“Wonderful Days” ep 40~Dong Hui:” Why did you stop talking when you saw me?”

In episode 40 of Wonderful Days , Dong Seok takes Dong Hui out. They are both angry. Dong Tak follows them and stops his younger brother from fighting. On their way back, Dong Tak, Dong Seok and Dong Hui get into a fight with some drunk men.

Episode 40

The day that Dong Hui and Young Chun move out together has come. Both Dong Hui and Young Chun are getting their bags ready. Suddenly someone is at the door. It’s Han Bin. He has come to take Young Chun with him. Because she doesn’t want to take Dong Hui away from his family, Young Chun asked Han Bin to take her with him.

Before Dong Seok looked at Han Bin, Dong Hui came out of his room. When he heard that Young Chun is moving with Han Bin and not with him, Dong Hui got really angry. Dong Hui believes that Young Chun moving with Han Bin is a plan of So Shim, Dong Seok and Hae Won so that he will not leave the house. After screaming at everyone, Dong Hui took Young Chun’s bag and dragged her to leave with him. But Dong Seok stopped Dong Hui. They argue and Dong Seok wanted to hit Dong Hui. But he can’t do that in front of his mother. Dong Seok and Dong Hui leave. Hae Won follows them. In front of the house they met Dong Tak. When Hae Won told Dong Tak that something happened at the house, Dong Tak followed his younger brothers.

Back to the house, Hae Won doesn’t tell So Shim and Young Chun the truth. She tells them that Dong Hui and Dong Seok went to drink and talk. Young Chun takes her bag and wants to leave before Dong Hui returns home. This time So Shim is the one that stops her. So Shim let her go with Dong Hui, but she can’t let Young Chun leave with Han Bin. She doesn’t know what kind of man Han Bin is. So Shim tells Han Bin that if he wants to take Young Chun with him, he should get married with her .

Arrived in the park, Dong Seok hit Dong Hui. They will start fighting, but Dong Tak came. Dong Tak stopped them. Both Dong Hui and Dong Seok can’t say anything to Dong Tak because he is their older brother. Dong Seok leaves first. Dong Tak and Dong Hui are right behind him. On their way some drunk men bumped into Dong Seok and there was a fight. Dong Seok left. But when Dong Hui heard those drunk men talking bad about Dong Seok couldn’t hold it in and argued with them. When one of the drunk men hit Dong Tak, Dong Hui began the fight. Dong Seok returned too. The Kang brothers can fight against each other, but they don’t accept any stranger to hurt one of them. They protect each other.

The next morning, Dong Tak, Dong Seok and Dong Hui have their faces full of bruises. Hae Won is taking care if Dong Seok’s bruises and sends him to work. That morning there was even an article about a prosecutor that was fighting. And all the members of the family are trying to hide the article from So Shim.

Dong Tak got scolded by his manager. Dong Tak was supposed to have a gag, but now he can’t participate with that face. After Jo Won left, Hae Ju’s mother came in the room and scolded him.

When he woke up, Dong Won saw Dong Hui with an Iron Man mask on his face. He tried to look at Dong Hui’s face, but his father didn’t let him. Before going to school, both Dong Ju and Dong Won want to see their father’s face, but Dong Hui can’t take the mask. If he takes down the mask, Dong Ju and Dong Won will see that he is hurt.

Later, Young Chun wants to see how is Dong Hui, but she can’t get the courage to enter his room. Seeing Young Chun, Hae Won calls Dong Hui. Not wanting to talk to Young Chun, Dong Hui leaves. Hae Won fallows him and tells him that she followed Han Bin and she thinks that Han Bin is a nice man.

Min Woo Jin moved next to Dong Ok, but he pretends that he doesn’t know Dong Ok. Innocent Dong Ok thinks that something happened to Woo Jin. She thinks that Woo Jin hurt his head and that is why he doesn’t know who she is.

Tae Seop appears calling Woo Jin. He doesn’t what to be discovered so Woo Jin pretends that he doesn’t know Tae Seop either. Upset, Tae Seop hits Woo Jin and leaves with Dong Ok. On the way home, Tae Soep thinks that Woo Jin is pretending that he doesn’t know him or Dong Ok so Woo Jin could get rid of Dong Ok. Tae Seop used that way to get rid of women when he was younger. Then Woo Jin called Tae Seop to his house and explained everything to him.

Min Woo Jin:” I want to make a fresh start with Dong Ok.”

Tae Seop:” Be honest with me. You’re a player, aren’t you?”

Dong Hui goes to Ma Ri’s house. He’s been waiting for her whole day, but she didn’t show up at his work place. Arrived home, Ma Ri sees Dong Hui at his house and she gets upset. She sends him away. Before leaving Dong Hui tells Ma Ri what happened to him lately and why was he so nervous the last time they met, why did he scream at her and at Dong Won and Dong Ju.

The same time, Hae Won went shopping. She wants to buy a wedding gift for Young Chun and Han Bin. At the store, Hae Won saw Han Bin with another woman. On her way home, Hae Won meets Dong Seok. She wants to tells Dong Seok what she saw, but Dong Hui appeared.

Dong Hui:” Why did you stop talking when you saw me?”

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