace that she gave him when he was a baby.

Cha Jae Wan:” Mother! I am… Hyun Woo.”

Baek Mi Nyeo wants to touch him, hug him, but she can’t. She threatened Jae Wan, she hit him, she even tried to kill him and now he turned out to be her long lost son. Hurt, Baek Mi Nyeo runs away. She is crying. How can she look at him now?

Jae Wan follows her. He sees her mother crying, screaming and hitting her head on the ground. She is really hurt. How can he make her feel better?

Jae Wan followed Baek Mi Nyeo the whole day. Suddenly Baek Mi Nyeo stopped. She asked Jae Wan if the day he went to see her in the prison he knew and if he was the one that cooked for her at the house, Baek Mi Yeon’s house.

It may be shameless, but she wants to call him by his name one time. She believes that Jae Wan hates her for all the things she did. But Jae Wan doesn’t hate her.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Thank you for being alive.”

Jae Wan:” It’s not your fault, mother.”

They hug each other….

After telling the truth, Roman left the office. He doesn’t have anywhere to go and anyone to talk too. So he went to Chae Kyung.

Seeing Roman sad, Chae Kyung asked him if he is sad because he lost his mother to his brother. Roman answered that he can’t lose something he never had. Roman’s mother was always Jae Wan’s.

The next day, Roman is leaving for New York. He came to say goodbye to Chae Kyung.

Later Jae Wan calls Mo Ne. he feels sorry for all the things his mother did to Mo Ne. But Mo Ne, doesn’t hate her anymore. Knowing all that happened to Baek Mi Nyeo and why she was doing all that, Mo Ne can understand her.

Mo Ne tells Jae Wan that he should approach Baek Mi Nyeo now. He should show Baek Mi Nyeo how happy he is that he met his mother.

Mo Ne:” <<The mother that I thought was dead is in front of me.>> I’m saying to just think of that, you fool.”

They pay on their way home. Mo Ne is taking Jae Wan home.

Jae Wan:”I love you!”

Mo Ne:”I do too. I’m thankful and sorry. I love you!”

In the morning, Roman apologizes to Baek Mi Nyeo for lying to her. He knew for a long time that Jae Wan was Hyun Woo, but he didn’t say anything. He was afraid that he will lose his mother if he would say the truth. But Baek Mi Nyeo isn’t upset with him. She knows that is her fault. If she would have loved Roman properly, he wouldn’t have felt insecure.

Yoon Da Jung is scolded by manager Hwang for smiling at the guests. Jin Jung Hyun defends her. After manager Hwang left, Jin Jung Hyun takes Yoon Da Jung out and confesses to her.

Jin Jung Hyun:” Yoon Da Jung! Let’s date!”

Da Jung is a little disappointed by the confession so Jin Jung Hyun starts again. He tells her that he can accept he personality and that he feels sad every time she is sad. Da Jung accepts his feelings.

While Da Jung and Jung Hyun were talking about their feeling, No Ah came. Embarrassed Da Jung runs away.

Roman left. He left a goodbye letter to Jae Wan. While going to clean, Mo Ne found the letter and went to give it to Jae Wan. In the letter, Roman was saying goodbye. Also he was saying that he will return someday since both his mother and his brother, whom he love, are there. Inside the envelope, Roman left a present for Jae Wan, his ring.

Jae Wan is spending the day with Baek Mi Nyeo. His first date with his mother and both of them are nervous. When they meet, Jae Wan makes plans for the future. For them to walk together, to eat breakfast together, Baek Mi Nyeo has to nag him when he comes home late. What is there for her to fear when she has 2 great sons.

When Jae Wan sees a street painter, he asks the man to paint the two of them. They are happy to be together.

Sun Woo Hyun went home. He’s been going home a lot lately. He sees his father signing something. When Woo Hyun is looking he sees that his father sold something to Baek Mi Nyeo.

That night, when they arrived home, Baek Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan found Mo Ne waiting for them. Baek Mi Nyeo takes Mo Ne to her house. She returns to Mo Ne, chairman Ah’s diaries.

Mo Ne and Baek Mi Nyeo make peace. For Mo Ne, Baek Mi Nyeo seems to have returned to the woman she met. Also Baek Mi Nyeo apologizes to Mo Ne for everything. Baek Mi Nyeo tells Mo Ne that she didn’t kill chairman Ah. That night Baek Mi Nyeo heard something and went inside, but it was too late to save chairman Ah.

Baek Mi Nyeo called Lee Joong Goo to the land that she brought from Sun Woo Hyun’s father. She prepared everything for them to die together there so that Jae Wan will be free.

When Lee Joong Goo arrived, he entered the place Baek Mi Nyeo was. Behind him, Baek Mi Nyeo’s man left, like she asked them too. But Lee Joong Goo didn’t come alone. He came with his men. Lee Joong Goo’s men opened the door and come in. They’ve tied Baek Mi Nyeo up. Because Baek Mi Nyeo didn’t want to give him all of her shares from the hotel, Lee Joong Goo called Jae Wan.

Jae Wan came and saw his mother tied up. He wanted to release her, but the gangsters that came with Lee Joong Goo starts hitting him. Jae Wan fought with the gangsters and ended up badly hurt.

To save her son, Baek Mi Nyeo accepted to sight the papers. And even if she didn’t want to sign the papers, the gangsters would have forced her too.

While Jae Wan was unconscious, Lee Joong Goo took out the gun he used to threaten Jae Wan since he was little and told Baek Mi Nyeo that if she want her son to live, she should sign. Jae Wan opened his eyes and pushed Lee Joong Goo. He dropped the gun. A fire was shot. The deposit they were in went on fire. the gangsters took Lee Joong Goo out. Jae Wan and Baek Mi Nyeo are trapped inside.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Baby, just stay alive. Mother was wrong. Hurry up and get up. You have to escape.”

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