Hotel King Ep 29 ~Jae Wan:”Will you marry me?”


We are at the hospital. It’s been a few days from the explosion. Jae Wan and Baek Mi Nyeo are at the hospital. Cha Jae Wan recovered and he is holding his mother’s hand while he asks her to wake up. Baek Mi Nyeo is unconscious and the doctors don’t know if and when will she wake up.

Leaving Baek Mi Nyeo’s room, Jae Wan received a phone call from Lee Joong Goo in which Lee Joong Goo told Jae Wan that it was Baek Mi Nyeo the one that put fuel in that deposit and wanted to die together with Lee Joong Goo.

Seems like Lee Joong Goo had a spark of humanity and send one of his gangsters to get Baek Mi Nyeo and Jae Wan out of that building,before the explosion. Well is not like the main actor would have died before the last episode of this drama…

Alter, Chae Kyung comes to see Jae Wan in the hospital. She tells him that he should get himself on track and return to the hotel. The shareholders are trying to fire Jae Wan and to choose a new chairman.

Baek Mi Nyeo is awake. Mo Ne and Jae Wan rushes to her room. Jae Wan wants to give his mother a hug. He is extremely happy that she is awake. But, Baek Mi Nyeo is not herself. The moment Jae Wan holds her hand she has a strange reaction.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Mister, who are you?”

Because of the trauma, Baek Mi Nyeo has the mind of a 5 years old child. Mo Ne and Jae Wan took Baek Mi Nyeo home, to Jae Wan’s house. But Baek Mi Nyeo is scared of him, she only accepts Mo Ne. Jae Wan tries to talk to his mother, but she doesn’t answer, she only talks and plays with Mo Ne. When Jae Wan and Mo Ne gave her the medicine that she has to take, Baek Mi Nyeo spit it out, like a child, because is sour.

Home, Baek Mi Nyeo is bored. She wants to play hide-and-seek with the lady that has to take care of her. The maid accepts, but she needs to finish her work first. During the play, Baek Mi Nyeo goes out. She sees a maid and thinks that is Mo Ne. She follows the maid and ends up at the hotel.

At the hotel, No Ah is consoling Jang Ho Il. Manager Jang Ho Il is still in shock after seeing So Moon Jung and Go San. Jang Ho Il can’t believe that he lost to Go San. No Ah and Jang Ho Il saw Baek Mi Nyeo entering the hotel.

Later when Sun Woo Hyun is looking for Baek Mi Nyeo, Jang Ho Il tells him that she is in the hotel, in one of the guests room.

Jae Wan is having a meeting with Sun Woo Hyun, Cha Su Ahn, Hong Joon, Yoo Joon Sung and Park Do Jin. He needs their help to restore Mo Ne as the chairwoman of Hotel Ciel. Suddenly, Jae Wan received a phone call from Mo Ne and rushed out. Mo Ne called to tell him that his mother disappeared.

Sun Woo Hyun, who knows that Baek Mi Nyeo is Jae Wan’s mother, goes to the lobby and asks Yoon Da Jung and Jin Jung Hyun if they saw Baek Mi Nyeo. They didn’t saw her, but Jang Ho Il did see her and he tells Woo Hyun.

A guest called the reception saying that there is a crazy woman in his room. Jae Wan and Mo Ne enter that guest room. Jae Wna gets on his knees and apologize saying that the woman is his mother and that she isn’t crazy she is sick. From outside the room the employees heard what Jae Wan said. They are surprised to know that Bake Mi Nyeo is Jae Wan’s mother.

The night has come. Mo Ne goes to Jae Wan’s house. She is worried about him and about Baek Mi Nyeo, after what happened that day. At Jae Wan’s house, Mo Ne, while helping Baek Mi Nyeo taking a bath, tells Baek Mi Nyeo to say to Jae Wan to marry her. After the bath, Baek Mi Nyeo, in the living room, did what Mo Ne asked her to do. Just…a little different. Baek Mi Nyeo understood Mo Ne’s request slightly different.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Marry me, Hyun Woo.”

Knowing that it was Mo Ne’s doing, Jae Wan plays along and accepts his mother’s marriage request. Later, after Baek Mi Nyeo fall asleep Mo Ne tells Jae Wan why she wants to get married. Since a young age, Mo Ne lost her mother and was send to different boarding schools. Now she wants a family of her own. Mo Ne wants Jae Wan to give her a family. Jae Wan already had the ring and wanted to propose to Mo Ne, but he wanted to do that after returning the hotel back to Mo Ne. Jae Wan got on his knees and proposed to Mo Ne.

Roman, who went traveling, calls Jae Wan. Neither his mother or his older brother called him in a while. Jae Wan can’t give him the details, but he tells Roman that their mother isn’t alright. While he was on the phone with Roman, Jae Wan sees Lee Joong Goo. He went there and asked the employees to cancel Lee Joong Goo’s request because Lee Joong Goo is banned from the hotel. But then some inspectors came and asked Jae Wan to go with them. He will be investigated. Lee Joong Goo did something again. And he got help…from Lay Kim.

During the investigation, the investigators show Jae Wan a picture with Baek Mi Nyeo, Lee Joong Goo and Lay Kim. Seeing that picture, Jae Wan realizes that the from that day and runs away.

While Jae Wan was investigated, Lay Kim went to Jae Wan’s house and took Baek Mi Nyeo to Lee Joong Goo’s house.

Lee Joong Goo is amazed by Baek Mi Nyeo’s condition. He wants to touch her, but she recognizes him.

Baek Mi Nyeo:” Go away…Lee Joong Goo”

Baek Mi Nyeo recognized Lee Joong Goo and she fainted into Jae Wan’s arms.

Jae Wan:”Will you marry me?”


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