Hotel King Ep 30 ~Jae Wan:”This is my last moment that I treat you like human beings.”

The investigators showed Jae Wan a picture with his mother being together with Lee Joong Goo and Ray Kim. Jae Wan realizes that the picture is from that day and runs away. The moment Jae Wan arrived at Lee Joong Goo’s house, he heard Baek Mi Nyeo calling Lee Joong Goo’s name. Has she recognized Lee Joong Goo? Has Baek Mi Nyeo recovered?

After calling Lee Joong Goo’s name, Baek Mi Nyeo fainted in Jae Wan’s arms. He takes her home and asks Mo Ne to call the doctor. But, when Baek Mi Nyeo came to her senses she asked for jelly. She isn’t recovered, yet….

Now that he knows that his mother is fine, Jae Wan gets up and goes to Lee Joong Goo’s house. There he found Lee Joong Goo talking to Ray Kim. Out of anger, Jae Wan takes Lee Joong Goo’s cane and smashed everything in Lee Joong Goo’s house.

Jae Wan:”This is my last moment that I treat you like human beings.”

On his way home, Jae Wan remembers that Mo Ne told him what Baek Mi Nyeo said. Baek Mi Nyeo told Mo Ne that she didn’t kill chairman Ah, someone else was there with chairman Ah. Jae Wan starts thinking that chairman Ah’s killer might be…Lee Joong Goo. So Jae Wan calls the clinic where doctor Yoon was admitted.

That night, Jae Wan, his mother and Mo Ne sleep together. They are happy. In the morning, when Jae Wan was going to work, Roman arrived. Seeing Roman, Baek Mi Nyeo gets scared. Jae Wan sends his mother in the house with the maid and explains everything to Roman.

Roman:”I’m sorry! I didn’t know what your life was like.”

Roman feels like it’s his fault. If he wouldn’t have left like that, he could’ve helped Jae Wan and protected their mother from Lee Joong Goo. They go inside. Baek Mi Nyeo isn’t scared of her younger son anymore. Roman brought her a present, a pair of shoes that she likes. From now on, when Jae Wan is left, Roman will watch their mother.

Another day of the investigation is there. Jae Wan is with the investigators again. One of the investigators said that they have a witness. Suddenly, Lee Joong Goo enters. He wants to destroy Jae Wan by using Jae Wan’s past. Lee Joong Goo made Jae Wan do some illegal things in the past, and now he is using them to ruin Jae Wan, his own son. Lee Joong Goo told the investigators the Jae Wan approached chairman Ah intentionally. Also Lee Joong Goo said that Jae Wan fed chairman Ah clam even if he knew that chairman Ah is allergic to clams. There is another witness who can testify that Lee Joong Goo is telling the truth and that witness is…Ray Kim.

On his way home, Lee Joong Goo met Roman and Baek Mi Nyeo. The moment Baek Mi Nyeo saw Lee Joong Goo, she got scared and hide behind Roman.

All that Lee Joong Goo said to the investigators about Jae Wan’s past was filmed and the video was send to all the employees.

Sun Woo Hyun received the video while attending Ray Kim. He went to look for Mo Ne and saw the all the employees where looking at that video. He asked Yoon Da Jung and Jin Jung Hyun if everyone received it and then runs away. Woo Hyun found Mo Ne watching the video.

Cha Su Ahn, Hong Joon, Yoo Joon Sung and Park Do Jin also saw the video. Cha Su Ahn si disappointed. She wants Jae Wan to tell her that the video is fabricated. When she saw Jae Wan, Cha Su Ahn asked him about the video in front of all the employees. And Jae Wan admitted that the video is true…

Sad, Jae Wan arrived home. Roman and their mother were waiting for him in front of the house. Jae Wan took Baek Mi Nyeo inside. Seeing that something is wrong with Jae Wan, Roman calls someone. He called Yoo Joon Sung and asked him what happened. From Yoo Joon Sung Roman found about the video and what Lee Joong Goo has done.

Meantime, Baek Mi Nyeo is consoling Jae Wan. Is Baek Mi Nyeo really sick or she is just faking it? She has some moments when she says something that makes you think that she is fine….

Jae Wan received a mail with something related to chairman Ah. It was in the mail of doctor Yoon.

Later, the employees are together. Jae Wan asked them to come for a conference. He is going to talk with the employees about the video that they received. The employees asked all the things that they were curious about. And Jae Wan answered honestly to all of the questions. He even told the employees that until few months ago he believed that chairman Ah was his father. As prove, Jae Wan brought the falsified DNA test that Lee Joong Goo gave him.

Mo Ne couldn’t hear anymore and went out. Cha Su Ahn followed her. Outside they met Ray Kim who came to annoy them. While Cha Su Ahn holds Ray Kim, Mo Ne hit him. Then Mo Ne went to digest everything she found out that day. She remembers what Jae Wan told her. She remembered that Jae Wan said that he hates her and that he doesn’t see her as a woman. Now she knows why.

Sun Woo Hyun came to Mo Ne with an envelope. That envelope was from Jae Wan. It was the proof that Lee Joong Goo killed chairman Ah.

Roman apologizes to his mother for not being able to listen to her and be a good son. Then he leaves. He meets Lee Joong Goo. While he passed by Lee Joong Goo something happened, but Roman keeps walking away. He doesn’t look back. Suddenly Jae Wan came and went to Roman. They hear Lee Joong Goo in the back. Jae Wan look at Lee Joong Goo and he sees Lee Joong Goo falling down. Roman stabled Lee Joong Goo.

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