“Fall in Love With Me ” ep 15 ~Tao Zi:” Do you find your happiness to be painful?”

Tao Zi and Tian Xing went to visit Huan Huan. When she sees Tao Zi there, Huan Huan’s mother tells her that Huan Huan and Tian Xing will get married soon. Tao Zi is surprised, doesn’t know how to react to that news.

Huan Huan’s mother keeps insisting on talking about Huan Huan and Tian Xing’s wedding and how good are they about each other. Also Huan Huan’s mother talks about Xiao Lu and how she knows that Tao Zi will forget a person that never existed. Seeing how all of this are hurting Tao Zi, Tian Xing tells Huan Huan’s mother to stop talking about things that are in the past.

All that Huan Huan’s mother is doing, must be to hurt Tao Zi and to force Tian Xing to stay by Huan Huan’s side.

When Huan Huan’s mother tells Tao Zi that on the wedding day she will give Oz Advertising to Tian Xing as a wedding gift, Tao Zi realizes that Tian Xing is sacrificing himself for Oz.

Tian Xing and Tao Zi leave Huan Huan’s house. “Is it true?”,she asked. Tian Xing can’t answer her, but his face expression says it all. Tao Zi wants to take the necklace that Tian Xing gave her. But Tian Xing stops her and asks her to go and talk, he has a lot to say to her.

Tao Zi:” Why did you have to sacrifice our happiness to protect me?”

Tian Xing:”Because you’re very important to me!”

But Tian Xing is also important for Tao Zi. Whether his name is Xiao Lu or Lu Tian Xing he is the man she loves. The only thing that Tian Xing wants now is to take Tao Zi away. To go the two of them together to a place that nobody knows them and leave happily. But they can’t do that.

At the house, Tao Zi is crying. Miao Miao enters the room and tries to console Tao Zi.

Tao Zi tells Miao Miao that Tian Xing loves her enough to sacrifice his own happiness for her. Because he wants to protect Tao Zi, Tian Xing has to marry Huan Huan. Surprised, Miao is asking Tao Zi why isn’t she insisting to be together. If the two of them love each other so much, Miao wants to know why isn’t Tao Zi persisting on be together with Tian Xing. Tao Zi explains to her that she wants to persist, but she can’t. If Tao Zi insists on being with Tian Xing, he will be destroyed. Tao Zi must have understood Huan Huan’s mother’s words….

The people from Oz are working. Since they can’t use their office, they will work for now at Tao Zi’s house. Suddenly Lance and Huan Huan arrived. Lance said that he came to see his ex assistant and Tian Xing and to bring two good news. Knowing that the one that wants to destroy Oz is Lance, Ting Wei resigned and went to work for Oz.

Seeing Huan Huan, Tao Zi’s mother wants to massage her feet. Excited, Tian Xing tells Huan Huan to let Tao Zi’s mother massage her feet. For Tao Zi’s mother one touch is enough to know what is wrong. When Tao Zi’s mother touched her, Huan Huan pushed Tao Zi’s mother away and she also moved her leg. Tao Zi’s mother seemed surprised. Did Tao Zi’s mother saw Huan Huan moving her leg?

The 2 good news that Lance brought were the check payment from the last project that Tian Ji and Oz worked together and the second one was the wedding invitation. The moment he saw the wedding invitation, Tian Xing realizes why did Lance came there.

Jia Gai Xian:” Xiao Lu, you are getting married to Huan Huan?”

After Lance and Huan Huan left, Tao Zi’s mother asks Tian Xing if it is true that he is getting married with Huan Huan. Mama Tao wanted to know more, but Tao Zi stopped her. That moment Leo realizes why Oz demolition was stopped.

Leo:” Lu Tian Xing…so the reason why Oz didn’t get demolished was this marriage?”

The next day everyone from Oz are going to a hot spring with Lance, Huan Huan, Tian Xing and Vivian.

In the beginning, Huan Huan took every opportunity to make Tao Zi feel bad. Huan Huan was talking about how happy she and Tian Xing are, how Tian Xing smiles when he is with her. But later, Huan Huan was the one that became sad. Tian Xing was playing with everyone, but when he was next to Tao Zi , he was happier than ever. Even when he was taking care of Huan Huan, Tian Xing was looking at Tao Zi.

Huan Huan goes to buy herself a bottle of water. But she can’t reach it. The bottles are too high. Huan Huan gets up o her legs and gets the bottle.

While Huan Huan was taking her water, the others are taking a group photo. In the picture, behind them, there is a glass. In that glass, in the picture they can see Huan Huan standing on her feet. But the one that took the picture was Jia Gai Xian and he is more concerned about how Vivian looks in the picture.

After the picture, Leo saw Huan Huan. He went to help her, but Huan Huan didn’t want any help. When Huan Huan left, Leo realized that the bottle of water that Huan Huan took was too high for a person in a wheelchair. So how could Huan Huan reach it…

Before going to bad, Huan Huan told Lance that she wished that Oz never existed. That way Tian Xing would have looked only at her.

The next morning, Tao Zi received a phone call from her mother. That night was a fire at Oz Advertising. The police know that the fire was put by someone, but the culprit face wasn’t caught on camera.

Tao Zi’s mother doesn’t know why something like that happened. They didn’t do any harm to anyone. And also Oz Advertising is the only thing that Le Yuan left when he died.

Angry, Tian Xing goes to Huan Huan’s house and asks Huan Huan’s mother if she was the one to blame for the fire. Huan Huan’s mother got angry and slapped Tian Xing. She is upset that he is blaming her. She raised him, so Tian Xing has to look only at Huan Huan, at Tian Ji Advertising and at her.

Is it me or Lance starts to look like a crazy person? Also he smiles satisfied for what he did….

The same time, Tao Zi tries to make everyone smile a little. She washed Oz’s sign. But Ting Wei receives a phone call. One of Oz’s contracts was canceled…

In the news papers has come out the news that Oz Advertising is closing down. Tao Zi knows that Oz Advertising became Tian Ji Advertising Subsidiary because of the love triangle between herself, Huan Huan and Tian Xing, so she calls Huan Huan.

Tao Zi calling Huan Huan and meeting to talk is her way of saying that she will fight for Tian Xing’s love.

Leo asks Tian Xing what will he do to fight for Tao Zi’s love.

That day, Tao Zi and Tian Xing went together to Huan Huan’s house. Tao Zi went to Huan Huan’s room and Tian Xign remained to talk with Lance and his mother.

Tian Xing and Huan Huan’s mother are fighting. He already promised to marry Huan Huan so why doesn’t she let Oz alone. Huan Huan’s mother asks Tian Xing what is wrong with him, why is he spending so much time with Tao Zi at Oz. Tian Xing answers honestly.

Tian Xing :” It’s because I want to protect Tao Le Si. It’s because I love her.”

When Lance asks Tian Xing what Huan Huan represents to him, Tian Xing said that for him Huan Huan is a responsibility that her family gave to him. Tian Xing doesn’t love Huan Huan and Lance and his mother know it. They just think that if Huan Huan wants something, they should give it to her.

Huan Huan’s mother is always using the excuse that she took care of Tian Xing since his parents died… So what? She wanted to take him in. Is not like she was forced to take care of Tian Xing and his fortune…

Huan Huan’s mother even said that if Tian Xing became her son-in-law, she can give him anything that he wants, even Tian Ji Advertising.

Tian Xing :” Love can’t be bought or exchanged.”

Meantime, Tao Zi is in Huan Huan’s room.

To show Tao Zi that she won, Huan Huan filled her room with wedding dresses and she wants Tao Zi to help her chose the one she will use on her wedding day with Tian Xing.

Tao Zi:” Do you find your happiness to be painful?”

Tao Zi tries to explain to Huan Huan that happiness is between two people that truly love each other. If one person is forced to love the other, that is not happiness. She even tells Huan Huan that she sold and destroyed Oz to make thinks difficult for Tian Xing, hwo can she call that love and happiness. Why did she threaten Tian Xing to marry her…

Huan Huan gets upset. She starts crying and saying that she didn’t threaten Tian Xing, that is her love for him. While she was screaming at Tao Zi that she is the only one that can make Tian Xing happy, Huan Huan stands a little on her feet. She couldn’t control herself and pretended.

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